Bali is the ideal holiday place for any type of adventure, but as always when entering the unknown in a foreign country, especially for the first time. There are a few things you need to know, such as tips for dealing with money or choosing the right food to eat.

Never fear. Below is a few handy Bali travel tips for that will hopefully get you through your vacation with a piece of mind and a clean bill of health and it should help you avoid the dreaded Bali Belly.

Bali travel tips

Bali is the ideal holiday destinations, make sure you follow some basic Bali travel tips for your trip.


A few Basic Tips for Travelling in Bali


Stand firm upon arrival at the Airport:

The Airport is probably the most daunting experience you can have in Bali, especially if you haven’t organised a transfer with the hotel. Hundreds of taxi drivers and freelance drivers will be waiting for you at the front, like you are a Rockstar arriving at an event.

Keep composed, they won’t hurt you, but they will try and tug you towards their own vehicle. Just trust your instincts and be sure to bring the price down as you can go.


Watch where you eat:

Lots of good places to eat in Bali and there is not any major need to be real concerned. Still, beware what you eat, or what restaurant you dine at, eating at the wrong place could leave you in bed for a while or worse taking a trip to the hospital.

Good tip, dine when the other tourist dine, and take a look for reviews on TripAdvisor. There is more than likely to be a review on most restaurants in Bali on the popular travel App.

Alaya Resort

Watch what you eat, although Great food like this at Alaya Resort will be fine..


Drink water only from the bottle:

Like most Southeast Asian countries, you would be nuts to drink from the tap. The good old Bali belly would keep you holed up for a few days. Most hotels will supply you with a few bottles of water, probably not enough to get through the day. Stock up at the local stores for a very cheap price and keep healthy.


Keep your belongings secure:

Most of the locals in Bali are friendly and are great socialise with. But like any country in the world and even your home town, there are a few bad eggs who get joy out of ruining your fun. When out on the streets, keep your cash and cards secure, in a money pouch or similar item attached to you.

Take the amount of cash you need only for the day and leave the rest secured in your hotel safe. Lock up your room and enjoy your day in Bali.

Keep your belongins secure on any adventure in any country.


Exchange money only at a certified dealership:

You will find no shortages of places to exchange your hard earn cash you have earned for your holiday. Some dealerships will come at an incredible rate that can seem too good to refuse.

Tread carefully. Exchange your money only at banks or proper licenced facilities, you will know what is dodgy and what is legit by the appearance of the building. No matter what, most rates are good away from the airport, so you will still be better off going with the bank.


Barter, Barter and Barter again:

Need a driver for the day? negotiate a fair price. Buying a singlet at the markets? Once again, barter that price down. Most places on the streets of Bali are open to negotiation and the storeowner, or the driver on the street, will always try and make the price higher.

Stand firm and walk away if you are not happy with the price. There is probably another store next door with the same junk items.


Take a stroll through the Markets in Bali, but don’t forget to Barter.

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