If I haven’t got a flight booked to some part of this world then I start getting a little depressed.Fortunately in the next ten months I have three flights booked, all to Asian countries not that far apart and I cant wait.

So for the third time I jet using Air Asia on a long flight from Perth to Seoul via Kuala Lumpar, to visit the great country of South Korea. Why do I go to Korea so often? Well it’s where my wife hails from so from time to time we have jet back to the country of her birth, at least this time we will be staying in our own apartment courtesy of Airbnb.
We will be staying in Seoul the whole trip and living the tourist life for sure, visit the mountains, go to Insadong (a traditional town of South Korea), enjoy Korean food of course and a lovely dinner cruise along the Han River. Just to name a few things.
Be sure to check in on my travel diaries, features and the many articles I will be writing in my tri I Seoul, it will make you wanna buy a plane ticket.

July is my first trip to Thailand for a very special occasion, my ten year wedding anniversary, time flies when your having fun. We are by passing Bangkok and even Phuket and flying straight into Koh Samui. I’m not sure what t0o expect, but I imagine cocktails in the pool, regular spa treatments, dining by the beach at the hotel Mai Samui, it looks good on the pictures and I can’t wait to hike by the beach.

January 2017
Vietnam, its been a long time coming but finally I will get my first taste of Vietnam, booked flights last week. Still early in the planning so I am still researching what to do and what is family friendly. Hey, so any tips would be more than welcome.

So they are just the planned trips, I am sure there will be more, maybe not internationally but the South West region of Western Australia has great areas to visit and it is even better to pitch your tent up and sit back on the folding chair, drinking beer under the stars.

Happy travelling People. fair Dinkum.