Now I am not a videographer. Far from it. I haven’t often made many videos. But in Seoul, South Korea, I took a few videos with my Samsung note 5, put it together, tried my hand at editing and chucked it on my youtube channel. So sit back and enjoy.

Seoul Trip Recap

This video is a recap of all the different places I visited and foods I ate. Showing the great colour of a brilliant city I a brilliant country.


Foods of Korea

South Korea cuisine is some of the finest I the world. From its grilled beef, many various soups and noodles and of course Korea’s famous kimchi. Careful with this video, you will want to eat some Korean food.


Seoul N Tower

The first of a few videos. Seoul N Tower gives you the best view of the city of Seoul. A 360 View. But the tower offers more than a great view, with many restaurants and amusement for the little ones.


Sounds of Korean Baseball

The roar and sounds of Korean baseball. Not to mention the smell, the taste, the cheap beer and of course the baseball game itself. There is plenty to get excited about when heading to Jamsil Stadium in Seoul for an electric game of Baseball. So good I did it twice. The cheerleaders are pretty good too.


Gyeongbokgung Palace

A Palace with tradition and great beauty. You will get lost in Gyeongbokgung Palace, but you won’t care. As the palaces and gardens, the beautiful water features and the Bugak Mountain in the background leave you in peace with nature and in awe of history.


Everland, A magical Theme park

A theme park that will thrill the kids and entertain the adults. There is never a dull moment with many rides, animals on display, various shows, lots of food food and the magnificent tulips festival, which are all a part of Everland. This video will want you to get to Everland in an instant.