Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Vacation Accommodation

Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Vacation Accommodation

So you’ve decided to travel abroad for your next holiday? You’ve chosen which country you want to visit, and the time of year you are going, but you’re not sure on what kind of accommodation to get. There are so many choices these days for what kind of place to stay in, and each has its positives and negatives. Here are three choices.


vacation accommodation

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If it is just you and a friend or two (or spouse) and you plan to have an active holiday, then you might want to consider staying in a hostel. This might sound like utter madness to some people, but hostels can be incredibly cheap alternatives to staying in something like a bed and breakfast or hotel.

Also with proper research, you can find some that are also maintained to a very high standard. A hostel often has you sharing a large room with a lot of different people with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. For example, Anker Hostels in Norway offer individual rooms so you can stay with another person and you have your own kitchen and bathroom.

You need to either provide your own bedding or rent some from the front desk, and the same is true for pots and pans. It still completely self-catered but if you don’t mind cooking (or plan to eat out a lot), then a hostel like this could be perfect for you.


vacation accoommodation

Find affordable accommodation for your next vacation.



Holiday Home


If you like the sound of a hostel, but want something all to yourself, then you should definitely get yourself a holiday home. You will need to provide your own food, but everything else comes with the holiday home. You can rent holiday homes around the world, and they are an excellent choice if you are taking a family on holiday. This way everyone gets their own space and can enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

You can use a site like Elite Holiday Homes Holiday Rentals to search for the right. Whether you want a holiday home in a secluded location or with a swimming pool, with enough research, you can find the perfect getaway for you and your entire family. While holiday homes are more expensive than a hostel, they are also generally of a higher standard, and you will be able to roll out of bed and get straight on with enjoying your holiday every morning.



Spacious holiday apartment in Vietnam




Hotels are probably the most common form of accommodation when going abroad. Hotels offer a lot of different options from full board where you don’t need to pay for food and drink all holiday to bed and breakfast to completely self-catered and something in between. You can find a hotel that will give you the specific options you are looking for.

They also have a lot of additional services and activities. Hotels are often a great choice for people with young children as plenty of them offer activities during the day. This gets the kids off having fun and allows adults to relax and enjoy a much-deserved break. There are also exclusive adult hotels where couples can enjoy a romantic vacation with no disturbances at all.


Mai Khao Lak

Find magnificent hotels like this one in Khao Lak, Thailand.


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Anthony Jury

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It’s Mai Khao Lak, It’s Mai Kind of Resort – Thailand

It’s Mai Khao Lak, It’s Mai Kind of Resort – Thailand

Paradise in Thailand hits you form the time you arrive at the lobby entrance of the delightful Mai Khao Beach Resort and Spa. In that moment, you realise that you are in true luxury as the smiling reception staff hand over a pretty flower lei and a large coconut drink to officially welcome you to Khao Lak.

It’s a sure tale sign that your holiday in paradise has well and truly begun.

Exploring the grounds of the Mai Khao Lak Resort will be the first on the list of things to do. The size is overwhelming, but at Mai Khao Lak, time is of little issue, with plenty of time to stroll the resort and discover every restaurant, bar and hidden attraction that is on offer inside the resort grounds.

Sit down and settle back, it’s time to introduce you to this fine Mai Khao Lak resort, that is designed around a family life vacation. By the end, you’ll want to pack your bags, your swimming togs, and book a flight to Thailand, where your final destination will be waiting for your grand entrance.

It’s Mai Khao Lak, it’s Mai Kind of Resort.

Want to have a vacation at Mai Khao Lak? Check out the Resort on Trip Advisor.

Mai Khao Lak

It’s Mai Khao Lak, it’s Mai kind of Resort.


Where is Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort and Spa

 Landing at Phuket International Airport in Thailand, the best way to get to Mai Khao Lak Resort is to organise a driver through the resort or by your own means. From the airport, it’s an easy one-hour drive along the western coast of mainland Thailand, with traffic of little issue, as you reach the town of Khao Lak and onwards to the Resort.

The Resort itself is situated twenty-minutes’ drive from the main town centre, not to threat however, Mai Khao Lak provide a free shuttle bus service to and from the resort throughout the day, for when you want to get out and about and see the laid-back town of Khao Lak.


