My Seoul, South Korea trip in April 2016 was full of adventure, with amazing scenery, gardens, buildings and traditional temples but not to forget great food. The trip however would not be complete without a camera and it came I more tha handy with hundreds of pictures taken. Here is part one, of Seoul, Korea in picture.


Cheonggyecheon Stream

 The wonderful Cheonggyecheon Stream with the mighty city of Seoul in its surrounds, a delightful walk through the middle of an amazing city.


Looking through the binoculars with North Korea in the background at DMZ Korea. A wonderful experience in my life about a tense past.



The beautiful view of Seoul, the mountains and Han River from the incredible Seoul N Tower. There is no better way to see this city on a clear spring day. Unfortunately with Seoul, the city is not always this crystal clear.


Hangang Park, South Korea

The splendid Han River from the Hangang Park. A splendid walk or cycle with the river and city in full sight.


Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace is not only about the magnificent Palaces full of history and tradition but the dazzling landscapes ad water features that go with it.



The colourful display of Tulips on show at Everland themepark. Be there in spring time for the incredible and dazzling display of the Tulip Festival. You will never see more Tulips in your life.


Mountain at the backdrop of Gyeongbokgung, South Korea

The Gyeongbokgung area gathers and locals and tourist from close and afar. Who can blame them with the mighty palace, shopping, restaurants, great entertainment and the Bugaksan Mountain in the background.


Jamsil Stadium, South Korea

Korean Baseball rocks and so does Seoul’s major baseball venue Jamsil Stadium. The atmosphere in and around the stadium is electric and even if not a fan of the sport, still give it a go.



The Bugak Mountain was more than just a pleasant hike. The scenery in and around was superb, but the only problem was the views were limited with quite a bit of fog around. But how many times can you take a walk on the mountain that is right on the edge the Seoul city.









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