A Guide to Picturesque Vang Vieng – Laos

A Guide to Picturesque Vang Vieng – Laos

The picturesque Vang Vieng and its stunning surrounds is the first thing that will captivate you as you drive into this Popular tourist town in the country of Laos. The bubbly townships, the epic mountains that are visible throughout the town and the flowing rivers are what make Vang Vieng the perfect adventure for those who love the outdoor life.

Vang Vieng

Nam Song River, Vang Vieng.

Where is it

Vang Vieng is situated in the Vientiane Province, a good three hours north of the Laos Capital, also known as Vientiane. Although it is only about a hundred kilometres from the capital, poor and bendy roads make the trek that little bit longer.

Vang Vieng

Enter the streets of Vang Vieng.


Where to stay

Affordable accommodation can be found throughout Vang Vieng, whether it is crowded hostel for next to nothing or a cheap hotel for around $25 a night, whatever it is you seek you will find suitable accommodation to suit any budget.

I strongly recommend the Laos Haven Hotel and Spa, nice hotel that cost around 30 bucks a night, it comes with tidy private room, air conditioning, television and a bathroom. The hotel also comes with a boutique swimming pool which comes in handy when keeping cool in the Laos heat.

Laos haven Hotel

The swimming pool of Laos Haven.


Eating and drinking in Vang Vieng

You will not go hungry or thirsty in Vang Vieng with several great bars and restaurants to drink or dine in and at all a great price. Whether it is a meal at one of the many restaurants by the river with epic views or any basic restaurant along the busy streets, you will find great local and international meal to suit any taste bud.

If dancing, drinking and mingling with other party goers is your forte, then you will love the Sakura Bar. It is full on entertainment with crazy music, beer ping pong and cocktails to keep those bodies shaking for a great night out. Also, the staff love to hand out plenty of complimentary drinks to keep the party going. Perhaps the free drinks is to compliment the higher price it cost for an alcohol Beveridge, but heck, it all evens out in the end.

Sakura Bar

Get the party started at Sakura Bar.

The Riverhill Vang Vieng

The Riverhill Restaurant in Vang Vieng


Things to do in Picturesque Vang Vieng

Picturesque Vang Vieng is a must for any traveller who loves the great outdoors, with the stunning mountains and the beautiful Nam Song River well utilised on the many day trips that are available in area. At a very affordable price you will be able to create many adventures.

Here is a list of activities to do in Vang Vieng.

  • Kayaking the Nam Song River – Stunning views, but rapid waters give you a kayaking experience to remember. At one stage, you are admiring the views the next you are paddling furiously through the shallow water and trying to remain upright on the kayak.
    Picturesque Vang Vieng

    Kayaking the Nam Song River in Picturesque Vang Vieng.

  • Hot air Balloon – Witness picturesque Vang Vieng with a glorious bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. Don’t forget your camera as memories are bound to be made and captured while navigating the friendly skies.
  • Get an Adrenalin rush with Zip-lining – Get ready for a rush at high speeds with a zip-lining thrill adventure that will get the blood pumping and maybe for a few of you, the lungs screaming. Throughout any nerves that may come your way while participating in the zip-lining, don’t forget to pause for a moment and admire the amazing views around you.

    Zip-line and witness some thrills and glorious scenery.

  • Adventures in a dark water cave – I hope you are not afraid of the dark as you embark on an adventure that Indiana Jones would be proud of. Swim in cold water, slide down muddy slides and crawl in dark caves as you conquer the caves with a headlight as your only companion. Beware of spiders, they are everywhere in the caves.
    Vang Vieng

    Have an adventure in the caves.


  • The Magic of Blue Lagoon – You will fall in love with The Blue Lagoon upon arrival, even if the large crowds may make it a little disparaging. Clean fresh water, welcome shade from the heat and to chill and relax in the refreshing water, make the Blue lagoon a perfect pit-stop when you need a break from other strenuous activities in the surrounding the township.
    Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng

    Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng

9 Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul, South Korea

9 Reasons You Need to Visit Seoul, South Korea

Sitting at an airport and getting ready for my next adventure. It had me thinking of my last trip to Seoul, South Korea and how much I craved to get back their real soon. To be honest I have already visited the city on three separate occasions but I still yearn for more Korean. It was that good.

Thinking of Seoul had me jotting down what makes that country so special and why it would appeal to so many other travellers (try and forget about the bullshit in the north). Hence, I turned  my reminiscing into a blog post while waiting in transit.

 All in all, I came up with 9 reason why you need to visit Seoul, South Korea. I am sure I could find more reasons too.
Seoul, South Korea

The Culture

As with any Asian country, the culture is what makes the destination. South Korea is no exception as it is rich and proud of its strong heritage. From their manners, food, family values, history and their traditional dress (hambok), South Korea is full of culture and strong ethics.

