Postcards: Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Postcards: Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Elizabeth Quay is the new exciting hub for city of Perth, Western Australia. It’s where people come together with families or friends, and participate in mini golf, have lunch amongst stylish city views, or take in a stroll along the magnificent Swan River.

It is Elizabeth Quay, it is new and it is the social vibe of the city.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia


Where is it

Elizabeth Quay is in the southern end of Perth CBD and situated along the banks of the Swan River. Parking is insufficient around the Quay but paid parking is available a good kilometre away along Riverside Drive.

If all else fails and you are not in the vicinity of the city, catch a train into the city and get off at Elizabeth Quay train station on the Mandurah and Joondalup lines.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Welcome to The Quay


Eating Out

There are a couple of dining options inside The Quay, well outside the city centre that is. You can dine in style at the Isle of Voyage or The Reverley restaurants. Or you can take the laid-back approach and grab a burger and coffee at the V Burger Bar and watch the ferry’s come in.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

The Isle of Voyage restaurant.


Cruises and Ferries

Elizabeth Quay is the home of the Transperth Ferry terminal, where you can get aboard the ferry and head to South Perth on the other side of the Swan River and check out the attractions available on the south side, the Perth Zoo is always popular.

The Little Ferry Co. terminal is also situated at The Quay.  A boutique ferry shuttle that takes you to stunning river front restaurants at the “On The Point” location and Claisebrook. Once you have done dining out The Little Ferry Co. will be ready to bring you right back again.

The Little Ferry Co.

Elizabeth Quay, the home of The Little Ferry Co.


Kids Fun

The kids aren’t forgotten at The Quay either, with a challenging mini-golf course that will bring kids and parents together or perhaps create a family rivalry. There is also a playground and carousel for the younger ones and if all else fails hire a bike and take a ride along the Swan River.

In summertime the kids can have a real splash at the BHP Biliton Water Park. At various times of the day the fountains spurt out water and the kids or bigger kids get drenched in their everyday clothing. Who doesn’t love running under the sprinklers on a scorching summers day.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Mini golf at the Quay.


Elizabeth Quay is still on the rise

Elizabeth Quay is still on the build with the luxury Carlton- Ritz Hotel and Towers making good process. It is bound to add an even great appeal and to the glamour of The Quay.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

On the rise.



Swan River Walk

It is the finest walk in the city, the Swan River on one side and towering buildings on the other side. On a perfect summer’s day, you will nothing more therapeutic than taking a stroll over the unique Elizabeth Quay Bridge, where you can capture the greatest images with your camera and breathe in the fresh air that you normally can’t get at a major city.

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Stroll over the Elizabeth Quay Bridge.

Elizabeth Quay

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Anthony Jury

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The Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng – Laos

The Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng – Laos

It’s the perfect healing therapy from the unforgiving Laos heat, relaxing in the cool fresh waters of The Blue Lagoon in the stunning Vang Vieng area. It refreshes the body and the mind like no other, cooling off in the shade of the overhanging trees that keeps the water refreshing at all times and quite a chill when you first step in.

The Blue Lagoon caps off most day trips that take place in Vang Vieng, whether it is kayaking the Nam Song River, ziplining in the hills or hiking the fabulous outdoors. After a hard slog during the peak of the heat during the day, The Blue Lagoon is the perfect conclusion before heading back to the town at night for a couple of cold Lao’ beers.

The blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng, Laos


Getting there

As previously mentioned, The Blue Lagoon can be included on any, very affordable, day trips that are on offer in Vang Vieng. Get down to a travel agent, there are plenty in the area, and check out any deals that include or only include The Blue Lagoon. Either that or get your own way there with various taxis, tuc tuc’s or bikes available in the area.
Staying in Vang Vieng? Check out TripAdvisor for hotels.

Blue Lagoon Vang Vieng

Cooling off in the Blue Lagoon.


What to do at The Blue Lagoon

  • Chill in the fresh water: It may come as a horrific fright when you first touch the cold water, but you soon get used to it as you take in the crowds of nationalities around you and marvel in the scenery, then you can sit back and take in the nature around you.
    The Blue Lagoon Laos

    Relax in the cool waters.

  • Splash around: Swinging on the rope and landing in the water, jumping on the tyre, or conquering your fear of heights and jumping off the big branch while making a splash in the water, there is plenty of splash to be had in The Blue Lagoon, whether you’re an adult or a kid in the shallower waters.
    splashing at the Lagoon

    Having a splash.

  • Sunbake in the huts: Had enough of the water in the overcrowded Lagoon and need a little siesta in the Laos sun. Get in quick and grab a hut, roll out the large beach towel and have a little snooze in the afternoon sun, just don’t forget to apply the sunscreen.Heading to Vang Vieng? Check out this guide to the picturesque town.
Vang Vieng

Picturesque Views of Vang Vieng.

