Western Australia, it is large and bold, red and dusty in the north and green and quite stunning in the south. Yet, the most mesmerising beauty about Western Australia is its amazing coastline. There is in fact, 20781 kilometres of it and from time to time you are bound to witness some truly amazing natural coastal views.

To write about every coastal town in this state is near impossible, there are many towns and each have their distinguished feature about them. Some towns are large residential areas, others are huge tourism boom towns and then there are some towns that are so small you can barely find them on google maps.

For this edition, the first volume. I will start with 5 coastal towns that needs to be on every travellers list when visiting Western Australia. Because one town, or five is never enough in this truly magnificent state.

Denmark, Western Australia

5 Coastal town to visit in Western Australia.

Bunbury’s own Koombana Bay


Bunbury: Western Australia’s largest regional city. Bunbury is mainly a residential area but it is the home of some amazing beaches on the city centre’s doorstep. Here, you will find some gorgeous coastal views.

Where is it: Bunbury is in the South West region of the state and only a two-hour drive from Perth Airport.

Bunbury’s back beach

The Bay and the Bunbury Waterfront


Augusta: only a small town with the population barely over a thousand. In Augusta, you get the best of the Southern and Indian Ocean as well as very pretty and boutique boat harbour. You will find the best views from the top of the famous Leeuwin Lighthouse a short drive from the town centre.

Where is it: Augusta is in the most South Western part of the state and takes approximately 4-hours to get to from Perth Airport.

Love an Augusta coast line.

View from the top of Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta.


Guilderton: You can hardly call it a town but Guilderton is the place to be if you love the outdoors. Kayaking, fishing and swimming in the Moore River are the popular activities. Camping out in the Caravan Park is just about your only chance to find any accommodation unless you fork out the dollars for a holiday home. The picturesque sight of the Moore River and the Indian Ocean meeting will knock you out of the stadium. It’s breathtaking

Where is it: Guilderton is approximately 90-minutes north of Perth. Just follow Wanneroo road until you reach the turn off to Guilderton.

What a coastal view in Guilderton.

Take the path to Guilderton.


Margaret River: One of the most famous towns in Western Australia. Margaret River is famous for its bubbly town centre, wineries and great beaches. Head out for a short drive to Prevelly Beach for the most gorgeous coastal views.

Where is it: Another town in the South West, you’ll find Margaret River approximately three and a half hours from Perth.

Great coast view at Prevelly Beach, Margaret River.

Margaret River, Australia


Denmark: I love this town. Pretty and boutique. Not too small and not too big, I like to think of it as a smaller Margaret River. Denmark is great for family trips down South with a range of activities to keep you occupied.  Head to Lights Beach off Lights road for a gorgeous view of the Bay, but please be careful of the rocks on the beach. Never trust the ocean for even a moment.

Where is it: Situated on the Southern end of the state. Denmark is a good 5-hour plus drive, South east of Perth. Don’t let it deter you, it is more than worth the drive.

A brilliant lookout towards the Southern Ocean not far from the Denmark.

Is this enough reason to visit Denmark?