Day 14, April 23 2016

Two weeks and nearing the end. So a day of rest day was on the cards, as the wife went out with her sisters, I stayed back worked on blogs, watched a movie or two and checked up on the footy scores back at home. It was a day I needed with an exhausting a busy trip making us all a little weary.

Although it was not a complete write off however, in the evening we enjoyed another family stroll and witnessed the night edition of the Cheonggyechon stream, all lit up with Seoul lights dazzling above.

A much more relaxed atmosphere at night, with people enjoying their Saturday night rather than rushing around, we eventually turned off a couple kilometres into the walk, up the steps and across the bridge to where Seoul was really buzzing. The street we turned off at was called Venture of Youth, a street where everything opened after 2pm and closed late, featuring Night Clubs, bars, shopping, restaurants and food stalls. Tonight we ate on the cheap at the food stalls and spoilt the boys with a huge Fairy Floss and once again ice cream at Baskin Robins. It capped off a quiet day nicely.


Day 15, April 24 2016

An early start, as it was time to drop off the mother in law at the bus depot. Always a sad time for the wife to say bye to her mother but it all went off without a hitch and without tears. Next was a quick coffee with the sister in law and before heading back into to Seoul for a little sightseeing and shopping.

We began in Myeong-Dong where the wife bought herself a nice coat that was popular amongst a lot of Korea women, they all seemed to have one and while myself and the boys had some fresh strawberry juice. Following Myeong-Dong was a short taxi ride to the N Seoul Tower. Another must do in Seoul. With a short stroll up the hill, about a kilometre, to the base of the tower, we were hit with an amazing view of Seoul city and the surrounds, but the tower is not just about the tower and the breathtaking views, once inside you are hit superb and classy restaurants, cafes and fun stuff for the kids. But the best thing is the higher you go the better the view of the surrounds and how lucky we were to be at the tower on a clear day.

Dinner that night was at a nice restaurant with the family, a popular restaurant that had a huge waiting line outside, luckily we had booked in advances and had waltzed straight in, but the menu was steamed duck amongst other side dishes, grilled in a stove in front of us, like half the dishes are in this country, but another great meal enjoyed with a cold beer.


Day 16, April 25 2016

The second last day, or last full day in Seoul. We have done a lot activities and seen a lot of places. So today is a bit of R&R day. The wife got a haircut, while I get a massage in the Gyeongbokgung area near the apartment amongst another bunch shops hidden in the underground of Korea, a forty minute massage that focused only on my back, I could not of felt more relaxed as I am sure I  nodded off for half the massage, it was capped off with some fine Korean tea.

That night we went shopping for a purpose, another luggage suitcase for the extra food the wife was bringing home, we came with a 40kg limit and we were leaving with an 80kg limit. So yes another suit case was more than needed. After searching in shopping centres with hefty prices we finally ground a market place that was selling them on the cheap, we left with two, but still cheaper than buying one in a shopping centre.

Dinner on our last night was take away chicken and beer in the apartment, it was time to pack.


Day 17, April 26 2016

A sad day. Our time in Korea had been fantastic, our best trip to the country yet. At times very busy and with only a little relaxing unfortunately. After finishing off our packing, we are picked up the by my oldest sister in law and taken to a buffet lunch at a local shopping centre, a buffet that serves mainly Korean food but also offers fantastic dessert. It was the perfect meal to end our trip before an hour trip to the Incheon Airport for a 4pm flight.

Another fantastic trip finished but I take heart in knowing that our next trip is only two months away. Koh Samui, Thailand awaits.


James Bond Island

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