A restaurant tucked away in the rice fields.

I love this picture taken at the Alaya Resort. Not far away from the busy streets of Ubud in Bali, the resort’s superb and perfectly located Mansion Restaurant, is conveniently located in the middle of the lush green rice fields.

As the sun sets away for another Bali day, the final sun’s glaze hovers over the majestic rice fields, giving the Manisan it’s glowing appeal. Thankfully the Indonesian cuisine served at the restaurant, matches it’s appeal and lure as the food is simply delicious.

With the main Alaya resort off to the right, when looking at it from the lobby. It is a glorious walk through the rice fields, on top of the board walks, an almost feels spiritual effect. If ever in Ubud, give the Alaya Resort and the fantastic Manisan Restaurant a try. you won’t regret it.

It is a Restaurant Tucked Away in the Rice Fields.

A Restaurant Tucked Away in the Rice Fields

The sun sets over Ubud, Bali.

rice fields

The rice fields are glowing.

Manisan Restaurant

Through the boardwalks to the Manisan Restaurant.

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