The convenience of the Thong Ta Resort cannot be underestimated with this boutique resort literally being a stone throw away from the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, it makes the perfect transit resort to spend a night or two in the fine confines of this suitable accommodation at a budget price.

Thong Ta Resort

Thong Ta Resort, Bangkok, Thailand


The Shuttle Bus

Getting to the resort from the Suvarnabhumi Airport is as simple as riding a bike. Once you make your way out of customs, make your way to gate 3 to 4, and in-between you will see bunch of guys carrying signs to certain hotels. Find the sign that says Thong Ta Resort, with in a moment you are in a shuttle bus and five-minutes later you are at the resort.

Even better, upon your return to the airport, the same shuttle bus will return you to the airport free of charge.. The shuttle buses leave the resort every half hour over the 24-hour period.

Thong Ta Resort

Take a convenient shuttle bus to Thong Ta Resort.


The Thong Ta Resort

The Thong Ta Resort has the basic facilities but at the price you could let it pass for luxury. It is surrounded with lovely gardens, decorated artwork spread out the resort, a neat restaurant which serves daily breakfast, a spa centre and a souvenir store to buy that little piece of Thailand.

artwork of Thong Ta

Great artwork at the resort.

Thong Ta Restaurant

Thong Ta Restaurant.


The Thong Ta Rooms

The Thong Ta rooms are large with plenty of space to move about, and it comes with comfortable bedding so you can enjoy a good night sleep while in transit. Whatever amount of beds required, depending on the amount of travellers, you’ll have no such issues in finding the a suitable size, even if you do need to purchase an extra room. It won’t break the bank.

Inside the room amenities include, tea and coffee, air conditioner, cable television with about a hundred channels, a private bathroom, slippers and a dressing gown to rug up in the evening. Thong Ta even provide a convenient room service facility with a menu of various cuisines.


Thong Ta Resort

The spacious rooms


Around the Resort

Even though the resort is still a little way from the action of the city, there is still plenty of life going on around the resort, with an abundance of food stalls, drinking bars and restaurants to afford a decent meal and local beer. If you seek a little relaxation therapy and shopping, you’ll find plenty of massage parlours and market stalls that are commonly found within Bangkok, Thailand.

Even if you do want to make it to the heart ofBangkok, and time allows it, grab a city tour through the resort and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Markets in Bangkok

Hairdresser’s in the markets, close to the resort.

Suvarnabhumi Thailand

More great street artwork in the Suvarnabhumi of Bangkok.


The Verdict

It is the perfect transit resort, simple as that, and even if you are seeking a few nights stay in Bangkok, you won’t go wrong at the Thong Ta Resort. It is clean, convenient and most of all, an affordable resort that is situated close to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Want to stay at Thong Ta Resort? Check out TripAdvisor for reviews.


Bangkok Resort

Enter the resort.

Thong Ta

Villas of Thong Ta.

Artwork of Thong Ta, Bangkok

More artwork

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