Sitting by the fireplace during another winter storm. It had me thinking where I would rather be right now than stuck inside my home. Somewhere warm with a trace of sun of course, enjoying ice cold beers, wearing only shorts and singlet and a view of the waves breaking right in front of me.

Enviously, my mid wandered to past holidays in warmer climates. Where would I rather be right now? What resort or villa have I enjoyed most? So it all made sense, a write up about my three greatest winter escape holiday places and maybe you will drift to fantasy world with me.

Mai Samui Beachside Resort and Spa, Koh Samui Thailand.

Mai Samui

Mai Samui

Mai Samui. A resort away from the hype. As well as the hot scorching sun, it had Swimming pools, bars, restaurants, spas and beach views. A laid back holiday if I have ever had one and it was away from the hustle and bustle of Chaweng, but still close enough if it is the epic nightlife you crave.

Koh Samui and the other locations mentioned below is hot all year round. So no matter what part of the world you are in, whether you have your winter in July or December, You can’t go wrong. But just be careful of the rain.


Ellora Villas, Bali, Indonesia.

Ellora Villas

Ellora Villas Sanur, Bali

Private villa with the lot. Spacious rooms, large bathrooms, swimming pool and a personal chef who comes and cooks you breakfast every morning. You will feel spoilt as you indulge your travel senses at Ellora Villas.

Based in Sanur, Bali. It is a trek from the busy Kuta area. That is not to say that Sanur is quiet and isolated, far from it. It has many restaurants, bars, cheap shopping, markets and a great beach to enjoy a daily stroll or perhaps a kayak or jet ski. Then again you may just prefer to sit back and drink beer, either way you’ll have a good time.


Radisson Blu, Denarau Island, Fiji.

Escape winter with a Fiji Sunset at Radisson Blu

Escape winter with a Fiji Sunset at Radisson Blu

The party resort, where activities or events are always happening. A lot busier with a lot more activities than the Mai Samui resort in Koh Samui. But that may suit your style. Although be prepared to spend a little more as prices within the tourist area can be quite high. Anyway the Radisson Blu is a fabulous resort for couples and families, especially with the top notch kids club, that will see your kids missing for hours and not in a bad way.

The great thing about holidaying in Denarau Island is everything is close with amazing cafes and restaurants, especially in the port area. Enjoy a game of golf that will tease the average golfer your hole trip as it is literally in front of you wherever you go on the island. Beach one side golf the other side. Oh and don’t forget to take a day cruise or two, because a trip to Fiji isn’t complete without a trip to a white sand island.