I had to go back into the archives to find this one, but not so far back into the memory bank, all because kayaking Ang Thong remains one of my greatest memories in my travel experiences to this day.

It is easy to see why too. Clear blue skies, the calm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the breathtaking experience of kayaking between the 42 islands that make up the Angthong National Marine Park.

Situated a short ferry ride from Koh Samui, the lead up to the Marine Park as you edge closer to the beautiful islands sends chill to the bones, because you know you are about to witness something so mesmerising and beautiful, that you can hardly wait to reach this slice of paradise. Not that Koh Samui isn’t paradise enough already.

Once you hit the waters and begin Kayaking Ang Thong, all of a sudden you are hit with a peaceful tranquillity with your significant other and you don’t want the moment to pass. Although I can assure the time will pass by too quick.

It may not provide the greatest adrenalin rush for any thrill seeker out there, but it will be an adventure you will cherish for a long time and that is why Kayaking Ang Thong is this edition of picture of the month.


Kayaking Ang Thong

All smiles when Kayaking Ang Thong.


Caves of Angthong

In the caves of Angthong.



Overview of Angthong National Marine Park.


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