I’m on the travel path again, so that means it is time for the next edition of travel diaries. This time it is to beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Enjoy.



Day 1- Leaving Perth and the Sama-Sama

Jet setting from Perth for my next adventure to Koh Samui. An unusual day as my wife and I head off for our first overseas trip without our two boys. The occasion? Our ten year wedding anniversary. We get through the anxious moment, just. Then on to through the Perth customs and onto our flight. So far so good.

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur. Half an hour ahead of schedule, well done Air Asia. We have booked a hotel at the Sama-Sama Express hotel inside the International terminal. It’s our first time doing it this way and very convenient. We have ten hour hours in KL, so we decided to book a room for seven hours. The minimum that can be booked is six hours and all for a low cost. Our booking was around $70 Australian.

We arrive a bit early to check in, so we have a bit of dinner in the fantastic food court in the international area food court. Lots to choose from, Indian, chicken, burger king and of course McDonalds. I go for the chicken noodle soup, it wasn’t bad, but for five bucks I wasn’t complaining.

Time to check into the Sama-Sama. Swift and easy. The boutique hotel has a lounge and restaurant. We by-pass that and head straight to the room. Neat and cozy, with a shower to freshen up. Then off the to bed as the next day Thailand awaits.


Day 2- Arriving in Koh Smaui

It is great to catch an ongoing plane feeling fresh and relaxed. Fair to say I will be using the Sama Sama hotel again in the future. Check out was easy and then it was off to Phuket. Once again our Air Asia flight was on time and on schedule as we touched down at Phuket Airport. The flight that was a little over an hour.

Wow! Phuket Airport was crazy. Packed to the rafters, all incoming planes must have landed at the same time and the queue was huge getting through immigration. Now the airport at Phuket is a little run down and old fashioned, also a tad confusing. As we got a little lost going through the airport getting to the domestic terminal. Finally, with little help from the staff, we worked it out and we checked-in with Bangkok Airways. The long haul was finally coming to an end.


Koh Samui from above is beautiful and even better as we landed. No luggage to collect, so straight through the doors we went, where our driver to the resort was ready and waiting. The drive to the resort took a good half hour as we drove through the Township, some things look great and some things looked run down and filthy. But when we arrived at the resort, everything looked like paradise.

Mai Samui resort on first impression was everything it looked like on the brochure. The rooms on the edge with beach at the front and four pools in the middle. Large palm trees located throughout. Simply divine. The resort has 3 restaurants. The buffet, the pub and for dinner the BBQ beach buffet, but more on that later.


Our room was not available straight away so we had lunch at the pub restaurant. A Thai salad with satay chicken. Very nice indeed. Getting through that and drinking a beer, our room was finally ready. The room itself was fantastic and spacious. King size bed, large shower and a balcony. We were on the third floor that overlooked the resort. Great views again.

After settling in and freshening up, especially from he humid conditions. It was time to take advantage of the five-hour happy hour. That’s right, 1pm to 6pm. My wife and I had two different cocktails each, one using the swim up pool bar, I always wanted to do that. We laid back on the sun chairs and walked on the beach and the resort pier, enjoying more great scenery. Before heading back to the resort ahead of the feast at dinner time.

Dinner was the BBQ Seafood buffet which was located n the sands of the beach. Never before have I had dinner in a better location. The food was delicious with BBQ prawns, barramundi, steak with array of Thai food, salads and of course dessert. Delicious. Taking our time and enjoying more beer, we ate as much as our stomachs could handle. It was an early night the first night, we were buggered, it had been exhaustive trip.

The view from dinner

The view from dinner