Saving your holiday money in Koh Samui can be easy. At times you will need to be bullish and tough when in the process, but also wise. Below are a few handy tips that can help you save and spread your travel money on the Island even further.

Take a ride in the ute

Sheltered utes with seating on the sides of the back of the tray can be found everywhere in Koh Samui and it cost half the price of a taxi. It is safe, the driver goes along a reasonable speed, which is always a good thing. It is comfortable and best of all you get a cool breeze which is as good as an air conditioner. Sometimes. This mode of transport won’t take you all the way to the resort s it only travels on the main road. But who can’t handle a small walk to save some dollars.

Get a cool breeze riding around in the back of these vehicles

Get a cool breeze riding around in the back of these vehicles


Don’t get bullied by the taxi driver.

Unlike the rest of Thailand. For some strange reason the taxis are not metred. So it is the old set price. Do not take the first price offered, drop it down a good 100 baht and if they refuse, move on to the next taxi. There are plenty.



Book a cruise or day tour

A tip that can be used in a lot of countries. When looking for a day tour, don’t go rushing to the flyers at the resort, go into thee towns like Chaweng, to the booths stationed on the street, the price drops right down. Generally taking away the commission the resorts get. Another option is to book on the internet, the power of google will take you there and it is another big money saver.

Save on day tours like this by booking outside a resort

Save on day tours like this by booking outside a resort


Barter travellers, BARTER!

No price tags on the merchandise in stores means only one thing. The shop owner will try and get every penny out of you. As with the taxis, barter the price down and if the shop owner does not come to the party, the chances are the same product is for sale down the road. Generally, however it won’t come down to that. They want your money.

Don't overspend in markets

Don’t overspend in markets


Beer is really cheap

Resort beer is almost a third of the price higher than in the bars on the beach or in the street. Even during happy hour. So avoid the seduction of a five-hour happy hour and head down the road. The chances are there is always a bar real close to your resort. Even if the resort seems in an isolated place. Beryl Bar was a real winner for me.

Again you will save  extra 50 percent if you buy your beer from the supermarkets. Dirt cheap. Please note, however, that Liqueur laws in Thailand do not allow you to purchase alcohol in supermarkets or seven elevens between 2pm and 5pm. That law does not apply to bars, restaurants and resorts.



Same goes for restaurants too

Now the resort dining prices, at least where I stayed, were pretty good compared to say resorts in Australia. Get out into the restaurants out of the resorts and again you can save a good 50 percent. To be honest the food outside the resort can be just as good as the food in the resorts. The locals can cook a bloody good meal.

Food stall in Koh Samui

Food stall in Koh Samui

Don’t neglect the food stalls

Little food stall are everywhere on the street, especially in the Chaweng. Super affordable and the food is cooked well and better yet you won’t get the stomach bug. At least I didn’t.

Save on food using little food stalls like this.

Save on food using little food stalls like this.




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