It’s two gorgeous coastal towns within a stone throw from each. Ten kilometres to be exact. To choose one over another is near on impossible. It’s like asking a kid if they would prefer candy or chocolate. The deliberation could take a while, Dunsborough or Yallingup?

Why not choose both? That’s exactly what you would do if spending a day trip or a few days in the stunning South West capes of Western Australia. Amongst other things as well. They are two towns, both with picturesque views, wineries, caves and surf, but still they are quite different.



Stunning Yallingup

Dunsborough and the bay


A small and boutique town, containing a few antique shops, resorts, cafes and a caravan park. A great place to be one with nature and listen to the sounds of the ocean. While tourist visit regularly to have a dip in the beach or a bite to eat, you still can’t help but feel at piece in Yallingup.

Quiet and boutique in Yallingup.

The larger of the two towns and little livelier in the town of Dunsborough. Great shopping will found here, especially for the women with arrange of top line but expensive clothing. There are plenty of restaurants, galleries, massage parlours and surf brand shops to be found in this town and it even has a delicious bakery to snack on a pie for lunch.

As for great beaches and amazing views, of course there is that too. In my opinion it is not as stunning as the Yallingup coast but still great nonetheless. It also has a great bay for the whole family and kids to have a swim.


Dunsborough town centre.

What to do

Yallingup and Dunsborough have an array of activities to do and see. From great wineries to sightseeing the South West Coast, here is a list of things to do in the region.

–          Visit a winery: A South West visit is not complete without a winery or two.

–          Fishing: Plenty of great spots to be found.

–          Surf or swim: Plenty of spots to be found for either but please respect the Aussie beaches.

–          Shopping: A little retail therapy will keep the wife happy.

–          Golf: While the wife shops why not have a round at the stunning Dunsborough Lakes course.

–          Xscape at the Cape: The kids will have a ball at this water amusement park. It’s a beauty.

–          Stay for the weekend: Resorts, hotels and holiday homes are a plenty in the region.

–          Hiking: The famous Cape to Cape trail goes through the area. Great views too.

–          Coffee please: Cafés and taverns are a plenty in both towns. Stop by for a coffee and some lunch.

Take a hike in the South West.


I love the South West Region. It is spectacular, peaceful and vibrant all in one. Dunsborough and Yallingup are no exception to the cause. Come and visit these two great neighbours and be ready fall in love with the state of Western Australia, if you haven’t already.

Yalling up and Dunsborough

Yallingup and Dunsborough, A great day out in the South West.