Mai Khao Lak

Mai Khao Lak Resort.

Large and spacious rooms

 There are a few options when it comes to rooms at Mai Khao Lak, but they all share a common theme, each individual room is large and spacious, big enough to fit a family of five.

Let’s start with the Beach Bungalows. They look magnificent from inside out, with the interior and exterior design simply amazing. There is plenty of room to move about inside the bungalow, especially in the large bathroom area and the main common room, where there are two large beds situated. In the cool evening time, sit out on the deck and enjoy Chang Beer or two and take in the refreshing weather change in temperature.

Or stay in the main resort area, with each individual room coming with two separate bedrooms, leaving in mind one bed is a King-size sofa bed, but plenty comfortable for the kids. In the adult’s room, is a another King-size bed, very comfortable indeed, with each room containing a television and entrance to the balcony, where you can admire the resort a little more.


Mai Khao Lak Rooms

Admire the views from your very own balcony.

Plenty of Dining options to feast upon

 The hardest decision you’ll have to make during a single day at the resort will come in the evening time, where to go for dinner? It becomes a difficult choice when you notice that there are seven top-notch restaurants to choose from.

If a scrumptious all you can eat buffet is to your liking, then you will want to hit The Buffet Restaurant. A dining experience where you will literally eat till you drop, with plenty of choices on offer at the buffet table that has a tasty mixture of Thai/Western Cuisines, pasta, salads and a large selection of desserts that are simply delicious.

Perhaps all you want to eat is a little Thai food, after all you are in Thailand. The Talay Thai Restaurant will get those South East Asian taste buds rolling with a select range of local dishes from the popular red curry dishes, a selection of soups, and fresh Papaya Salad to name only a few of the Thai cuisines to select form on the menu.     

The Green and Grilled Restaurant is situated by the beach and has a selection of Western food that is served A-la-carte style. Dine in style and listen to the sounds of the waves breaking nearby, it is the perfect set-up for a romantic evening.

It is a selection of foods that will get your taste sensations rolling and not to mention the Breakfast Buffet that is on offer each morning, and provides all you need to get the day off to a flyer in Thailand.

Mai Khao Lak Buffet

Great desserts at the resort buffet.

Lots of fun for the kids

 It’s a family resort and kids are simply spoilt for options.

On offer is a range of fun activities that will get the children sleeping well at night because of the busy day they’ve just endured. For instance, they can participate in a number of sports activities that takes place on the beach, or dress up as little chefs and try their hand in pizza making, even lend a hand in their bartending skills during the mocktail making class that takes place at the Music & Wine bar.

The fun will really heat up when it’s time to hit the swimming pools, the kids will have a splashing good time in the resort’s many pools that feature amusements within the pool area and will provide the children hours of entertainment in the great outdoors.

They may even fancy the idea of taking a break from the adults, and vice versa, with a few sessions in the Mai Khao Lak kids club that’ll give the children even more adventure, activities and smiles, as they are cared for by the friendly staff. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Khao Lak night markets

Let the kids be entertained at Mai Khao Lak.

And the Adults are covered too

 If you thought the kids were spoilt, just wait till you see the options for the adults.

Let’s start with the adults only swimming pool area where you can have a relaxing swim or sleep on the deckchairs, while also enjoying a guilt free cocktail by the pool bar or up top in the resort’s very own rooftop bar, the Sky Bar (more on that later).

Participate in a Thai Cooking Class and learn a few local Thai cuisines, but be mindful of those chilli’s, they’ll burn you. Once you have been on your feet all day, spoil yourself with a pampering at the Mind Spa and enjoy a delicious tea once your relaxation therapy has concluded.

At dinner time, let the kids chill out in the kids’ club or hire a babysitter for a couple of hours, and dine in style at one of those fabulous restaurants on hand at the resort. The choice is all yours, you’re on vacation, so spoil yourself.


rooftop bar Khao Lak

Enjoy a little quiet time.

The Mind Spa

A stay in Paradise requires a little time in the Resort’s Mind Spa as you calm the mind and body in peace. The professional staff and their experienced healing techniques and ointments, will provide each individual guest with a relaxation therapy and pampering to the highest of standards.

A holiday in any resort world-wide isn’t complete without a relaxing massage and The Mind Spa experience is no different.

