Make sure you have your Vietnam Visa ready before getting on the plane.

You won’t get far into Vietnam without a Visa. A necessary document you need to have organized and in your hands before you depart your home city. Whether it is a short stay or a longer duration, you will need to get the right Vietnam Visa for your intended length of stay.

Getting a Visa is not hard either. You could go to a Vietnam Consulate in your area (if it’s convenient to your location), or through a travel agent, where the fees are through roof. Or, you could go through a much easier system, without leaving your own home.

A lot of fun is to be had in Vietnam.

Enter the world-wide web. That’s right the internet. The cheapest and easiest way to get a Vietnam Visa. With all documents delivered to your email address.

It’s that simple and below, I give a few pointers that may give you peace of mind when you are considering your options when getting a Visa.

  • Convenient: Jump on the net and go to either the Vietnam Immigration or the Vietnam E-Visa websites and fill in the appropriate details to get your Visa. Have your passport handy. You will have a few other options available through google search.
  • Flexible: Get your Visa in your free time in the comfort of your own home without the hassles of having to go to a consulate or travel agent.
  • Fast: Fill in your forms on the net and your Vietnam Visa will be delivered within two days, it’s that quick. You will get two documents, your Visa letter and an entry form that needs to be filled out and handed in on arrival in Vietnam.
  • Cheap: At $15US per person, it is the cheapest way to get a visa for this purpose you can use a credit card.
  • It works: Going through the E-Visa websites work. You will get into Vietnam. I got into the country without any drama using the Vietnam Immigration website and so will you.

Side note: When arriving at your airport in Vietnam. You will also need $25US per person for stamping fees. This is paid before going through customs. You must use US dollars, so get the right amount changed before leaving your home city. Credit cards won’t be accepted for the stamping fee.


Quick, easy and affordable. What everyone desires in this busy world and best of all, it’s legit. So  if you are heading to Vietnam anytime soon, jump on the net and grab your Vietnam Visa with freedom of mind.

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Get your Vietnam Visa and discover a truly unique and exciting country.


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