Bring it on. July 2016. I have been waiting for this month to come round a while now and there is good reason too. I am leaving the winter chill in the South West and heading to Koh Samui, Thailand and yeah, I am excited.

What’s the occasion

The kids are staying home and my wife and I heading out for our ten year wedding anniversary, not a bad start. It will be the first time since having kids that we spend a large amount of time without them. Sure it will be weird but I’m sure we will make every second count.

Where are we going

As I said from the start, we are heading to Koh Samui, Thailand. Flying Air Asia from Perth and then Bangkok Airways from Phuket to Koh Samui. Arriving around lunch time, we will hit paradise, where we stay at the magnificent Mai Samui Beach resort and spa, which we booked through Luxury Escapes. The pictures and videos of the resort look amazing but follow my adventures on Fair Dinkum Traveller to have a closer look from July 2-10.

What we will do

Rest by the pool, drink cocktails buy the pool with the wife, take advantage of the spa treatment, you name it, everything you can do at  resort. We will cruise around to other islands, shop at local towns nearby and get a feel for a new culture. But mostly I will go with the flow, it is my first trip to Thailand and I plan to make it count.

So please stay tuned to my blog and get updates, pictures and videos of my trip in Koh Samui. It’s going to be a great July. Happy travelling.