Just add water and that is all it takes to make a great family outing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. That and thirty-two-degree heat in steamy condition. It made the decision easy when looking for a good family trip within the city when we decided to head to Dam Sen Water Park.

Crowded with hundreds of school kids, mainly in their uniforms and not bothering with any swimwear. The Water Park was another eye opener at how different Vietnam or especially the big city does their amusement Parks. But more on that later, let’s get into the highlights.

just add water and fun is assured.


Best bit of the day

The best bit did not belong to the Water Park, no way. The honour went to district 7. Modern, flash, clean and away from the hustle and bustle of district 1. District 7 was an instant hit.

Getting there at evening time, it was a nice change to be in a real glanderous part of the city. Stylish restaurants lined up along the canal, with a stunning walkway that lead to the Romantic and lit up Starlight Bridge.

District 7 at night

The Crescent Mall was as good as Mall I have seen in travels in Asia, very posh and certainly a little more expensive when you are comparing it to the rest of the city. The Mall had a range of clothing and furniture shops, as well as complete food court and a movie Cinema.

Make sure that when you are in Ho Chi Minh City that you add District 7 to the list. Especially if love the that laid-back lifestyle.

Best foods

This is easy, WA Bar in District 7. A buffet style dinner that consisted of local Vietnamese Cuisine, pasta, seafood, a range of salads and even a chef cooking up some Japanese teppanyaki.

Add some cold beer fresh from the tap and a great variety of music blasting through the speakers, WA Grill and Bar was a delight with the city lights in the back drop.


WA bar in District 7

Chefs at work.

Highlights of day 3

  • Dam Sen Water Park: Now some reviews may be a little negative about Dam Sen, especially about the slides being too dangerous. Personally, I didn’t have an issue with the slides and no problem letting my kids go down. I had been on scarier rides at other Water Parks. S just add water and cool off in hot and sticky temperatures.
    Dam Sen has a massive wave pool that was very popular, and even with the school kids running about, the waiting line for any water slide was never more than 5-minutes. The park also has many restaurants and ice-cream shops available at a very good price.

    Flying fox at Dam Sem Water Park.

    Wave Pool.


  • Peak hour driving: We left our apartment for District 7 at the wrong time, during peak hour traffic. A thirty-minute trip end up going for 70- minutes. Still cheap thanks to Uber. I had no regrets, in fact the drive was fascinating, the city kept changing and even modernised the further we went along. It gave us a real chance to know what we needed to add to the list of places to visit during our remainder of time in Ho Chi Minh City.
    A little side note, the city truly looms brilliant at night, it is lit superbly and it looks quite spectacular in its range of colour and decorations.

Saigon nearing dark


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