The second series of Australian Survival Guide and in this article we focus on Australian beaches. A day out at the beach is a real Aussie thing to do, because lets face it, A vast majority of Australians live in the vicinity of the coast. It is also where tourist flock too, to get some sun when the Northern Hemisphere have their winter.

It is a fair argument, that a day at the beach is a popular past time during the summer months. The beaches are packed, families are having fun and people are getting their tan on. And while it all seems paradise under the clear blue sky, doom and gloom can happen. It has happened. So when at the beach, follow these simple rules and keep safe while having some fun.

Father time with the boys leads to the Indian Ocean.

Beaches are family fun, but always keep safe.

  • Swim between the flags: The flags are in the sand for a reason, to save lives. Life guards are on duty in that zone, it is safe from rips and it is a popular swimming area with watchful eyes all around. A weaker swimmer should especially abide the flags, it’s not fool proof, but in the rare event that something may go wrong, help is around.
  • Alcohol and water don’t mix: You know the slogan, if you drink then drive you’re a bloody idiot. The same goes for swimming. Drinking an excessive amount alcohol while swimming is toxic, drownings have happened because of such inappropriate behaviour. Don’t be a statistic, you can still have fun without the booze.

    Comfortable beach side relaxing at the beach.

    Comfortable beach side relaxing in the shade at the beach.

  • Fill the esky with ice: Not for alcohol, but for water, hydration is important. Fill the esky with water, soft drinks, maybe a bottle of wine for later (when swimming is done) and some fresh meat for BBQ at meal time. More importantly on a hot day at the beach, water is vital, bring plenty and keep hydrated.
  • Two eyes on the kids: Children is what is most precious to us and need to be looked after accordingly. Kids are always curious, one minute they could be making sandcastles, next they are in the shallow end of the ocean which can overpower the lightweights without warning. Never think your kids are doing just fine, the ocean is a vulnerable beast. Don’t take it for granted and don’t take your eyes off the kids.

    fun at the beach for the kids.

    fun at the beach for the kids.

  • Life jackets saves lives: Think you might be in a vulnerable situation, like fishing on the rocks off the beach, or kayaking. Wear a life jacket. Many have drowned in this country because fisherman have been swept off the rocks by an unforeseen wave, a life jacket could have saved many lives. Never think you will be right, take precaution. Life is precious.

    All smiles in beautiful Angthong.

    Kayaking with the comfort of a life jacket.

  • Protect the skin: I have mentioned the slip, slop, slap method in the Australian Summer Survival guide. It is important to mention it again. Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, and slap on a hat. After that, you need to seek shade as often as possible. Not much shade at the beach? Bring a large umbrella, gazebo or a beach dome shelter and sunbake in the shade. Australia is the sunburn country, protect the skin at all cost.
Cafes and beaches are good mix.

Cafes and beaches are good mix.

Enjoyed this article on surviving the beach. Read surviving an Australian Summer and get more tips on staying safe in Australia.

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