Sitting up late I my Bali hotel room at The Sakala Resort, something doesn’t feel right. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in Bali, but without the family, it’s just not the same. Wandering around town, I see couples being romantic, large families having a laugh and a group of close friends getting wild.

Meanwhile, I sit alone at a restaurant or pub, putting down a few Bintang Beers, wishing like crazy my family was by my side. They are not, so I cope and think of ways of getting through another solo trip.

I am not going to pretend or be an expert on solo travelling. Although I do take the plunge from time to time. Therefore, I do know what it’s like to travel without my family and its harder than you think. Sure, there are some perks, like relaxation, freedom and being a selfish traveller, along with breeze of getting through an airport without having to look over your shoulder every two seconds.

Okay there are a lot of perks and I may be cornering myself a bit, so back on track I go. The bottom line is your life is short time and we need to keep close to those most precious to us, even though it is not always possible.




Traveling with family always brings happier times.

 Speaking from experience, I am going to let in a few secrets on how to cope when travelling without the family and a wise tip on beating loneliness.

1.       Bring lots of photos: Regular late nights in bed looking at photos of your family and perhaps a video of your kids doing something cool, will bring a smile do the dial.

2.       Regular phone calls: It always helps to beat the blues. A regular call back home to your family, to see if their everyday lives are going fine always helps. And easy too, with Facebook Messenger and Skype to help with cheap or free calls back home.

3.       Talk to the locals: Dining Alone? Or drinking alone? The Balinese are a friendly mob and will approach you, chat to you and have a laugh with you, if you are seen dining alone. The locals are interested in learning little about you, the family, your home and the country you are from. So, have a conversation and learn a little about them too. Their story is just as fascinating.

4.       Be free: Don’t let loneliness tie you down. It may not be your preference to going solo. But if that is the situation you find yourself in, then be free. Visit where you want, or eat where and when you want. It’s your very own adventure. Have fun.

Need more solo travel advice, check this affordable handbook.


Talking to the locals is a great way to beat the lonely feeling.

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