Margaret River is full on full on fun for family and romantic couples alike. Activities are on going, the wine is flowing and the food is simply delicious  the surrounds of nature. Relaxing is not an option in Margaret River, there is simply to much to do, that is because the lively nature of this small tourist town in Western Australia will have you buzzing.

Margaret River

Margaret River

Here 19 things you need to di in Margaret River.

  1. Taste testing at a winery: There are a few to choose from, hundreds in fact. Pullover and try from a few assorted wines. Either being white, red or desert wines. Even get yourself into a little port.
  2. Candy cow time: A place for the kids. Lots of candy, fudge and sherbets to choose from. Even watch the candy being made.
  3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Not quite the same deal, but the Margaret River Chocolate Factory is still a family delight. Not exactly the thrill of Willy Wonka but a treat nonetheless.
  4. Say cheese: Lots of cows, means lots of cheese, the South West is famous for its cheese factories. Stop in and try your favourite local cheeses. But keep your hands of the camembert, it’s mine.
  5. Surfs up pal: Prevelly Beach at Margaret River is one of the famous surfing beaches in the world. Even if surfing is not your thing, Prevelly Beach is a must see for its natural beauty.
  6. Kayak Time: Flex that upper body of yours with a kayak in the Margaret River. The tame waters will make it fun for the whole family.
  7. Retail Therapy: Expensive, but free to wander. Take a look through the magnificent tourist strip of the Margaret River town centre. Lots of goods up for sale and the women will love it. Men can stop in at a local pub.
  8. Did someone say brewery: Doesn’t come with the same numbers as wineries, but Breweries are still a large part of Margaret River. The beer is sensational, so is the food.
  9. Farmers Market: Just a wee bit out of the town. The farmers market is on every Saturday morning and is good for fresh produce, coffee and delicious crepes.
  10. Stay a night or seven: Margaret River is blessed with hundreds of different accommodation with different shapes and sizes. Large family, solo or couple, you will find a suitable room for any budget.
  11. Camp in the woods: Rough it or luxury camping with electricity at tourist parks. You will find a suitable spot to pitch a tent and be one with nature.
  12. Take a hike: Hiking the southwest forests is a must do to get up close and personal to nature and wildlife. Many suitable trails are available for different levels of hiking or age groups.
  13. Picnic Lunch: Have a picnic lunch with a bottle of wine. Don’t worry you won’t have trouble finding a suitable place to stop for lunch. Prevelly Beach is a favourite of mine.
  14. Rod and reel: If fishing is your thing, Margaret River won’t let you down. Whether it is freshwater or seawater, you will find a suitable spot to throw in a line. Just make sure you obtain a licence.
  15. Go deep underground at a cave: Ngilgi, Mammoth, Jewell or Lake Cave. Take a pick. You will love this family fun activity as you go underground into darkness and explore the treasures that lie beneath. Just don’t touch.
  16. When little ball golf is too hard: Big balls, big clubs, it is golf for the real beginner and the whole family and you will have a ball, literally, at Big Ball Golf. And if you still can’t get the grip of it, have a go at supa putt instead.
  17. Take a drive: Whether it’s taking a cruise down Bussell Highway or the scenic route of Caves road, you’ll love the drive into and around Margaret River. Go the speed limit and enjoy what’s around you. There is no need to rush.
  18. Lunch in style: Option are a plenty in Margaret River when choosing a place for a decent meal. Wineries, pubs and classy restaurants are all on offer in the region. So settle in, Margaret River will be a fun filled trip.
  19. Explore the Neighbours: Dunsborough, Busselton, Yallingup, Augusta, to name a few. Each town is a beautiful as the next, with a lot of fun filled family activities on offer. Great beaches too.
Ngilgi Cave in Western Australia.

Ngilgi Cave in Western Australia.


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