We all have our travel must haves. Whether it has a personal meaning or a broad appeal, these specific items are the first things we think of when planning a trip and Items we dare not travel without, especially when going abroad.

For this article I am going to get into the broad appeal, the items that are popular to the average everyday traveller and in case it appeals to you, I will even leave a link to where you can buy the item. It might even make a nice Christmas present and at even better price.

Travel/Outdoor backpack

Probably number one on the list, because who really travels these days without a backpack. They are compact, convenient and easy to store on the plane in the storage room above. I am thinking a backpack is a big tick for all the travellers out there.

Try this Outdoor master backpack for style. 50L, lightweight and even waterproof. Great for holidays to humid and tropical conditions. Even better for packing light stuff, like shorts and singlets with its large capacity. It may even mean you don’t have to take a large travel suitcase. Click on the Amazon referral link for options to buy and save.



Portable Charger

Obviously bringing a phone is a no brainer, but next on the list has to be a portable charger. Imagine travelling, you have been using your phone all day and it is getting flat and perfect photograph is around the corner, Or you are lost and need help. The portable charger is handy when out ad about and you need to give your phone that instant charge. Never leave home without it.

Try this small size and compact, fast charging, portable charger from Amazon. Easy to pack, easy to use and works for iPhone and androids smart phones. Click on the Amazon referral link for options to buy and save.

Portable charger


Travel Adapter

Those universal power adapters that you need to have when travelling abroad or you won’t be able to charge your hone or portable charger. Yes it is fair t say that adapters are high on everyone’s list. Sure life would have been easier if the whole world just used the same power pint, but it doesn’t work that way.

How about this travel adapter from Amazon, it is on the cheap and covers over 150 countries. Not much to lose with this item. Click on the Amazon referral link for options to buy and save.

Travel adapter


Credit Card Case

Credit cards are a way of travel these days and in the world of scammers, who can get your card details by simply walking past you. A secured credit card case is a must for any travel.

Amazon has a large range of credit card cases available and these are important to own. Not just for travel but everyday use, thiefves are all-over place at any time. Click on this Amazon referral link for options to buy.

Credit card case

Waist travel bag

Keep your belongings secured out on the busy streets on your travel. While most of the locals are friendly, you still can’t trust everybody and nor should you. Keep your money, credit cards, passports and other important documents secured away with a waist or chest bag.

Amazon has a huge range available at all kind of prices. How about these travelon anti-theft chest bag. It will keep your belongings secured as you wander the streets. Click on the Amazon link for your option to buy.

Remember a brief note, all these opinions in this article are my own opinions. Amazon has a wide range of products and I have chosen these items form my own research. Feel free to browse the Amazon site and find your own bargain. Happy shopping and happy travelling.

5 Items you can't travel without

5 Items you can’t travel without

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