Drugs in Bali. It’ there. It happens and the chances are good that you will be offered drugs once or twice during your stay in Bali.

Just say no.

No is the answer you will give if you have any ounce of smartness about you. Especially in a country like Indonesia, where the ultimate punishment by law is severe. Then again recreational drugs in whatever country you are in is illegal and not just that, but why would you put that sort of rubbish in your system is beyond me.

Back to Bali. There is a solid chance you will get offered drugs while walking down the streets, especially in Kuta. A firm ‘no,’ will get them off your back and they will disappear from your life. Until your next offer by the next stranger you have never met. Don’t get me wrong, however, your stay in Bali won’t be littered with someone offering you drugs.

On my last trip to Bali. I travelled with my wife and two young sons. I don’t know if I was being watched while walking down the streets of Kuta. But when my family went into the bank to exchange some money, I stayed outside. It took only 30-seconds for someone to walk up to me  andask if I want to buy a magazine, which I politely said no, before he pulled out a bag with drugs, where he got a quick and firm get stuffed, he laughed and walked away from me and was not seen again.

30-seconds without kids in my sight and I was asked. How quick was that I thought, incredible. It’s just the way it rolls in Bali, I guess. But I wasn’t asked again for the rest of the trip but then again, there weren’t many times I was without my kids.

Lastly, you never know when one of locals offering drugs in Bali is an undercover cop. I never witnessed it myself but I have heard stories of set-ups and even if it is an extreme case, don’t leave life up to chance. So always keep that in the back of your mind if you are stupid enough to get tempted.

But don’t get mislead by this article, it just a tip that it does happen and you could on a rare occasion get offered drugs. Bottom line, Bali is great and I will be returning on a number of occasions.