We are not talking about the Denmark that everyone knows and love in Scandinavia. No, this is a much different, a little more laidback and relatively unknown little town along the Southern coast of Western Australia. It’s Denmark, but not as you know it.

The location stunning to say the least, even if it is a hassle to get there. Set along the beautiful Southern Ocean Coast line, Denmark is known for its gorgeous coastal views, bubbly township and epic nature walks.

Lights Road Beach Lookout.

Getting there

Getting to Denmark is a required effort. A good five plus hours from Perth. The drive down south requires your full concentration as the roads are quite bendy and can be slim in width. You will have a few, ‘oh shit,’ moments when trucks are coming in the opposite direction.

Don’t let fear hold you back. The roads are generally safe, well as safe as you let it be. So, stick to speed limit, be patient and enjoy the drive to Denmark as you pass some beautiful country towns on the way down.

Where to Stay

There are no shortages of accommodation in Denmark and plenty to suit all budgets. Hotels, motels, holiday homes and caravan parks are the main choice of stay and can be found with the old google search or through hotel.com.

Chalets at Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday park.

In my few days in Denmark, I roughed it out, in-style with a tent at the Big 4 Denmark Beachside Holiday Park. An ideal holiday Park with lots of kid friendly activities such as mini-golf and basketball courts. As for accommodation, it has the lot, Luxury Chalets for those who need the added comfort, caravan sites and power or non-powered camping sites.

Camping amongst the Roos

Family Fun

There is no shortage of family fun activities near Denmark. Let’s take a look at what will keep the kids and big kids occupied during your stay.

  • Soccer Golf: Just as frustrating as regular golf. Soccer golf will keep you intrigued for a couple of hours of fun as you try to reach some challenging holes while getting through some tough obstacles. After the 14-holes have been played refresh yourself at the toffee shop at the same location. Enjoy a cider, ice-cream and of course locally made toffee.

    A bit of Soccer golf fun just out of Denmark.

  • Dinosaur World: Kids will love Dinosaur World as they check out some great dinosaurs including the only T- Rex model in Australia. There is also a great range of reptiles and birds that will fly up to your shoulder and say hello.
  • Demark Animal Farm: A great place for the kids. Get up close and personal with Australia’s favourite animals and even give the Koalas a feed at feeding time.
  • Denmark Thrills Adventure Park: Thrills Adventure tested my fear of heights, climbing tall trees with a harness strapped tightly to me, feeling anxious the higher I got, before reaching the top and standing on a lone branch, with my arms raised out to get the effect of flying, well kind of anyway.
    The cost to get into Thrill is only $10 and it gets you entry for the whole day even if you decide to leave and come back later. Do the tree climb, glide along with the flying fox or bounce around big bouncing balls while knocking each other out. With plenty of activities to do for the whole family, you can also bring some meat and put it on the barbecues provided.

That’s me somewhere up there at Thrill Adventure Park.


Chill at the Boutique Town Centre

Walking through the lovely Denmark Town Centre was at times a mini festival atmosphere. Being there on the eve of Christmas, carollers and street performers were doing a wonderful job of giving the locals and tourist that festive spirit.

A little Denmark entertainment on the streets.

Café’s, antique stores and restaurants make up the most of the town centre amongst other specialty stores. Chill and sit back with a beer in hand and take in the small town feel, do nothing else but relaxing.

Just chillin’ in town.


Berridge Park

Buy a cappuccino from a local café at the town centre and take the short walk to the gorgeous Berridge Park. Relax on the grass, while the kids play on the playground, and take in the magnificent view and sounds of the Denmark River.

Denmark River at Berridge Park.

Boston Brewery

The perfect place to come for lunch for couples, friends, or families. Sit inside the dining area or outdoors amongst the vineyards. Boston Brewery at Willoughby Park has a bit for everyone. Great food, great beer, cellar-door for the wine lovers and a large playground for the kids. Try the steak and Marron and their wood-fired pizza’s, they were delicious and worth every dollar spent. The Beer was good too, naturally.

Great day for it at Boston Brewery.

Steak and Marron? Yes please!!!

Epic Coastal Views

Denmark has some of the most beautiful coastline in the state, with the Southern Ocean never looking so good. Bring you camera and get ready to get your finger clicking. You will find the best views driving along Ocean Beach Road with plenty of looks-out towers over the Southern Ocean and Harding River.

A brilliant lookout towards the Southern Ocean and Harding River.

Then head towards William Bay National Park and you will find stunner at every location. A favourite of mine is off Lights Road which is conveniently named Lights Road Beach. Get up onto the rocks, which is reasonable safe but always tread cautiously. Then be prepared to be surrounded by beauty that makes Denmark a booming tourist hotspot.

It’s Denmark, but not as you know it. Happy Travels.

Is this enough reason to visit Denmark? At Lights Road Beach.

James Bond Island

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