10 Reasons Why Bali is a Tourist Hotspot

10 Reasons Why Bali is a Tourist Hotspot

10 Reasons Why Bali is a Tourist Hotspot

 When travellers think of paradise, Bali comes to mind straight away. It is the popular tourist hotspot that understands traveller’s desires and needs when searching for a  luxury experience. No destination in the world is perfect, Bali included, but this popular tourist hotspot get tourist from far and wide, which suggest they get it right when it comes to tourism.

When travellers seek to choose a destination that offers luxury, sun and cocktails by the pool, the popular exotic Island of Indonesia is on top of the list. Whatever the occasion, a lovers retreat or a family getaway, Bali is perfectly set up for tourist and it hardly ever disappoints in its pursuit to deliver top level hospitality and in doing so, travellers return year after year.  

Bali tourist hotspot

Bali, the tourist hotspot.


10 Reasons why Bali is a tourist hotspot 

1.        Travellers Love Bali – The stats say it all, travellers love Bali and when you love something you come back for more, as often as you possibly can. It’s like dining at a wonderful restaurant with delicious cuisines, you don’t go once, you keep going back for more and that is exactly how other traveller’s feel.

Tanjung Benoa Bali

It’s easy to see why I love Bali.


  2.       The People Rock – Do you ever get out and meet the locals, it is great to learn about the locals values, beliefs and family history. The Balinese locals are no different, they are pleasant folk to have a chat with, so next time you are in Bali, don’t forget to say “hi.”

Meet the locals

Meet great locals


  3.       So does the Culture – Like most Asian countries, the culture is obvious from the time you hit the streets. From their beliefs in family values and religion, to the laws of the country, Bali or Indonesia, have their own unique culture that needs to be admired and respected by all visitors. I know it is one thing that I certainly respect about Indonesia and their people.

Balinese dancers

Marvel at the culture and the Balinese dancers.


  4.       Great Restaurants with cheap food – The key is to choose the right restaurant and not those dodgy ones that will have you sitting on the toilet. The good news is that there are plenty of quality, affordable restaurants where it is easy on your stomach, you just need do your research using TripAdvisor reviews, or find the restaurants where other foreigners are dining, It means it will have  a decent reputation.


The Manisan Restaurant is one of Bali’s finest at Alaya Resort, Ubud.


  5.       Luxury Resorts that are affordable –  Staying in affordable quality resorts, with sparkling swimming pools and sun deck chairs is the dream for most travellers. In Bali, you are spoilt for choices in many ways, whether it is or resorts you are bound to find the perfect accommodation that suites your needs.

Sakala Resort

Lose your self at the Sakala Resort in Tanjung Benoa.


  6.       Fun in the sun – Shorts or singlets for the men, bikini for the women, it is fun in the sun when you make your way to Bali. Beaches, bars and plenty of swimming pools, whatever paradise it is you seek, you can bet your bottom dollar that Bali has it in droves.

Bali Beach

Weather is hot, so head to the beach.


  7.       Cocktails and Beers – Fun in the sun means the drinks come out quite early in the day than anticipated. Whether it is sunbaking at the resort while the bartenders deliver your cocktail, or sitting at pool-bar for countless hours and taking cover from the heat with a Bintang or two, you will plenty of opportunities to refresh your thirst.

Cocktails in Ubud

Ease your thirst with a cocktail.


  8.       Relax with a massage – Don’t let stereotype fool, in Bali, you will find plenty of professional, clean and relaxing massage parlours where you can shut your eyes and be pampered in style. For a ridiculous low price, you can have a professional massage that will soothe the body and the mind.


Relax with a soothing massage.


  9.       Shop till you drop – Absolutely, in some parts of Bali, you will get harassed, in a nice way, to buy some useless item that is certainly not needed, they mean well and it is all harmless. Bargains are bound to be found when wandering the streets, with plenty of souvenirs, jewellery, hats and singlets available in most market stalls. If you want to escape, head to some of the fine shopping malls, a little more expensive, but it is shopping with freedom.

Bali markets

Take in the excitement of the Bali Markets.


  10.   It’s Paradise – Quite simple really, Bali is paradise, sure there are some shady places, but no destination is without its fault. Bali is designed for travellers and on most occasions, they get it right. Well, it’s hard to get it wrong when the weather is perfect all year round.

Alaya Resort Ubud

Paradise by the palms.


There you have it, 10 reasons why Bali is a tourist hotspot. I am sure there are plenty more reasons to give, but for now I’ll leave you with the ten.  Remember, if paradise in the sun, luxury resorts, cheap food and drinks and great people you seek on any adventure, Bali is waiting for you with open arms.

Heading to Bali? Check out TripAdvisor for hotels and Resorts.



See the best of this paradise island on your next visit.

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Anthony Jury

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Picture of the Month – Hiding Away in Nannup

Picture of the Month – Hiding Away in Nannup

By Anthony Jury

Recently I had the pleasure to spend a couple of days at the gorgeous Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat, a pleasant stay amongst the finest nature in the South West region of Western Australia.

