It all happens by accident. One moment you are walking the beaches of Tanjung Benoa, then next you are talking to a kind local man, who is trying to organise some water activities on the bay.

You finally give in to their persuasive powers and after negotiating a better price (still a heck of a lot cheaper than what you will find in Australia), it’s time to hit the water.

The Process

The next bit is a blur. You pay at the counter, then you are rushed immediately to the boat that will take you to the parasailing. No boring bits and no waiting around. It is that easy when it comes to the company who runs the Dive and Water sports in Tanjung Benoa.


Taking the boat out to the Parasailing

Adventure Parasailing

Transferring from one boat to another, there is a little bit of a wait as others have their turn in front of you, but no more than 20 minutes. The look on their terrified faces as they are hoisted into the sky brings a smug smile to myself.

It’s my turn to go and sorry, there is no camera for the gorgeous view I am hit with upon rising high into the almost clear sky. There are a few clouds about. It doesn’t hurt the moment. The view is breathtaking and the experience is more than worth it for cost I paid, as you relax and take it all in. It’s all over in about ten minutes, too quick, I could have spent a heck of a lot longer taking in the surrounds.


Getting high in the blue sky.


Jet Skiing The Bay

Time is never wasted on Tanjung Benoa. As soon as I am off the boat for the parasailing, I am the jet skis. This raises the hair a little more. The beach is crowded with boats and other jet skis everywhere you look.

But you are not alone. An experience instructor is with you the whole time and since I have zero experience on the jet ski, he negotiates he busy area until I am virtually isolated in the ocean alone. Then it’s full throttle on my own as negotiate the swells of the ocean. The adrenalin is such rush, I am like a kid on Christmas day, the smile can’t go away.

Jet ski

Getting a little Jet ski action

Checking off the list

Maybe it’s weird for a man well in his thirties to get excited over parasailing and jet skiing. Yet they were both a first for myself. So please forgive the excitement I am showing . I’m just glad I am able to tick them off the list. Maybe next is skydiving.

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