We are spoilt in travel today. Not too long ago we had to explore the destinations we visited with a little bit of guess work. If you got lost in a city, you had to find your own way out. If you were unsure about a restaurant, the only way to find out if it was any good or not, was to try it out yourself.

Travel books and magazines were a great tool a few years ago, and still are today, but these days there are a lot more resources to help our adventures. In comes the power of the internet or more specifically WIFI and the smart phones and it has have changed the way we travel.

Most of these Apps mentioned below are already installed on your smart phone and are not particularly travel Apps.Yet are a no brainer to use. They have helped me travel over the years and it will help you too.

The Smart phone is your friend and below are the Apps that can help you travel smarter.

Busselton Jetty

Problem solved! There is no getting lost now.

Google Search

The Google search app. Hands down the best in the system. Need a quick answer? Punch in a question in the search bar. Need some travel tips? Same thing. Need advice on a country, city, place, restaurant or hotel? Google, has you covered.

Do I need to go on, probably not? It isn’t the world biggest secret. But sometimes the most obvious answer is the best answer and I’m sure it’s a much-used App by a lot of travellers.


Google Maps

Once you have done a little research through google search. It’s time to get to your location. Google Maps not only lets you know where is it is but it will also give you the quickest and easiest route of getting to your destination. Whether it be by car, foot, train, plane, Google Maps gives you a thorough rundown.

Google search may be your best friend on the road, but Google maps is nipping at its heels and is a close second.

Apps used to help you travel.

Google maps

A messenger app

Which one you use is pretty much personal choice. There are plenty out there and I am sure you all have one. Facebook messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, whatever it is you use. Perhaps you have multiple. I use a Korean messenger called Kakao Talk, there isn’t any specific reason why, I just like the way it’s designed.

The messenger Apps become important when your sole reliant of communication is through WIFI. Whether you need to contact a travel companion who is out shopping, while you’re drinking at a bar in Southeast Asia. Or perhaps you urgently need to get in contact with someone back at home or vice versa. It’s there to use and more than reliable.


Calculator!!! Whatever for? It comes in very handy when you want do the calculations for the exchange rate and making sure you are getting a fair deal. It also comes in handy when bartering the price for a singlet in Bali and communication is poor. Type in the digits you wish to pay for the item and the store owner will get what you are talking about. Whether they agree with the price is another story altogether.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor, the most useful travel guide in the world and a friendly travel companion too. Most google searches in terms of travel will lead you to a Trip Advisor article. The best thing about Trip Advisor App is you can download a city guide, with maps and information and have it readily available for when you WIFI is unavailable.


It may not available in every country, but it is in most larger cities. Uber is a safe bet to avoid getting ripped off. You Download the App, put in your credit details when you sign up and choose the destination you are heading to and the fair is pre-determined and paid through the card. The best bit is you can’t get ripped off and you can’t rip off the driver. It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper than a taxi.

There you have it, the Apps I use for my everyday adventure. My friendly travel companion while I’m on the road and how I fully utilise it. It can be fun to travel with a blind eye, but sometimes you have to expect the unexpected and you may need a little help.

Probably no WIFI out here, may need a sim card.

Do you have a favourite App you love to use for travel? Please mention it in the comments below and let me know why.

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