Visit Vientiane, the capital of Laos, before the world catches on, because this cultural city is beginning to capture the traveller’s hearts with it’s bubbly small-town atmosphere, pleasant locals and breathtaking structures that will take a shine to any travel photo book.

Laos is a country full of rich history and proud traditions and Vientiane plays a large part in what the country stands for. But this great city is not a secret to avid travellers any more and below are five reasons why you should Visit Vientiane.

The Golden Palace

This stunning temple can be found at the Pha That Luang in Vientiane.


1.    Stunning Traditional Structures

Culture and tradition is a big part of Vientiane and so is their common religion, Buddhism. Saturated through the city are many temples, with a few notables to visit being the Pha That Luang (Golden Palace), Wat Si Saket and the Haw Phra Kaew temples.
Then of course is Vientiane’s memorable grand structure that sits proudly in the heart the city the Patuxai Victory Monument, which celebrates the country’s independence from the French. Naturally, within the vicinity of Vientiane, there are many other wonderful structures that must be seen.

Sisaket Museum

Sisaket Museum



2.      Wander through Lively markets

Markets are common in any part of Asia and Vientiane is no exception. While the markets do have quite a bit of activity about, you can wander the many markets quite smoothly and without any fear of being bullied to purchase products from pesky workers desperate for a buck.

The number one markets in the city are the night markets in the Chao Anouvong Park. Situated near the banks of the Mekong River, the night markets offer a carnival atmosphere with plenty of bargains to be found and great street foods that can be bought on the cheap.


Night Markets

Night Markets from above on a wet Laos Day.

3.    Drink and eat on the cheap

Restaurants and bars are every where in the city, with most restaurants offering various cuisines to suit any traveller. You can eat local food or western food and better yet, you can buy local beer for around a dollar……bargain. By the way, you are out of luck if want those famous western fast food chains such as McDonalds, because at present there are none. Not that it is a bad thing.
One bar that is must to visit is the Bor Peng Yang rooftop bar, close to the Night Markets and with the Mekong River and Thailand in full view, this pleasant roof top bar offers a relaxing atmosphere with good meals and good beer, fresh off the tap.

Bor Pen Yang Bar

At the top is the Bor Pen Yang Bar.


4.      Escape the Hustle and Bustle

It is a pleasant relief to visit a major capital city of a Southeast Asian country without traffic and pedestrians coming at you in all directions. The streets in Vientiane are quite tame and roads have some sense of organisation to it, with footpaths, traffic lights and one-way streets to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Unlike some major cities in Southeast Asia, for example, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, you can cross the road in Vientiane without fear (of course you still need to look both ways) and walk the foot paths without motorcycles brushing past you.

Overview of Vientiane

Pleasant streets of Vientiane.

5.      Visit Vientiane before the rest of the world catches on

Some tourists around the world are beginning to catch on to Laos and its fabulous tourist’s attractions and beautiful nature. While Vientiane itself may not be the prettiest city you’ll ever visit, you must go further in land for that. The city still offers plenty for any traveller that is seeking a relaxing holiday or a culture lesson.
Laos only opened its door to tourist in the mid 1990’s and every year, more and more travellers are making their way to this landlocked country in Asia. So, you better hop to it and visit Vientiane, before it becomes the tourist phenomenon it is bound to be.

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Visit Vientiane

Visit Vientiane.


visit Vientiane

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