Airbnb is taking the world by storm. It has been for a few years now. And why not, it is a quick and easy way to find suitable accommodation that will suit your needs worldwide. The end result is a win for you and me, the guest.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace where owners can list their property for rental on the Airbnb website or app. Therefore, holiday goers searching for an appropriate holiday house, apartment or studio can filter through the website to find the perfect place.

For this article, I will only be getting into the benefits for booking accommodation. Because let’s face it we are travellers on here. So lets get into it, here are six reasons you should choose Airbnb as your choice of accommodation.

Airbnb available worldwide including South Korea.

Airbnb is available worldwide including great destinations like South Korea.1.

1. Quick and easy to use.

Download the app, or simply use your computer. The process is quick and easy to book an apartment. Each profile has plenty of pictures of the house/apartment available and it comes with a map of the location to familiarize yourself with the area. Most hosts will give a good description of what is available in the area on the profile page of the rental. Payment is also easy, with a simple credit card required to book your accommodation.

2. Contact the host of your apartment with ease.

When you have chosen an apartment, you may need to ask a question or two to the host. Each profile on the website page comes with an option to contact the host. Generally, a reply is given within the day, most times within an hour. Depending on time zones of course

3. Short term-long term, you’re covered.

Staying a month or overnight. It doesn’t matter. If the booking is available for your required dates and paid upfront, you are all settled and your focus can turn to the activities you can do on your holiday. Please note however, some host require that you stay for at least a two or more nights minimum. Check the terms and conditions.

4. Available all around the world.

Whether you are booking accommodation in Sydney, Australia or in New York City. Or in other parts in the world such as, Phnom Penh in Cambodia or Bali, Indonesia. You will have no hassles in securing a room as Airbnb is available almost anywhere in the world. Therefore if you are travelling around the world, there will most likely be a property that suits your needs.

5. Airbnb is versatile for your needs

Travelling with family, as a couple or a loner. Well that’s the beauty of Airbnb, put the number of guest travelling in the search engine provided and appropriate places and costs will show up.

6. Help is available if you run into problems.

Problems can arise. Like it can with any five-star hotel. Airbnb has a help desk that you can contact through email or social media networks such as Facebook and twitter. Their reply is usually punctual and are quick to resolve any matters.

There you have it. Airbnb, a useful resource for you next holiday, wherever or whenever it may be. Airbnb are here to stick around.

Want to give a fried or loved one an Airbnb gift card, click on the link and follow the steps.

Perfect for families too.

Airbnb is perfect for families too.


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