There are a million fantastic things to do in Sydney, but if you are a dedicated foodie and you are looking for the best places in Sydney to go and get your fair share of fantastic eateries and to live the Sydney lifestyle like a true native, you should try some of the following places.

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Chaco Bar

This Japanese yakitori restaurant is all about one thing, food on sticks! Well, not completely, but there are plenty of stick related meals to get your teeth into, but there are some fantastic traditional Japanese foods that don’t require you poking wooden sticks through. As well as the gyoza, or the light and fluffy steamed buns, the desserts are fantastic too. The chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream is simple, yet delicious.

Wok On Inn

If you’re after delicious Thai food, this traditional restaurant provides a veritable mixture of spicy and zingy foods to appeal to the spice merchant in all of us. Or even if you can’t handle the spice, you could go for the cashew nut noodles, made with homemade chili jam. Or try one of the satay noodle salads, where vermicelli noodles are mixed with a lovely peanut sauce.

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The Apollo

If you’re after Greek foods, this is a place to go where your stomach will be stretched to capacity. You may feel tempted to order everything on the menu, but this won’t do your belly (or your waistline) any favors. Many meals are delicate on the palate, such as the tzatziki, but you could also order something a bit stronger in the shape of ouzo, but it may be best to fill up on food first!


It’s a good sign when the staff comes to eat here, and as far as contemporary Italian food is concerned, this is a place that is always full to the rafters. The menu changes all the time apart from the few favorites, such as the al dente pasta and the fresh seafood. The wine list is completely Italian, so if you are after a truly authentic Italian experience, you wouldn’t need to go further than here.

The Paddington

If you want your meals all about the chicken, this is where you can go to get a delicious, juicy free-range chicken, with gravy and fries for a decent price. This place is a traditional pub, so if you want your meals with a relaxing atmosphere and a nice beer, you need to book ahead!

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Ramen is a beautiful thing, if it’s done right! Here it’s a beautiful concoction of vegetables cooked absolutely beautifully, and there are plenty of choices for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Rockpool Bar & Grill

The one thing you’d expect from standard Australian cuisine is barbecued meat to be as succulent and flavorful as possible, but with this place, it excels all expectation for the traditional meat on the barbecue. Not only do they sell juicy steaks, but they are some amazing desserts too. The galette is something to write home about, and the ginger meringue is sweet and sticky heaven.

Sure, you can do the Sydney sights like a true tourist, or you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some amazing food at one of these places!

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