Enjoy a little tea at the Mind Spa.


The Mai Khao Lak Theme Park

 It’s not what you would call a world major theme park, but for a resort in Khao Lak, this little boutique theme park will more than suffice.

It’s the main entertainment hub of the resort, that comes with a large swimming pool area and features a couple of water slides that will send the kids into a spin, a cool in-water playground and even a large pirate ship for those who inspire to be the next Captain Jack Sparrow.

Meanwhile, the adults can rest back on the deck chairs and watch the kids make some noise and have a few giggles. No doubt, when the adventure is finished in the water, the next stop will be at Thea’s coffee shop, that offers a selection of ice-creams, smoothies, coffee and a refreshing frappe.

Mai Khao Lak theme park

Enjoy the day at Mai Khao Lak’s theme park.


Large Spacious Swimming Pools

 The Mai Khao Lak Resort has one of the longest swimming pools in Southeast Asia, that stretches down the middle of the Main Resort and provides great views from the balcony of your very own room.

Space is not an issue in the swimming pools, with plenty of room for everyone to swim laps or to splash about with the kids.

There are several other swimming options when it comes to the resort pools, such as the previously mentioned theme park and their crazy water slides and playground, and not to forget, the adults only swimming pool that also comes with a swim-up pool bar, where a cocktail or two will surely come in handy.

Mai Khao Lak

The Adults only pool of Mai Khao Lak.

The Sky Bar

The only rooftop bar in Khao Lak and it is situated right here at the resort. The Sky Bar is simply stunning from the moment you get off the elevator on the 6th and marvel in the surrounding resort and Khao Lak itself.

It is the perfect place to gather with your loved one and spend a special evening sipping your favourite alcohol drink, while watching the gorgeous sunset over the Andaman Sea, to end another wonderful day at Mai Khao Lak.

Click Here to see more of The Sky Bar.

The Sky Bar

The Sky Bar


Fair Dinkum Traveller Verdict

 It is a resort that lives up to its high standards and delivers on all levels to maintain a family friendly environment. At all times in this fabulous resort there is something going on, whether it is yoga on beach, or a Thai Cooking Class. One guarantee is that both kids and parents will leave this resort with a beaming smile on their face.

If it is a luxury escape you are craving for, then you don’t need to look any further than at the Mai Khao Lak Resort for a paradise hit.

Mai Khao Lak

Mai Khao Lak Resort.


Just to let you all know, this article is not a sponsored post. I stayed at the brilliant Mai Khao Lak Resort using my own money, loved the experience and thought I would share it with you. Thank you and happy travels.
Mai Khao Lak

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Anthony Jury

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3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia

