Seoul is always buzzing with excitement and things to do. There are hundred of things, activities or places to go in Seoul and not even I have been t them all, but below is a list of five places you need to go to when in Seoul.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

In the northern parts of Seoul is the capitals largest and most popular palaces. Gyeongbokgung is steeped with history, that dates back to 1395 when it first opened. While the Palace has been rebuilt a couple of times due to the Japanese invasion of Seoul, the tradition of the Palace has never been forgotten.

It is not only famous for its old palaces but Gyeongbokgung is lavished with luscious landscapes and gardens as well as amazing water features, that makes it the best three dollar you will ever spend on a walk in your time in Seoul. Best bit it is the mountains that standout in the background.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea

N Seoul Tower

For the best 360 view of Seoul, then head to the N Seoul Tower. Located on the peak of Namsan Mountain that is conveniently located in the middle of Seoul, the tower will blow you away with the faboulous views of City and beyond. On a clear day it is just perfect.

But N Seoul Tower offers more than a great view, with entertainment provided, restaurants and cafes for a bite to eat or a coffee. You will never find a better location to have a coffee. Kids can be entertained with some amusements available. The yet is the wonderful thirty minute hike up the mountains that takes you to the base of the tower. Sure you can bus it but that would be a waste of the precious scenery.


Jamsil Stadium

Take me out to the ball game. Jamsil stadium is located in the southern parts of Seoul next to the Olympic Park. As you get off the train, the buzz outside of the stadium is hectic, with markets selling snacks for the game and merchandise stands open for a pic of your souvenir.

I love sport but I had ever been to a baseball game before anywhere in the world,  that is until my third trip to Seoul. What an experience, what an atmosphere. What was happening in the stands was just as good as what was happening on the field. The experience was so good, I had to do it twice. The best part is during season they play baseball six nights a week. No excuses for missing  a match.

Jamsil Stadium, South Korea

Jamsil Stadium, South Korea


A mega theme park that has it all. Based an hour out of the city, Everland is full of family fun with full on entertainment that keeps you occupied for the whole day plus more. Inside is a amazing Safari tour, rides, magic shows, parades, the Seal Lion show and while I was there it had an amazing tulip festival, displaying various colour of tulips.

Be sure to head to Everland on your trip but be warned just like any theme park in the world, be prepared to be patient as the waiting times can be quite excessive.



Seoul is well known for its shopping and the best place of all is in the city centre itself. Myeong-Dong is street shopping at its best with a carnival like activity that is buzzing with locals and tourist alike. With a range of high profile world known brands, you will get more than your retail therapy than you bargain for.

After a full days shopping, treat yourself to a delicious meal with various amounts of restaurants on offer. Myeong-Dong will keep you coming back for more on your Korean trip.






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