While cosying it up in the Jarrahwood Cottage with a spa out on deck and the Australian wildlife nearby, the eyes were spoilt as you gazed out in the valley that sat in the distance, with the forest tucked in around you. It was as the title suggest, hiding away in Nannup.

The picture of the month for August was a simple choice when it came to select a location, the difficulty came from selecting a picture and the choices were plenty. Wherever you gazed your eyes at The Hideaway, there was another beautiful photo waiting to be taken and the task of going through the files of pictures at the end of the trip was a treat.

Nannup is a laidback town that is situated a three hour drive south of Perth, with popular other towns of the South West region in Bunbury and Margaret River only a short drive away. The boutique country town is great for hiking, kayaking the Blackwood River and camping in the outdoors.

Although if it is luxury accommodation you seek, stay at the Nannup Hideaway and breathe in the fresh outdoors. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world and to spend a weekend away for a lover’s retreat.

Staying in Nannup? Check out TripAdvisor for Hotels.


Nannup Hideaway

Nannup Hideaway in Western Australia

About Your fair Dinkum Traveller

Anthony Jury

Anthony Jury

Your Aussie - Asia Adventure
G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

Visiting Australia? Just Know Our Politicians Are Fools

Visiting Australia? Just Know Our Politicians Are Fools

Visiting Australia? Just Know Our Politicians Are Fools

Opinion Piece By Anthony Jury of Fair Dinkum Traveller

This may not be a travel piece but heck I just must say it, because in Australia we have the luxury of freedom of speech that not everyone around the world is afforded. Therefore, it is my right to bag, in good nature, our useless politicians who can’t make up their own minds at what they were elected to do by the people. Which is to basically make decisions, however basic they may seem.

First of all, I love my country, I am proud to call it home, I am passionate with any national sports team, I proud of the attractions that us travellers get to visit and beautiful beaches along our vast coast line. I would defend this great country with my life. But there is one thing you must know about this great country if you are visiting Australia, our politicians are completely useless.

Now where do I start, oh yeah, our Prime Ministers? We have had five Prime Ministers in the space of ten years and to think one of them (Kevin Rudd) served twice in a matter of a three years, only to be voted out a couple months into his second term, by another idiot, Tony Abbott, who was replaced a year later by Malcom Turnbull, who somehow still holds the job today.

Oddly of those five Prime Ministers, three of them, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were thrown out by their own party. Great stuff Aussie politicians, although I must admit they are great at stabbing their own in the back, but I guess that is no different in a lot of other countries, where most pollies are only interested in their very own space.

Now my biggest bug bare that inspired this opinion piece. Marriage Equality. Our pollies in the Liberal Party cannot decide a simple outcome, at least it is simple in my opinion. To pass a simple legislation to allow gay people to get married. What is the hold up? if they want to get married then let them get married, I promise you the world will still rotate and proceed as normal.

Since the pollies can’t decide, instead they want to spend 120-million-dollars on a non-compulsory voting plebiscite. That’s right, a vote where not even all eligible Australians are forced to vote, that worked out well with Brexit and good old Donald Trump didn’t it? Even after the vote, the Australian government, still may or may not let the legislation pass. What a crock of shit and a useless waste of time and dollars, where the money could be better spent of fixing roads and infrastructure.

The fact that it is even going to a vote is pathetic, to pass Marriage Equality should really be a simple solution, just pass it through and move on. At the end of the day, whether you like it, lump it, get your head around it, it is inevitable that one-day gay people will be allowed to get married in this country without having to fly to New Zealand to tie the knot. In the meantime, we could save a heap of tax payers money, if only our pollies would only have some guts to make a decision.

There you go visitors to Australia. Enjoy our land, the attractions, the scenery, the great beaches and all the great stuff that this great country has to offer, but please, ignore our foolish politicians and try and not make sense of them or you will only do your head in. Happy Travels.


Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House.

The Tragic Tale Of Clusters Bombs in the Country of Laos

The Tragic Tale Of Clusters Bombs in the Country of Laos

The Tragic Tale Of Clusters Bombs in the Country of Laos

Every country in the entire world has a story to tell in its long history, whether it is the good, the bad or simply tragic beyond any words. War has divided world for years and the sad truth it will continue down that sorrow path. For the land locked country of Laos in Southeast Asia, cluster bombs were tragic tale of war that claimed innocent lives and is still doing so to this day.

If you visit Vientiane City in Laos, be sure to stop by the COPE visitor centre, not only is it a source of artificial limbs and walking aids in the country, it holds a detailed museum that discusses the tragedy of Laos and its people during the Vietnam war and the following years. It is compulsory viewing to enter the movie room and watch feature length documentary on how the bombs destroyed villagers and their children.

COPE museum

COPE Visitor Centre


What are cluster bombs?

A single Cluster bomb is about the size of a tennis ball, the bomblets are then cased together into a larger bomb and ready to be air-dropped. Upon being released from the War planes, hundreds of bomblets are separated from their casing and cause explosion on impact, fatally destroying their intended target. Check out WIKI for more details.

cluster bombs

Cluster Bombs on Dispaly at COPE.


