Who is your Fair Dinkum Traveller?

It is safe to say, if you are have landed on this website, travel is engrained in your blood just like me. And why not? Every day we slug it out hard at the office or wherever it is you may work and yearn for your next adventure.

Not just yearn for it, but long for it, count down the days for it, await your annual leave so you can flip the bird to your employer and go travelling. We live to travel and that is the truth. Whether it is flying abroad or staying close to home, each individual in this world has their own desired adventure.

That’s where I come in, but firstly who am I?

My name is Anthony Jury. Husband, father, sports nut, fanatic traveller and owner of the website, Fair Dinkum Traveller.

For me travel is not a casual hobby, it is an obsession, a way of life. I love to get out and explore the world as often as possible and learn about destinations, discover new places and greet the locals (whether I can talk their language or not).

I devour my travel and take in as much little details as possible, therefore I can share my experiences with you. Whether it is solo, luxury, outdoors, adventure or family travel, there will be a story to share and a travel tip to tell. In the end the goal is to make your life on the road as routine and safe as possible.


What does Fair Dinkum Mean?

Unless you are a fair dinkum, true blue Aussie, you probably won’t know what the heck I am talking about. Put simply Fair Dinkum means, genuine, serious, true. It is a versatile Aussie slang and let’s be honest, there is a genuine, fair dinkum traveller in us all.

Getting inspiration in Asia and Australia

While I never discriminate and all countries and Continents are welcome here. It is Asia and naturally my home country Australia, where I spend my most my time.

It is easy to see why too. Asia offers so much, different cultures, different destination. Each country is unique and has its own beauty about it. Whether it is in the tropics of Southeast Asia or the modern and traditional South Korea, an Asian country has its own appeal, with amazing landscapes and scenery that you will fall in love with.

Australia is another kettle of fish. One moment you can be standing on the red dirt of the outback and the next you are staring at a gorgeous coastline with lush green all around you. Whatever kind of experience you are looking for in Australia, it can be found. Whether it is luxury in a 5-star resort you seek or roughing it out bush in a tent. Australia has every type of traveller covered.

Write for Fair Dinkum Traveller 

At Fair Dinkum Traveller, I am always looking for submissions, especially for you Asian and Aussie travellers who just have  something they have to say. Right now, I cannot numerically pay you but who knows what the future holds. At least it will help your resume and of course there will be a link back to your own website.

For more information about submitting content, contact me in the form below.

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