3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia

When it comes to places to stay, some people can overlook the less conventional options. Besides saving a ton of money, opting for free digs also opens opportunities for new friendships, fascinating encounters and hilarious stories. When we visited Perth, Australia, we found these things in abundance. Here we present a guide to three of our favourite alternatives to hostels, hotels and Airbnb. 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia House sitting House sitting can seem like quite a strange concept. Also known as pet sitting (most “assignments” include animals to take care of), the deal is that homeowners find trustworthy strangers to come and take care of their property (and pets) while they go on vacation. Fido/Felix aren’t sent to expensive, stressful kennels, the owners get peace of mind knowing everything is well-cared for and and you get a free place to stay! There are numerous websites that allow hosts and sitters alike to sign up, log in and search for a good match. We used to find gigs in Western Australia, but there are global ones too, such as and Sites usually charge a reasonable yearly membership fee, giving you access to potential house-sits all over Australia (and with the latter two, the rest of the world). 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia It’s also important to get some reliable, sterling references, so that homeowners can see you’re the ideal candidates to look after their pets. We recommend starting with a few from friends whose animals you’ve cared for, then after a couple of actual assignments you should have the ideal pet-sitter’s resume; it won’t be long before homeowners are contacting you to come and sit for them! 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia It’s worth noting that this exchange relies of faith in humanity rather than any sort of monetary transaction. We’ve heard of sites that charge both homeowners and sitters, but in our experience, it’s better to avoid accepting payment as it changes the dynamics of the relationship. This deal is all about trust and mutual generosity, not a service just to gain free digs. A word of advice: Try organising Skype conversations with your potential sits too, as it gives you a better idea of what to expect. We speak from experience when we say that not all house-sitting assignments are a walk in the park…   But generally speaking, pet sitting has been a wonderful, fruitful experience for the two of us and in our blog post “Why pet sitting is perfect for travelling animal lovers”, we go into greater detail about why we still look after animals all over the world. Couch surfing Another way to make new friends and have a more soulful travelling experience is to try couch surfing. Some people claim that the website and its concept plateaued in the mid-2000s, but we recently did it in Perth and can vouch for the community’s size and popularity both there and the rest of the world. 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia Travellers can sign up to and create a profile, then search the database for thousands of like-minded people who are offering a place to stay, free of charge. The accommodation isn’t always a couch, either; most hosts offer a private room to sleep in, and have had so many guests stay in their home that they are very well prepared when it comes to hospitality for their sofa-surfers. To bag a decent place to crash, it’s crucial to have an honest, interesting profile and the intention of genuinely wanting to engage with the host. Members want to feel that they’re inviting someone fun, interesting and considerate into their home, so a blank or vague profile is bound to be unappealing. 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia Another thing to remember is to engage with them in online conversation before you show up, asking questions related to their own profile and travel experiences, to see if you would get along in person. It’s important to read their profiles carefully, as some hosts have certain stipulations, such as individual guests only, or a specific gender preference. If all this sounds a little bit kinky, you’re right to be apprehensive. There are a few couch surfer hosts who besmirch the concept with a hint of seediness, although it will be fairly obvious from their profiles if they are looking for more than just a conversation about travel. Look out for “naked sleepers” or “share a bed” in the tags, and stay well clear if sexual adventures aren’t a part of your agenda. Site moderation also helps surfers to stay safe, and there’s a whole section on the website devoted to it, so it’s simple to find the right kind of social experience for you. 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia We stayed with a friendly, fascinating German couple who lived in downtown Perth. They had hosted hundreds of surfers and provided us with a very comfortable private room and even our own bathroom, which goes to prove how well-equipped and generous some hosts can be. We learned about their work in Alice Springs, their conservation efforts all over the globe and got to know Perth a little better thanks to their guidance as locals, which is what couch surfing is truly all about. WWOOFing/WorkAway If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and chipping in to help with physical tasks, this third method of finding free accommodation in Western Australia will certainly suit you. Whether you want to help an eco-tourism company in Broome or try landscape gardening next to the Margaret River, there’s a variety of work to be found in Western Australia. With websites like (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) and travellers can find ideal hosts to live with in exchange for a few hours of work per day. 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia Like couch surfing and house sitting, registration with the websites allows you to search a database of ideal locations, accommodation, hosts and employment. From large organic farms to private smallholdings, you can help people who don’t have enough workers, or those who can’t do the work themselves, such as the disabled or the elderly – it’s a very positive, productive way of travelling. Our note of caution with working in exchange for accommodation is to be sure you understand the work involved. This isn’t just so that you are sure of fulfilling your requested duties, but also to safeguard against employers who might take advantage of their free workers! Fortunately, the websites we’ve listed in this post list vetted hosts and offer plenty of advice and support, which should protect you from any unscrupulous farmers. 3 Ways to find Free Accommodation in Western Australia With a great profile, excellent communication and the right attitude, “WWOOFers” and “Workawayers” can find meaningful encounters with the locals of an area. If walking someone else’s dogs on the beach, going on graffiti trails with couch surfer hosts or picking oranges near Perth sounds like a unique way to spend a vacation, take a look at the links in this post and give it a go. You’ll be rewarded with more than just a free roof over your head. Byline: This post was written by Mark J Newton, one half of the artistic duo the Escape Artists 11:11. He and his partner Nate Evans have been living a nomadic lifestyle since 2014 but have only recently begun to document their travels. To learn more about life and work while being location-independent (and what 11:11 means to them!), head to their site

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Anthony Jury

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G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

Travel Smart: How to Find the Best Budget Hotels

Travel Smart: How to Find the Best Budget Hotels

Finding life’s little bargain is what every individual searches for in desperate times to save those extra dollars. Whether it is finding a great deal on eBay, discounted goods in a supermarket or in this instance, coming across the best budget hotels at your intended destination for your next holiday.

