New adventures, new destinations. This time Fair Dinkum traveller is in Vietnam for the first time in which promises to be a crazy journey with the support cast in tow. The support cast being my wonderful family.

A two in the morning wake up and a traffic free 90-minute drive to Perth international airport started the adventure. Getting through Perth customs was a breeze, as usual, before boarding the AirAsia flight to Kuala Lumpur.

AirAsia kicks off the adventure in style.


A short stay in KL and we were off again. The second and last leg of the journey toHo Chi Minh City. AirAsia delivered again, they usually do, with an earlier than expected arrival time. Getting through the airport was surprisingly quick, since you have to deal with visa’s and so forth. a quick note, get your VISA sorted before you leave for your trip to Vietnam, it will save you loads of hassles.

Getting through customs in quick time was a relief, it meant it was officially time to start the adventure in Ho Chi Minh City. The most chaotic city I have ever seen.

Food stalls Saigon


Best bit of the day

Naturally after a long day that began in the early hours of the morning, arriving in Ho Chi Minh City after hours of travel was the best bit. I didn’t know what to expect of the city, I knew it would be busy but you don’t get a true understanding of it until you see it for yourself. The city is hectic and chaotic but at this stage, I love it.

Let the chaos begin.

Best foods

  • Crispy Chicken and Rice: This wasn’t in Vietnam. This delicious and cheap meal, only $6AUD, was is in at the KL airport. In fact, the whole food court has a lot on offer, great soups, Indian Food, Malaysian Food and even this restaurant called McDonalds.
  • First Pho Experience: The Southern part of Vietnam is known for its soup (pho) and why not kick off with pho on the first night in the country. Delicious and all for two bucks. Prawns, pork, chicken with lovely noodles were just some of the ingredients in this very tasty soup.

Lots of soup in Vietnam.

Day one Highlights

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport: I love Kuala Lumpur International airport, I visit it frequently. Great food court that is quite cheap and the Sama- Sama Hotel, which you don’t have to go through immigration for a few hours stay while waiting for the next flight. The latter wasn’t required on this occasion. The duty-free shop was pretty good too. Great Scotch.

    Lots of Scotch at Duty-Free KL.


  • Surviving the Chaos: Bikes were flying everywhere and pedestrian were taking risks crossing the road and dodging oncoming vehicles in the process, it needed to be seen to be believed. I even took the daring risk of crossing a busy strip in District one. So far, so good. Still writing this blog post.


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