Just get off at the plane at the airport, go to the nearest train station and make your way to the resort. NO, not quite, well not in Koh Samui anyway. No trains, no buses, excepts those shuttle buses the resorts and day tours have. But don’t threat, you are not alone on this small paradise Island they call Koh Samui.

Despite not having the convenient public transport the modern world is blessed with over on the mainland. You will still find Getting round  Koh Samui being simple and convenient, therefore you can enjoy the popular island of Thailand stress free and with the realisation you will get home safely.


Getting Around Koh Samui

  • Taxi.

The yellow top and maroon taxis. They are everywhere on the island as with any taxi company around the world. And while they are the easiest and most convenient way around the island, Koh Samui taxis are not the cheapest of transportation, not that it is an expensive mode of transport if you compare it to your home country.

Getting around Koh Samui is easy in a taxi.

Getting around Koh Samui is easy in a taxi.


  • Back of the Ute.

The maroon utes that are seen all over the island are safer than you think. Sit on the boards on the back of the tray, which is protected from the sun by a tarp, and feel the swift breeze flow into the back of your head. It’s better than an air-conditioner. Being half the price of a taxi, it won’t take you directly to the lobby of the resort, but it will get you close enough. You can call these utes the buses of Koh Samui.

Get a cool breeze riding around in the back of these vehicles

Get a cool breeze travelling around in the back of these vehicles


  • Scooters and Motorcycles

Ride at your own peril, especially if you are an inexperienced rider. Road rules don’t really exist on the island and standards of the roads aren’t much to get excited about. However, it is convenient, cheap to run on fuel and affordable to hire. You can find a location to hire a scooter everywhere you go and naturally it is cheaper at places outside the resort.

Make sure you have your travel insurance all sorted if electing to ride a motorcycle and make sure the bikes is covered.


  • Drive a Car

You may have heard of them, they have been around a while. Driving a car is a great for getting around the island, go where you want, do want and when you want. It is the freedom that comes with driving your own car. As with the bikes, a cars can be hired all around Koh Samui including the resort. Just a memo, in Thailand they drive on the left, which is great for Aussies like me.


  • Cruise Boats

Whether it a ferry to the main land of Thailand, a day trip to the Angthong Marine National Park or a cruise to other islands near Koh Samui. Getting around by the large boats are very popular and sort after in Samui and I definitely suggest you take full use of a cruise in paradise.

An old cruise ship to get around Samui.

An old cruise ship to get around Samui.


  •   Shuttle Bus

The only bus you’ll find on the island. Generally only seen at resorts or for day tour companies to get their guests around safely and in air-conditioner, it certainly is the mot comfortable way of getting around the island.

There you have it, the major alternatives of getting around Koh Samui, stress free and hopefully in one piece. Be sure, if travelling by your own means, respect the roads and laws of the country.

Heading to Koh Samui? Check out TripAdvisor for hotels.

Not the recommended way of travelling.

Not the recommended way of travelling.


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