Travelling is one thing.

Volunteering and travelling the world, is another thing completely. Imagine that, giving back to the world for those in need. It would be a highlight in my life, one in which I hope to accomplish in the near future.

No, I have never volunteered my time in another part of the world before. But in the last couple of months the little light switch has been glowing bright in my head. To volunteer, it is time give back, while also having the luxury of travelling the world. Personally, I couldn’t think of a better trip.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been browsing the world wide web for volunteering trips. They don’t come cheap, but experience far outweighs the price. At least I like to think it does. So whether you want to teach English for a couple of weeks to a village in need, or help preserve the environment, build a church or care for the wildlife. There are plenty of trips out there that will suit your needs.

In my moment of searching and dreaming of the perfect places to give my time and since I focus my blog mainly towards Asia. I came up with the top 5 places I know I would love to volunteer. Click on the links to get taken directly to each of the five volunteer sites.

  1. Magical Myanmar: The global work and travel co. has this amazing project in Myanmar (Burma), where you teach English to the locals. Not only that, you get time to explore the fantastic country and relax by the beaches. Fantastic don’t you think.
  2. English in Nepal: International Volunteer HQ has me thinking Nepal would be a great place to visit. I mean who hasn’t dreamt of exploring Nepal while getting up close and personal to the locals as you give a little English advice.
  3. Volunteer I Laos: Another beauty from International Volunteer HQ, where you can volunteer from 1-12 weeks to teach English, help with child care or help construct a certain project. Something for everyone in this package.
  4. Thai Elephant Conversation: Dreaming of making it a better world for the Elephants. In Thailand you can volunteer your services for our abused and neglected friends through STA travel. I couldn’t think of a better way to give back than helping the world’s wildlife.
  5. Tiger Trail in Malaysia: Again through STA travel, but this time for our cute friends in tigers. In one of Malaysia’s national park, follow a guide around as you help for eight nights in in the tiger conservation project amongst other projects.

As I said, I focused here on Asia but you will find volunteer travels all around the world and there are hundreds of opportunities. So why not give back and help out the world and make it a 2017 goal like I am going to do. Hope to see you out there.

Happy Travels.

Join me in 20117 as I look to volunteer my time and services to those in need.

Join me in 2017 as I look to volunteer my time and services for those in need.


Have you ever volunteered? Comment below and let me hear your stories.