In my short travelling career, I have seen quite a few different destinations. Fair to say  each destination visited has left its mark in a positive way. I am yet to visit a country that I haven’t enjoyed or been turned off by. Naturally, there have been a few awkward experiences but that is life on the road or life in general.

To squeeze out a favourite destination is a hard task. They’re all so great but it’s a task I am willing to have a crack at. While we always try not to be biased, nonetheless, we all have our favourite travel destinations. I find it appropriate at this time to share my favourite destinations that I have visited thus far.

Laughing Buddha in Koh Samui. Thailand


Fair Dinkum Traveller’s Top 5 favourite travel destinations.

Seoul, South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace, South Korea

Time visited: March 2005, December/January 2013/14, April 2016

When the modern world meets tradition. One moment you are looking at a modern building or flash shopping centre in the city, the next moment you are looking at a Palace, that is rich in history and centuries old. It is sells me on Korea, while they are always looking for the modern edge, they never forget their past.

Seoul is the city that never sleeps, the nightlife is hectic and that is a good thing as the city is truly lit up when at dusk. For the shopping enthusiast it is simply paradise for those needing their retail therapy, especially in the great shopping districts such as Myeong-Dong or Insadong.

Then there is the food and plenty of it, dine in at the thousands restaurants serving their local Korean cuisine, or get a taste of western food for those seeking a familiar feed. Don’t be afraid to take a walk down the side streets to find some hidden gems. Seoulis a city that truly surprises and one I love going back to.

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Traditional Hambok, South Korea


Koh Samui, Thailand

Great travel destination in Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui

Time Visited: July 2016

The Love island, at least it was for me. Koh Samui was the destination for my tenth wedding anniversary and the best bit was, the kids were left at home.

Amazing beaches, stunning waterfalls and palm trees full of coconuts, gives you all the indicators that you are in paradise and Koh Samui is all that and much more. The food was cheap but the quality was excellent. The beer was cold and even better by the Resort swimming pools.

A trip to the major shopping district in Chaweng is a must, with plenty of restaurants, bars, shopping markets and massage centres to keep you occupied all day and entertained at night. Be sure you drop in at Chaweng Beach and catch up on your sunbaking or jet-skiing, whichever it is you prefer. Or do bugger-all and let the cocktails come to you

The best part about Samui, was not the island itself, but a day cruise to Angthong National Marine Park. A perfect day out with lunch provided, go kayaking in stunning scenery and climb treacherous hills, only to be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views on this very planet.

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Angthong Marine National Park


Denarau Island, Fiji

A small island off Fiji.

Time visited: June 2013

The best part of Fiji are the locals themselves. So friendly, so humble and pure entertainment. To sit in a restaurant or a tourist bus and listen to their soothing voices sing with a guitar in hand was majestic. I can still hear their tunes today.

Fiji is undoubtedly paradise and much like Koh Samui it is great to swim by the pool with a cocktail in hand. However, getting a dose of reality and visiting a local village really is an eye opener to see their struggles at times, still the locals are smiling. It makes you appreciate what you have got.

Taking in a daily trip to the Port in Denarau is always high on the agenda, even if a little pricy. Here you’ll find restaurants, bars, expensive shopping outlets and cruise boats ready and waiting to take you out on a day cruise.

Remember in Fiji, you are on their time. Be prepared to wait a while for a drink or a meal.

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Cruise ship off Fiji


Muju, South Korea

Muju, South Korea

Time visited: December 2013

The home of my only white Christmas and how It brought a warmth to the heart. Even though I was shivering all over. Muju-gun is smack bang in the middle of South Korea and it is pure majestic through winter as you are surrounded in a cloud of white.

Muju is great for hiking through mountains, follow the trail of hikers that are out in their numbers every morning and eager to escape up the mountains. The icy valley below the trail is something to withhold, you will certainly feel at piece in this little town.

The Deogyusan Resort, is the main resort in Muju, it’s where the skiing takes place with several slopes to get your adrenalin racing. Take a ride up the Gondola and take in the breathtaking views of the area. The resort has plenty for everyone including the kids with a fabulous fun-zone area, where the kids themselves can slide down the slippery slopes.

Muju, South Korea


Sanur, Bali

Ellora Villas

Ellora Villas Sanur, Bali

Time visited: December 2014

Away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta. Sanur is a lovely strip on the western side of Bali. Located within close proximity of a popular beach, Sanur, while a little more laid back, still has its markets, bars, restaurants, villas and hotels, cafe’s and massage centres.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still get begged to buy useless items in stalls and see the odd thing or two in some restaurants, like cats jumping on your table as you eat. But Sanur offers everything you need for a holiday and I’ll never forget the fabulous Ellora Villas.

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Great food in Sanur

Honourable mention: I need to squeeze in Hamilton Island. I visited this amazing island in North Queensland, in the year 2000, of course I don’t have any photos of the trip, just memories and they are all great, especially snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef.


Hangang Park, South Korea




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