We all love our kids dearly, that’s a given. But this is an article that just had to be written and it is Inspired by my trip with the wife to Thailand, where we stayed at the gorgeous Mai Samui Resort in Koh Samui, without the boys (thanks grandma). I found it appropriate to give out a few pointers on why it is great to travel without the kids. And even have a bit of fun with it. So parents if I have left stuff out, feel free to comment.


Here we go.
  1. Airports are a breeze: carrying their bags, looking behind you at all times, hurrying about from the check-in counter to the gate and more passports to handle at immigration. It’s all a breeze without the kids and time is easily halved, heck you even have time for a relaxing pre-flight coffee or wine.
  2. Paranoid free flight: Let’s be honest. The biggest worry about flying with children is how to entertain the kids during flight without fellow passengers getting disturbed by our sometimes impatient children. Never fear when alone, sit back and enjoy the in-flight movie or take a nap. While having little sympathy for those parents around you who are travelling with kids.
  3. It’s cheaper: While it’s always nice to have a discount price when it comes to paying for kid’s flight and hotel rooms, they still cost. Flights, accommodation, food, transport and everything you can think of makes it all cheaper. So you can spoil yourself even more.
  4. Cruising around is easier: Just like airports, travelling around your holiday location is again stress free as you don’t need o looking over your shoulder every two seconds.
  5. Stay up late: Unless you can afford those two bedroom apartments or interconnecting rooms, staying up late with everyone in the same room is impossible. Especially if you want some adult time.
  6. Sleep in: is there really a need to clarify this one.
  7. Peaceful and relaxing meal times: Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have a romantic meal with your significant other and let your taste bud’s takeover with great food and a wine or five.
  8. Enjoy a night out: Unless you pay for a babysitter this is impossible with kids. Go night clubbing and feel young and sexy again. Heck even act young again with your partner and look ridiculous on the dance floor and remember there are no kids waiting for you in the hotel room. So I’ll leave the rest up to you.
  9. Shopping is fun: Well at least it is for the woman. But without the kids the only worry is the men who don’t want to be there. From a man point of view we are bored shopping with or without the kids.
  10. Spend hours at the resort bar: No better way to relax than chilling around the pool bar with either a cocktail, beer or spirits and have a guilt free drinking session. Don’t be afraid to pay the outlandish resort prices, you have earned it.
  11. Spoil yourself with a spa treatment: Have a guilt free spa treatment or massage without having to worry about putting the kids in the kid’s club.
  12. Rekindle the marriage: They say the biggest issue when having kids is you get caught up by being parents that you forget how to be husband and wife. A romantic getaway is a great way to rekindle the passion and fall in love all over again. Nothing wrong with being selfish parents one-percent of the time as long as you have kept your kids in good hands.
  13. We’re all thinking it, so why not say it: The sex is through the roof.

Do need to finish on a better note?

So go on and do yourself a favour. Give your marriage the ignition it needs and travel without the kids at your next suitable time. You won’t regret it, I know we didn’t.

Please don’t forget to add any great reasons in the comments below and have a little fun with it. Happy travels.

Don't doubt it, it's great to travel with kids too.

Don’t doubt it, it’s great to travel with kids too.

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