When you pay twenty bucks a night to accommodate a family 4, It is normal to expect a less than perfect stay. Naturally, that is the case at the Nguyen Minh Hostel. The beds are hard, the walls are thin and you’ll hear the traffic from the streets.

Then you remind yourself that you are paying twenty bucks a night to room a family of four.  In the end, you will still get your night’s sleep, a complete breakfast, a warm shower (weather is cooler in Dalat) and an enjoyable stay a brilliant city.

Nguyen Minh Hostel, just look for the brown coloured building.

The Area

Dalat is a beautiful city in the mountainous area of Central Vietnam. Known for its stunning gardens, night markets, food stalls, fabulous waterfalls and epic scenic landscapes, there is a reason that Dalat is called the honeymoon capital of Vietnam and you too will fall in love with this special town.


Dalat is known for its gardens and Lakes.

The Staff

The staff try their best and always work hard to fix any little problems that may arise. They always have a smile on their face even if frustrations can mount up.  Their English is average but they do try hard. So always remind yourself when travelling, that you are the guest in their country.


Reception Room.

Day Tours

You can book a variety of day tours from the friendly staff at the reception desk. You can either go on a group tour or organise a private tour and select your own destinations. These tours are great way to get out and about see this magnificent region and some amazing waterfalls.


Prenn Waterfall


At the Nguyen Minh Hostel’s low nightly charge, you could be forgiven that breakfast is not an option. Think again. Not only do they give you breakfast, they will serve you enough to get by till lunch.

Your choices are obviously limited. You can either choose a large bread roll served with eggs or a Vietnamese regular, Pho (Soup).


A fulfilling breakfast.

The rooms

The rooms are cosy and the walls paper thin. The beds are quite hard too and outside noise will at times disturb you, but, you will get a decent night sleep. Even the showers are adequate and refreshing. If you are traveller on a budget, there will be no complaints.

Their rooms size varies from one queen size bed rooms or rooms two queen sized beds. So, a family of four is easily covered even if privacy is lacking and a little crowded.

Not bad for twenty bucks a night.

View from the balcony.

Fair Dinkum Traveller Rating:

If you want to compare it to every hotel on the planet, the Hostel will obviously be on the lower end of the scale. I look at the value at spending twenty bucks a night. At Nguyen Minh’s Hostel, you get great value for your dollar spent. 7/10

To book with Nguyen Minh Hostel click on the link to Bookings.com.

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