Everyone has their own personal budget in mind, there are those who can splurge on a five-star resort where money is of little issue,  and those who need to keep their accommodation cost to a minimum in hope they can find that hidden gem and have a little money in reserve for spending.

Less money doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find some broken down hotel with hollow walls, rude staff members and a creaky old bed, far from it. Finding the best budget hotel is actually a simple process that requires absolutely no skill whatsoever. It’s a matter of doing your research, narrowing down the options and picking a winner.

Best budget hotels

Check what hotel is right for you.


How to Find the Best Budget Hotels

Hotel Search Engines

There is a tonne of hotel search engines out there and quite often the prices do vary from one to the other. Even if the amount seems minimal at the time, the costs can begin to tally when you add five or seven nights to the equation.

Doing your homework on a variety of hotels is an important part of finding the right deal. Jump on to the computer and check out the various search engines such as, Expedia or to name a few and start comparing. I bet you may even have a little fun while exploring potential hotels as you countdown the days to your holiday.  


Study TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is every traveller’s favourite companion. It is the most proficient way check hotel ratings, read reviews of thousands of real guests who have stayed at those particular hotels, scope pictures from real travellers and even find your own potential bargain with the TripAdvisor price check.

TripAdvisor is here to help millions of travellers worldwide, utilise it, take in the tips and secure your hotel without fear of mind. Keeping it mind at the same time, what works with others may not work for you.


Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and ratings is the best way to get an experience of a hotel without actually having been there. Reviews like you see on and TripAdvisor are meaningful, honest reviews from guest who have in fact stayed at that hotel and who love to brag about their experience whether it is good or bad. Especially the negative experiences which will often make their way into the review area more often than not.

On most reputable hotel search engines, there is an average customer score from guest who have rated their hotel experience out of ten. If you study various hotels at your destinations, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find that two or three-star hotel that has a high average rating and there is a good chance it will be an adequate hotel for you.


What does the Hotels offer?

Does the hotel or resort have what you are after? For instance, if required, does the hotel offer airport transfers? If needed, does the hotel provide free parking? Do you get a complimentary daily breakfast or an afternoon tea?

Even when you think are paying more, perhaps you are actually saving, because the more expensive hotel may offer a necessity that you require over the other hotel which is a little cheaper in price but has no frills.

Every traveller has their ideal wish list and when searching for that perfect hotel it is important to know what the hotel offers and the facilities they have. Personal desires that may be important, such as swimming pools, a personal gym and Day Spa. Check off all the pros and cons before booking your hotel. 

best budget hotels

Do you require a swimming pool for your next holiday?


Location, Location, Location

An important bit of detail when searching for the right hotel is the location. Is the hotel close to shops or do you need to fork out $20 for a taxi ride to the nearest attraction?

Know what you are paying for, because you are hardly saving any money if have pay for a taxi every time you leave the hotel because it’s too far by foot. Location is pivotal and it’s important to know the surrounds before booking. Check if the hotels is close to shops, banks and restaurants.

While being in the heart of a city is not always ideal or preferred, you do want to make sure that you are not completely isolated from the action.


Personal Experience

On a recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I needed a quick transit stay that was not too far from the airport and I didn’t want to break the bank account. I did my homework, I went on to and searched for prices for hotels in the area. Sure, I could have stayed at the airport and paid a fortune at their own hotels  without going through customs, but no, I found the perfect transit hotel that was only a five-minute drive from the airport, The Thong Ta Resort.

The Resort offered a complimentary shuttle bus to and from the airport, it had free breakfast and the locations was perfect with markets and restaurants nearby. The best bit however was the cost, only $30 a night, and I found this bargain all because I did my research and studied the reviews.

If you are a traveller seeking the best value for money, do your research and you too will be able to find the best budget hotels that will suit your own personal desires.

Happy travels.

best budget hotels

Thong Ta Resort, where a steal of a deal can be found.

Some links in this article may contain affiliate links, therefore if you click on it and make a purchase, I could receive a little income. Don't worry though, it will not come at further expense for the customer. Happy travels. 