Lagoon Vang Vieng

Get ready to jump off a tree.





The Blue Lagoon

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Anthony Jury

Anthony Jury

Your Aussie - Asia Adventure
G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

The Patuxai War Monument in Vientiane, Laos

The Patuxai War Monument in Vientiane, Laos

 They say you haven’t been to Laos if you haven’t visited the Patuxai War Monument in the country’s capital, Vientiane. With good reason too, as this special landmark represents the country so proudly and it stands large and mighty for everyone to see on the famous Vientiane strip, Ave Lane Xang.


Patuxai Monument, Laos

Entering the Patuxai.

Patuxai Monument, Laos

The Patuxai from the down the road.


The meaning behind the Patuxai War Monument

The construction of the monument was completed in 1968 and it took a good ten years to construct. The Monument is dedicated to people of Lao, who struggled their way for independence from the French, who colonised the country from 1893 to 1953. The Patuxai is also know as the Victory Monument and for obvious reasons too.

Patuxai Monument, Laos

Great structures of the Patuxai.


The Happenings in, around and on top of the Patuxai

There is a lot happening around the Patuxai War Monument during the day. First, there is Patuxai park, which great to stroll around the gardens, with the magnificent Monument standing large in its grand structure in the background. There is often plenty of entertainment and ceremonies happening within the park grounds on any given day and particularly important public holidays.

Patuxai War Monument

The view from the top over the Patuxai Park.


Inside the walls of the Patuxai itself, there are plenty of market places as you elevate and struggle your way to the top with many steps to confront. Each separate floor has market stalls that sells a variety Laos souvenirs and a very reasonable price, so purchase an item without fear of being ripped off. Also take in some great artwork with in the walls of the Monument.

Patuxai, Vientiane

Great artwork inside the Patuxai.

Once you make your way to the top and I can’t stress strongly enough about going on a clear day, you get a brilliant 360-view of the Vientiane city. It is a breathtaking scenery as you stand on top of this precious landmark and marvel on all things around you. The best bit is, Vientiane doesn’t have many sky rise buildings to block your gorgeous view.

Patuxai War Monument

Structures on top of the Patuxai.

Vientiane, Laos

A view of Vientiane, Laos.

All smiles at the Patuxai Monument in Laos.

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Anthony Jury

Anthony Jury

Your Aussie - Asia Adventure
G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

Visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali

Visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali

You could spend an hour at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali and you would see more action than spending a whole day at the zoo. It all happens in Ubud, with our little money friends, as they run around in a frenzy and seemingly having a good old time in the semi-enclosed confines of the Monkey Forest.

I say a whole hour as it is about all you need to spend in the Money Forest to get the most out of the wonderful confides of this sacred little forest. But it’s not only a forest, it also comes with beautiful temples, a few market places and of course those active monkeys that are scurrying around the place. It is a bustling little attraction that is worth a visit when in the town of Ubud.

The best part about the Monkey Forest, is that it is dirt cheap. For around five dollars you can wander the sanctuary at your own pace, take pictures and videos of those active monkey’s, who will put on a show, and even get in on the feeding frenzy, but more on that later.

Monkey Forest

Relaxing high in the trees in the Monkey Forest.


Watch your back and belongings

These quick witted little friends move around at serious pace. Swinging from branch to branch or along the ground, their movements are quick. One moment they are staring at you with curiosity, then next they are on your back, trying to get into your backpack or taking your sunglasses of your head and making a run for it.

king monkey

Watch out for the King of the forest. All good if you feed him.


These monkeys have teeth, sharp teeth

Be aware when these monkeys do jump on your back. They have teeth, sharp teeth. The best practice is to let the monkey do what they do and before too long, they will jump off and leave you alone.

I was lucky, in the shock of a monkey jumping on my back the first time, I tried to nudge it off with my hand, not knowing what to do. I tried to gently force it off me, before realising this monkey tried to have a swipe at me with its teeth. Luckily, I moved my hand in time. I have though heard bad luck stories involving monkey biting incidents, so tread carefully. It is important to know that these monkeys are not fierce creatures, but they too get protective.

Sacred Money Forest

These monkeys have some sharp teeth.


Buy a bunch of bananas

Inside the Monkey Forest, there are stalls that sell old bananas. Buy a bunch for around fifty-cents and in an instant moment you will be surrounded by a bunch of new friends desperate for a banana or two. Quick tip, if the big one is close by, you’ll recognise him, give it to him first without hesitation, he is the king and he demands it.

Another fascination in the Monkey Forest is the feeding time itself. One moment you are walking in the grounds of the forest, the next you see a whole army of monkeys descending to a central location for feed time. It is quite a sight to see so many monkeys up close in large numbers waiting for a feast.

a monkey feast.

