Picture of the Month – Hiding Away in Nannup

Picture of the Month – Hiding Away in Nannup

By Anthony Jury

Recently I had the pleasure to spend a couple of days at the gorgeous Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat, a pleasant stay amongst the finest nature in the South West region of Western Australia.

While cosying it up in the Jarrahwood Cottage with a spa out on deck and the Australian wildlife nearby, the eyes were spoilt as you gazed out in the valley that sat in the distance, with the forest tucked in around you. It was as the title suggest, hiding away in Nannup.

The picture of the month for August was a simple choice when it came to select a location, the difficulty came from selecting a picture and the choices were plenty. Wherever you gazed your eyes at The Hideaway, there was another beautiful photo waiting to be taken and the task of going through the files of pictures at the end of the trip was a treat.

Nannup is a laidback town that is situated a three hour drive south of Perth, with popular other towns of the South West region in Bunbury and Margaret River only a short drive away. The boutique country town is great for hiking, kayaking the Blackwood River and camping in the outdoors.

Although if it is luxury accommodation you seek, stay at the Nannup Hideaway and breathe in the fresh outdoors. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world and to spend a weekend away for a lover’s retreat.

Staying in Nannup? Check out TripAdvisor for Hotels.


Nannup Hideaway

Nannup Hideaway in Western Australia

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Picture of the Month – Kayaking Ang Thong

Picture of the Month – Kayaking Ang Thong

I had to go back into the archives to find this one, but not so far back into the memory bank, all because kayaking Ang Thong remains one of my greatest memories in my travel experiences to this day.

It is easy to see why too. Clear blue skies, the calm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the breathtaking experience of kayaking between the 42 islands that make up the Angthong National Marine Park.

Situated a short ferry ride from Koh Samui, the lead up to the Marine Park as you edge closer to the beautiful islands sends chill to the bones, because you know you are about to witness something so mesmerising and beautiful, that you can hardly wait to reach this slice of paradise. Not that Koh Samui isn’t paradise enough already.

Once you hit the waters and begin Kayaking Ang Thong, all of a sudden you are hit with a peaceful tranquillity with your significant other and you don’t want the moment to pass. Although I can assure the time will pass by too quick.

It may not provide the greatest adrenalin rush for any thrill seeker out there, but it will be an adventure you will cherish for a long time and that is why Kayaking Ang Thong is this edition of picture of the month.


Kayaking Ang Thong

All smiles when Kayaking Ang Thong.


Caves of Angthong

In the caves of Angthong.



Overview of Angthong National Marine Park.


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Picture of the Month: A Restaurant Tucked Away

Picture of the Month: A Restaurant Tucked Away

A restaurant tucked away in the rice fields.

I love this picture taken at the Alaya Resort. Not far away from the busy streets of Ubud in Bali, the resort’s superb and perfectly located Mansion Restaurant, is conveniently located in the middle of the lush green rice fields.

As the sun sets away for another Bali day, the final sun’s glaze hovers over the majestic rice fields, giving the Manisan it’s glowing appeal. Thankfully the Indonesian cuisine served at the restaurant, matches it’s appeal and lure as the food is simply delicious.

With the main Alaya resort off to the right, when looking at it from the lobby. It is a glorious walk through the rice fields, on top of the board walks, an almost feels spiritual effect. If ever in Ubud, give the Alaya Resort and the fantastic Manisan Restaurant a try. you won’t regret it.

It is a Restaurant Tucked Away in the Rice Fields.

A Restaurant Tucked Away in the Rice Fields

The sun sets over Ubud, Bali.

rice fields

The rice fields are glowing.

Manisan Restaurant

Through the boardwalks to the Manisan Restaurant.

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Picture of the Week: A picture tells a thousand words

Picture of the Week: A picture tells a thousand words

thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words. in this picture taken off my Sony Mirrorless it says it all about Ho Chi Minh City. Minus the millions of motorbikes tearing up the roads and making life dangerous for pedestrians like me who like to get around by foot.

You can see at the front there are old houses that have been left for dead, almost collapsing into the Saigon River. It looks third world indeed. Less said about the river the better, so much potential and so little love, it’s just sad to see it in such a state.

Your eyes then gaze into the background, it looks as if you are staring into another world. Modern high rise buildings, that are flash indeed. Shopping centres that will leave you speechless at how gorgeous they really are. Inside Saigon Plaza is just amazing.

A picture tells a thousand words. It’s the case about this Vietnamese city. In parts, it looks like it’s crumbling and other aspects it looks like a city for millionaires. One thing is for sure, Ho Chi Minh is a city on the rise. And this week, this appropriate shot gets the gong for Fair Dinkum Traveller’s picture of the week.

A sad sight of some houses.

Picture of the Week: Drinks and an Opera House

Picture of the Week: Drinks and an Opera House

Sydney, Australia

Drinks with amazing view of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney is the glamour city of Australia. You only have to visit for a short time to see why. From Darling Harbour, to the roaming ferries. From Cafes to restaurants, and of course the world renown Sydney Harbour Bridge.

But the biggest icon that places Sydney on the map and makes it a tourist haven for travellers all over the world is the Opera House. There is nothing better on a beautiful clear day than sitting back in the bar drinking a beer or a glass of wine as you ponder your eyes over this Australian landmark,

So good in fact, that this week it makes the Fair Dinkum Traveller, picture of the week.

Take a look at TripAdvisor and read more about this Aussie Icon.

Picture of the Week – Father time

Picture of the Week – Father time

Father time

Father time with the boys leads to the Indian Ocean.

Father time with the boys leads to the Indian Ocean on the coast of Western Australia.


Photo of the week takes place at the magnificent Guilderton in Western Australia this week. Named appropriately “Father time.” Life is pretty good when you go on an adventure with your own two boys around this magnificent planet, especially in our home state. Does it get any better? I think not.

In this picture all eyes are on the Indian Ocean with the mouth of Moore River in the background as the hands points the way to the magnificent Western coastline. It truly is something to behold to be amongst such beauty on this amazing planet we like to call earth.