I had been in Seoul, Korea for a couple of weeks and I was getting rather desperate for a little western food. So we wandered down to TGI Fridays in downtown Seoul, for a steak that was to die for. Sorry about the cliché but it was how I felt at the time.

The Restaurant

A top a busy shopping centre in Gyeongin, The TGI is suitably located with a great view overlooking the district. Walking is like setting foot into a five-star restaurant, friendly staff who are eager to say hello and a classy bar that will certainly get a workout for the beer drinker. With plenty of seating that over looks a part of Seoul, the restaurant itself is certainly full of class.


The meal

I was there for the steak and although I did appreciate $5 all you an drink tap beer, it was the steak that was the big winner. A beautiful sirloin steak cooked to my perfection, rare, with crunchy fries and a wonderful pepper sauce. It truly satisfied.

TGI Fridays also had a wonderful kids menu, of junior steaks and pasta, but my kids went with the burger that was not quite a kids serving. But if steak is not your thing, you can always dine in on spare ribs, burgers and even a salad. That was my wife’s option. sad yeah.


A Delicious rare steak



Now the staff at TGI’s were amazing, they wouldn’t even accept a tip. Now our waitress came up to our table after  our meal and gave me a choice to win a desert. All I had to do was beat her at paper, scissor, rock, a task made easier since she told she would pick paper. So I won a desert and out came a delicious chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce, topped off with ice-cream.

TGI Fridays certainly delivered in spades. What a pity there is none where I live because I need to get back there.


A yummy Chocolate browny


James Bond Island

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