Day 4

Another busy day, another crowded day due to a public holiday due to a Presidential Election. It starts of with a trip on the train once again and we head off to the Songpa-gu area of Seoul where the famous indoor Theme Park is located, Lotto World. But on this occasion we skip Lotte World as we had been there on a previous trip.

Instead this time when We get off at Jamsil Station on subway line 2 we head to Kidzania, where we meet up with a family we met in Australia. Now this place is a fascinating place for kids but it really offers little for adults. Kidsmania is a career centre for kids where try their hand as various jobs such as being a polite for Korean Air, a journalist, an actor or even make ice cream at the Baskin Robbins, that is just to name a few, but be warned most stall are popular and the waiting times are often quite long. Parents really do need to patient or head up to the third floor and have a coffee which is about all there is to do while the kids run amuck. In fact on a personal note you should pay the extra money and head to Lotte World. Not that it is all bad, the kids really do have an amazing time and it is a well crafted little theme park. After spending a good five hours at Kidzania it was time for a late lunch , early dinner where were shouted to a magnificent meal at a fine restaurant, thinly sliced beef and seafood dipped into a bowl if boiled spicy stock and eaten instantly. One of the finest meals in my stay so far.

Following the delicious meal it was time to walk it off and no better place than the Children’s Grand Park. Once again Korea’s landscape and infrastructure takes over and leaves you speechless as you walk in this park that contains, playgrounds, sporting fields, a free zoo (don’t expect much from the zoo but hey it’s free), an amazing water feature, an indoor botanical garden and restaurants and cafes all with the city of Seoul looming large in the back drop. Do yourself a favour an if ever in Seoul make your way out the Playground that is only a playground in name only as it is quite much more than that.

It capped off a busy day in style and when we made our back to the apartment just on dark, fair to say we didn’t see the busy night life of Seoul on this occasion.


Kidzania, South Korea


Day 5

With the wife and kids out visiting some relatives it gave me a chance to explore on my own, fair to say I didn’t go to far, I didn’t have to with, not with the amazing Gyeongbokgung Palace only a stone throw away. An amazing feature with large palaces, gardens, water features, it takes a good couple of hours to walk the large palace that was first built, I395 and had to survive a few tough times from the Japanese but more on that in Gyeongbokgung feature that will be out soon. Also in the afternoon I took a seat in front of a stage that sits in front of a wonderful palace with  lake of water and listened to some beautiful traditional Korean music. It truly was a peaceful and relaxing day out and you stood and looked on in awe at a wonderful piece of Korean tradition.

Dinner that night was without the kids as I finally was able t take out the wife and try one of my favourite meals, Korean BBQ, cut up beef cooked on a fire in front of where we sit, delicious along with the side dishes and Cass Beer. Located along with many other restaurants in the side alley off a major street, which Korea is known for, do not fear turning dark a down alley in Seoul as delightful treats await.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace, South Korea

Day 6

Today I was stuck with the kids on another low key day, but without guiding influence of my translating wife, I thought I would hit the subways, line number 5, get off at Yeoinaru, at head out to Hangang Park which is located in central Seoul and along the famous and wide Han River. Finally we were able to have a brief kick of the Aussie Rules football and confuse the locals. But most of the time we spent on our hired bikes and cycling the banks of the river and taking in the views of the magnificent city. Lunch with the boys was at a palace called McDonalds, you may have heard of it.

For dinner that night we got spicy and garlic chicken delivered to our apartment,, a tradition in Korea to have chicken delivered to the door, a long with the tap beer, yes tap beer was also delivered, we feasted on chicken and had an easy night in.

Hangang Park, South Korea

Hangang Park, South Korea