How it affected the Lives of Villagers

The problem, apart from the cruel act of war, was during the Vietnam war of the 1960’s and 70’s, the US dropped the cluster bombs over Laos, largely because they didn’t want to bring them back to base in Thailand. Millions of the cluster bombs didn’t detonate on impact and tragically the bombs remained live, buried and hidden from the locals who continued to live and farm in the area.

The villagers needed to farm and the children needed to play and in the years following the War, many lives were lost due to impact with the bomb with gardening tools such as a gardening rake or a shovel. Even uneducated children out having fun had contacted the bomb and were tragically killed or injured in the explosion.

If the bombs didn’t kill, at times the limbs were lost from the explosion and that is how the COPE Visitor Centre came about in 1997. A dedicated area for those who need artificial limbs and help in getting back to some sort of function with walking aids and wheelchairs.



Artificial limbs on display at Cope.


What has been done to make it right

To the United States credit, in the following years after the war, a lot of money was put into the project and teams were sent in to recover the undetonated bombs. The good news is the detonation rate has improved, but still to this day many cluster bombs remain live and buried in the soils of Laos.

To end the sombre article on a positive note, in 2016, Barack Obama became the first American President to visit Laos for the Southeast Asia summit and made a $90 million-dollar pledge to clear the unexploded bombs.

For great facts about the Cluster Bombs, check out this detailed website, or even better visit the COPE Museum in Vientiane and find out the tragic details for yourself. I know it left an ache in my own heart but it was great to learn about the history of a nation.

Laos War

Weapons of War

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Anthony Jury

Anthony Jury

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Why you Should Consider Volunteering Abroad

Why you Should Consider Volunteering Abroad

Why You Should Consider Volunteering Abroad


The affordable options when it comes to travelling is to book a flight, grab the backpack and explore the country or countries of your choice, with freedom of going where you want at your own leisure. Volunteering abroad often crosses the mind of most keen travellers who want to do something rewarding in life and in doing show volunteering is usually added on to most independent bucket lists.

It’s when the research begins. You scroll down the countries on offer at the programs, normally selecting those destinations that are quite unique, you look at the volunteering duties such as teaching English, animal care or construction, to name a few and the excitement levels begin to rise, that’s when you look at the cost and all of a sudden volunteering doesn’t quite look worth it. The concept remains appealing but the cost is quite hefty and that is when you begin to re-evaluate that bucket list.

No one says you need to volunteer your services tomorrow, next month, next year or even five years from now, but there is no need to scratch it from the list altogether. If volunteering is an inch you someday need to scratch, then keep it in the back of your thoughts, finances change, situations change and when all the stars align, book that program with your chosen volunteer outlet, and begin a journey that you can trust will be one of the most satisfying travel experiences you’ll ever have.

Volunteering abroad

Bring joy to others when volunteering abroad.


Give back to travelling

You have travelled to many different destinations, seen glorious attractions, stunning natural scenery and eaten many different foods of the world. Now, you feel it is time to give back to travel and a lend a helping hand to a community in need. What better to do it than volunteering in a developing country.

Koh Samui

You’ve glorious destinations now give back to travel.


Have a new sense of self pride

As far as self-pride and personnel accomplishes go, you will go far to find anything more fulfilling in life that volunteering abroad. You’ll have great stories to tell and you will be the toast of your family and friends and so you should be it is not an easy trek going down the volunteer path.

Teaching monks in Laos

Teaching Monks in Laos brings a new sense of self achievement.


Experience a different kind of adventure

There is no doubt about it, it’s a new and exciting kind of adventure. You are living in practically third world conditions, the food is bearable but not fancy, you are sleeping in dorms with strangers of all ages and most times without air conditioning, and naturally homesickness will kick in as you are separated from your favourite gimmicks and family. At the end of the day it will bring a new chapter to your travel diary.

volunteering abroad

Discover new foods in unlikely locations.


Discover 3rd world cultures and facilities

It won’t be completely uncivilised, but the conditions and the surrounds will be different to what you are used to back home. You’ll discover new cultures, the local people and their values, their religious beliefs, traditions and history and road conditions and buildings that would barely pass a safety audit in western civilisation.

Local Laos Village

A local village in Laos

Visit countries that you never thought of visiting

Not always the case, but in a general sense, most countries you elect to volunteer in are in countries that may never had crossed your mind. Such countries like Laos, Brazil or Madagascar, naming only a few of the destinations on offer. Then again, those famous holiday areas like Fiji and Bali can still be an option, so a chance for the best of both worlds when searching for that destination.

street markets

street markets of Southeast Asia.


Bring a smile to those who need it

When all is said and done, you are volunteering abroad to help others in need, therefore when you bring golden smile to a local’s face, you know you have accomplished something in life that is truly remarkable.

Teaching English to the monks

Bring a smile to a local.


Financially, volunteering can be as stretch, pennies need to be saved and there are cheaper travelling options available to you. However, if it is a life goal for you, don’t neglect your ambitions. It may not be possible tomorrow, but volunteering projects in foreign countries will always be there, even ten years from now and if you want it bad enough, your time to shine will happen someday.

volunteering abroad

Discover new cultures when volunteering abroad.

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Anthony Jury

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