Best budget hotels

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Anthony Jury

Anthony Jury

Your Aussie - Asia Adventure
G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

A Gallery of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat

A Gallery of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat

The Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat is one of the most picturesque pieces of accommodation you will find in the South West of Western Australia. From the great Bush that surrounds the cottages, to the Deluxe suites at the big house, you will see in picture why Nannup Hideaway is the ideal choice of stay for couple or families. It is a hideaway where good times are made and memories are created.



Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages

Welcome to Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat.

Be Mesmerised in the Australian Bush

The Australian Bush is what you first notice at the time you drive into the Nannup Hideaways Spa Cottages and Retreat. Taking the drive into the woods along the gravel road all the way to the big house, you will be mesmerised by the nature and the bush around. It is fair to begin this gallery with some great outdoor shots of Nannup Hideaway.


Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy the open spacious and nature of Nannup hideaway.

The Hidden Spa Cottages

The two cottages at Nannup Hideaway are neat and cosy. Whether it is the Treetops Cottage or the Jarrahwood Cottage, both come with stunning scenic views. You will enjoy the fact that the cottages are hidden and that privacy is maintained away from the busy world, your only neighbours will be the surrounding wildlife.

Enjoy the benefits the benefits the cottages have to offer, each comes with a kitchen, private bathroom, queen beds, a wood fire, television and a wonderful deck with stunning views and private spa that will help to make your stay even more memorable.


Trretops at Nannup Hideaway

The Treetops cottage

The Jarrahwood Cottage

The Treetop Cottage

The Deluxe Suits at the Big House

At the big house, where the reception is also located, you will find comfortable suites that are ideal for couples. The suites come with a comfortable queen bed, common kitchen, bathrooms, television and a large sharing balcony that creates even better views of the surrounding Hideaway.

If that is not enough, wander the grounds of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat and take in the fresh outdoors with a visit into the bush, perhaps take in some yoga or a sauna, or simply relax with a glass of your favourite wine. The choice is yours.


Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat.

The Big house at Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat.

Extra Gallery of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat

take in a little added gallery of Nannup Hideaway and book yourself a visit for yourself when next in the South West of Western Australia. Check out the website for more details.

Check out Nannup Hideaway on TripAdvisor.

DISCLAIMER: hey all, I hope you enjoyed the blog post. Just to let you know this post is a sponsored post but as always, I keep everything real and honest. Thanks for reading.

Stay with Nature at Nannup Hideaway – Western Australia

Stay with Nature at Nannup Hideaway – Western Australia

Imagine staying in a place so peaceful that the only disturbance you will ever find is from the cool crisp breeze amid the stunning nature. Or perhaps you will get a flicker of noise courtesy of the Australian wildlife that is quietly rustling in the outside bush. Imagine no more, because at Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat that is the only disturbance you’ll ever have to worry about.

There is no big city noise, or the manic traffic flowing through area, neither will you find overcrowded people gathering near your doorstep while you are trying to relax. At Nannup Hideaway, you are so far secluded from the real world that sometimes you will think you are in a dream. Not quite, instead you are living in reality amongst the stunning backdrop of valley in the distance.

It is Nannup Hideaway and it is breathtaking.

Nature at Nannup Hdeaway

Enjoy the Nature at Nannup Hideaway.


 Getting to Nannup Hideaway

The Hideaways may be a little out of the way, but it is a pleasant drive through South West region as you explore farms, wineries and lush forests on the down. Nannup Hideaway is approximately three-hours from Perth, Western Australia, and situated off the scenic Balingup-Nannup Road, which is accessible either from the Vasse Highway in Nannup, or off the South West Highway in Balingup.

Gravel road to Nannup

You will love the drive to the Hideaway.


Enter through the Forest

Taking the turn off into Nannup hideaway off the Balingup-Nannup road, keep an eye out for the signs that will lead you to your destination. Drive over the slim access bridge that takes you onto the gravel roads, it is at that moment you know that you are heading into pure nature. From there take beaten track through the forest, all the way to The Hideaways. Keep a look out for the wildlife as there is a strong chance you will encounter a few emus and kangaroos on the drive in, before you know will have reached the cottages at the Nannup hideaway. Let the privacy begin.

Nannup Hideaway

Welcome to Nannup Hideaway.



