thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words. in this picture taken off my Sony Mirrorless it says it all about Ho Chi Minh City. Minus the millions of motorbikes tearing up the roads and making life dangerous for pedestrians like me who like to get around by foot.

You can see at the front there are old houses that have been left for dead, almost collapsing into the Saigon River. It looks third world indeed. Less said about the river the better, so much potential and so little love, it’s just sad to see it in such a state.

Your eyes then gaze into the background, it looks as if you are staring into another world. Modern high rise buildings, that are flash indeed. Shopping centres that will leave you speechless at how gorgeous they really are. Inside Saigon Plaza is just amazing.

A picture tells a thousand words. It’s the case about this Vietnamese city. In parts, it looks like it’s crumbling and other aspects it looks like a city for millionaires. One thing is for sure, Ho Chi Minh is a city on the rise. And this week, this appropriate shot gets the gong for Fair Dinkum Traveller’s picture of the week.

A sad sight of some houses.