They all descend for a feast


The action can happen outside the enclosure

You don’t want to pay the small entrance fee? Remember the Monkey Forest is only semi-enclosed which means the monkeys do escape and wander the streets. Therefore, you can hang around the boundaries of the enclosure and let the monkeys come to you.

There are not too many places in the world where you can walk the streets and see monkeys crossing the road like a casual pedestrian. It can happen in Ubud, well close by to the park anyway and that is what makes it so unique and for that matter so is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Heading to Ubud, Bali, Check out TripAdvisor for hotels in the area.

Monkey Forest

Outside the grounds of the forest.

Monkey forest temple

Temple with in the forest.

The Stunning Prevelly Beach in Marageret River

The Stunning Prevelly Beach in Marageret River

Prevelly Beach, a famous beach in Western Australia’s Margaret River. It is where tourist come from all over the world and not only for it’s stunning picturesque views and a surf at the beach. As it stands Prevelly Beach is one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world.

Known mainly for the name Margaret River, a lovely town centre only ten-minutes from Prevelly. There is plenty to do in a day at the beach on a hot summers day. Beautiful sandy walks, beach fishing, surfing, improve your photography (because this place can’t hurt it), play in the sand and have a swim of course. Probably  the best bit is enjoying a glass of red bought from a local winery while cooking an Aussie BBQ.

Prevelly Beach, Western Australia

Prevelly Beach in Western Australia, where surfers gather all over the world to catch a wave or two.

Margaret River Pro

Just how famous is it. Each year, Prevelly beach host the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. Where all the top surfers from both men and women gather from all over the world to show off their world class abilities. That’s right, even Kelly Slater has even surfed these waters.

Margaret River

Well known naturally for its surfing, but also its wineries, chocolates, cheeses, natural Australian bushland, with its amazing wildflowers and just plain friendly town folk. Margaret River is a place to be for all seasons.

Margaret River, a town for all seasons.

Margaret River, a town for all seasons.


Where to stay in this gorgeous South West town, your choices are plenty. Whether you are looking for luxury or pitching a ent under the stars. You will find the accommodation you are looking for. But be aware in Summer, accommodation books out quick, so get in early. To find a suitable place to stay, click on Accor hotels for great deals.

So hop to it. It’s Prevelly Beach, It’s Margaret River, It is the great state of Western Australia. Come for a day at the beach or come for a holiday. There is one guarantee you’ll have a great time.



The Amazing Angthong Marine National Park

The Amazing Angthong Marine National Park

In your travels, you often come across beauty so wonderful you can not put into words. Such beauty that makes you grateful to be alive in such a sometimes harsh but extraordinary and amazing world. The amazing Angthong National Marine Park off the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, fits the category perfectly as you explore a little heaven on earth.

Angthong Marine National Park

Angthong is 42 picturesque islands grouped together in the gulf of Thailand, the scenery is breathtaking, the nature and the surrounds mesmerising and the experience simply unforgettable as you cruise, hike, kayak and fall in love with the Angthong Marine National Park.

Getting There

Cruising to Angthong

Cruising to Angthong

From the Island of Koh Samui there are many tours available, whether it is slow cruises, speed boats, group tours or private tours and all at an affordable price.

I travelled with Samui Island Tours on the long boat. A slow cruise and one of the cheapest going around at about $70 for the day. The tour included full day of sightseeing, a tough hike, kayaking, snorkelling and a feed at lunchtime.

Amazing Angthong

Cave Kayaking

When To Travel


Tours are available all year but try not ruin the experience by going on a wet or cloudy day. The amazing views won’t be the same. Plan for the trip as close to the day as possible, check the weather and book your tour for a sunny day. You won’t regret it and tours are not normally sold out if you allow a few days before your planned trip.

What to do

Kayaking Angthong

Kayaking Angthong

  • Hike They are not long hikes but some are still demanding especially when you climb to the peak of the Wua Ta-Lab Island. It starts off easy but the steeper it gets, the tougher it gets on your footing. Not for the feint hearted.
  • Kayaking  The best Kayak in the world, or at least what I have seen anyway. Sitting on your kayak in the Gulf of Thailand amongst beautiful islands and going from one to the other and finishing on the beautiful white beaches. Simply stunning.
  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Depending on the tour scuba diving could be an option but all tours offer snorkelling. Now its not extreme snorkelling but having a look at the coral below the waters with the small fishing dodging and weaving as you swim.
Hiking Angthog

Hiking Angthog

Get to amazing Angthong yourself and see for yourself why it is truly one of the world’s most beautiful Marine National Parks to visit.

Visiting Koh Samui, check out these great accommodations on TripAdvisor.

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