Feel at home in the cottages

The cottages are spaced apart, so there will be no disturbance and privacy is well maintained. On the outside, there is an antique look as if you are heading back fifty years in the days of cosy wooden houses with a pleasant hint of crisp freshness from the nature around you. Once on the inside the cottages, your first memory will be of the gorgeous valley that hits your vision once you take that first step inside. It is breathtaking, and you’ll appreciate the view once again when you step outside onto the deck, but more on that later.

There is a choice of two cottages at Nannup Hideaway, the Jarrahwood or treetops cottage. The Jarrahwood is perfect for a family stay, queen- size bed and two single beds in a separate room. The treetops cottage is perfect to rekindle the love that accommodates a queen-size bed and makes it perfect to snuggle up-close with your loved one.  Both cottages have a stunning interior edge that comes with a full kitchen, lounge with television, bathroom, air-conditioning and a woodfire which will come in handy during the cool winter months.

For dining at the Hideaways, you have a few choices, you can bring your own food and cook up a feed I the kitchen or out on the deck where a barbeque awaits you. You can drive into the Nannup for a counter meal at lunch at a few selected pubs or café’s. Lastly you can order food from the Hideaway itself, whether it is a breakfast or cheese platter to have with the wine, the options are aplenty.

Trretops at Nannup Hideaway

The Treetops cottage

Nannup hideaway

Wood-fire and Kitchen, all you need to do is make yourself at home.


The action will happen on the deck

With all the luxuries that you have inside the cottage, the lure will still be towards the deck. Not only because you will be greeted with the mesmerising view of the open green valley, out on the private deck you can grill up a famous Aussie BBQ, relax with a glass of red and a good book on the lounge or enjoy the comforts of a warm spa with the sounds the Australian nature close by. Not to mention the stunning sunrise that will greet you when you wake up in the morning.

spa at the Hideaways

The spa is a hit out on the deck.

Nannup Hideaway

It all happen out on the deck.


Perfect for families even better for couples

A family fun trip or a romantic getaway? The choice is yours as Nannup Hideaway has you covered either way.

For families, there is plenty of interests for both adults and kids. You can go bush walking deep into the forest and keep a close eye out for the wildlife, play board games that are supplied in the cottage (twister will get a work out), watch a movie or two from the DVD collection, or tell stories by the firewood late into the night.

For couples, everything is straight forward when in need to rekindle the romance. Nature, peace, a cosy cottage and a spa on the deck, it really does speak for itself when it comes to romantic getaway, just don’t forget the wine.

Kids at Nannuo

Kids will have a ball in the fabulous nature.

Lovers retreat a Nannup

The lovers retreat

Stay at the Executive or Deluxe Suits

Another cosy area that is situated at the big house, while there may be no spas on the balcony for you, it still offers everything else that the Spa Cottages give you. In the main house, there are fou separate bedrooms, a balcony and plenty of wilderness to give you that memorable stay at Nannup Hideaway.

Suite at Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy your stay in a delightful suite.

Dine in Style

Dine in Style


Come along for a Wellness Retreat

The Retreat is popular with guest who are visiting Nannup Hideaways in a large group and offers a home away from home and can accommodate group for those seeking a different kind of stay, while still provided with comfortable rooms and, you guessed it, the famous valley views from the spacious balcony outside the room.

There is plenty of activities on offer with the retreat, you can participate in yoga classes provided in the yoga room, take in a sauna session that gets plenty of use in the winter stay, squeeze in a relaxing massage, enjoy delicious home cooked meals, experience a bush walk with the owner and simply unwind in the comforts of the nature around.

For more information on the retreats or packages, contact Leisa Harding at Nannup Hideaway.

Retreat at Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy great valley views during the retreat.

Nannup Hideaway

The Big House


Fair Dinkum traveller’s verdict

For peace and quiet, serenity and the perfect getaway in the Australian Bush, it really doesn’t get much better than Nannup Hideaway. The cottages are well maintained, the deck is incredible, the views are stunning and the incredible nature is just waiting for you to visit. If Nannup is calling in the South West of Western Australia, Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreats is the perfect place to come and unwind.

Want to stay at Nannup Hideaway? Check Out TripAdvisor for reviews.

Nannup Hideaway

Nannup Hideaway

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Nannup Hideaway

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