The people

In an everyday life, South Koreans are busy folk and always move with an urgency. It comes with city of Seoul. On the streets, you look out for yourself, doors won’t be held open for you if you are standing two feet behind another person and on those crazy train rides, you need to push and shove to get anywhere or you may miss out.

 Don’t take it personally, it just comes with the hustle and bustle of a busy city. The Korean are astonishing people and very respectful. They show manners to their elders with respectful words and politeness in everyday life.
The city

The modern city will knock you for six. From the gorgeous sky rises to the stunning landscapes that are well designed within the CBD, the valley is an example of that.. There is honestly no boring bits in the city, with their walking streets, side alleys with fascinating hidden restaurants that really are a treat. Seoul, South Korea is a city that truly never sleeps.


Seoul, South Korea


Seoul maybe modern, but it does not forget about its proud tradition and astonishing history. There are many major temples in Seoul that are grand in design and the landscsped gardens are stunning. A day is not wasted when you spend only a few bucks to stroll the grand temples that is saturated in hundreds of year of fascinating yet sad history. Make sure you visit one of the major temples, or all of them, during   your stay in Seoul.

Lush landscapes within a city

As mentioned previously, the landscapes and gardens within and around the city are beautiful. How a big city like Seoul, with millions of population, can get it so right and quite mesmerising and a Credit to whoever is responsible for the glorious layout. No matter the seasons, Seoul is always looking fabulous.

Hangang Park

Hangang Park in Seoul us stunning by the river.


Asian food of any variety normally rocks and  of course,Korean food is no exception. Try their sizzling Korean barbiques, bulgogi (marinated beef), or a fulfilling rice noodle soup and that is only scratchingcat the surfacr. You will find a great range of delicious foods to eat in Korea. For more information t ake a look at my top 5 foods to eat in Korea for further advice. 

Family fun is assured in Seoul and the surrounding areas with the large number of attractions that would delight any traveller to the East Asian country. Everland, just a little out of Seoul, matches it with any theme park in the world with its thrilling rides, entertaining shows and the Safari Park is a real hit. In the city itself there is the indoor theme park, Lotte world that needs to visited, along with numerous other parklands and attractions. 

If you are an acid sports fan like me then  South Korea has you well and truly covered. Soccer, baseball and Taekwondo are the big three amongst a large range of sports to be entertained with in Seoul. To attend a professional al sporting event is full on value for their dollar as fan interaction is taken to another level.


If you love to ski or snow board the slopes, South Korea are full of mountain ranges with plenty of thick snow to go with it. Generally starting  in December and running through to April, the ski fields are alive and buzzing, and the best bit some of the famous slopes are only a couple of hours from Seoul. I highly recommend  Deogyusan National Park in Muju for an epic winter thrill.

Seoul, South Korea

Snow time in South Korea is gorgeous.

The Four Islands Mekong Day Tour – Vietnam

The Four Islands Mekong Day Tour – Vietnam

When time is not on your side to take a lengthy trip down to the Mekong Delta and the famous floating Markets. Four Island Mekong Tour is the next best option, it is a great day out and within close vicinity to Ho Chi Minh City.

In a single day, you can cruise the mighty Mekong River, marvel at the four Islands (although you don’t stop at them all) and divulge in some Vietnamese Food. It’s a hectic trip done in around 10 hours and one that must be considered for all travellers who venture into Southern Vietnam.

Four Islands Mekong, Vietnam.

Get ready for an action packed Four Islands Mekong Tour.


Booking a tour

Booking a tour to the Four Islands Mekong can be found in most travel agencies on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, especially the row of agencies near the Ben Thanh Market. For an affordable price you can have a fulfilled tour with lunch included.

Four Islands Mekong

Exploring the Four Islands Mekong with the family.


The Guide

The guide almost makes the trip, that is not an understatement. Great English, good sense of humour and very informative about the Mekong River and the 4-islands. Of course, which guide you get depends on which group you end up with on any given day. But I hear most go that extra effort to entertain their guest.

The guide of Four Islands Mekong

The guide is a hoot.



The Tour Rest Stop

After an hour on the manic bus drive, you stop for a rest at the Tour Rest Stop, specifically created for tour goers. A gorgeous area, with tropical style café’s and a lush garden with a fantastic water feature. You will want to get your camera out at this stop as there are pictures to be taken.

Tour Rest Stop, Vietnam

The Tour Rest Stop.


Tour Rest Stop, Vietnam.

The Cafe at Tour Rest Stop.



Ving Trang Pagoda Buddhist Temple

Another day, another large Budai. The Ving Trang Pagoda is one of many great Buddhist Temples that can be seen in Vietnam, or Southeast Asia for that matter. The Ving Trang Pagoda is no exception, with the State of Budai the main attraction amongst other popular statures.

Ving Trang Buddhist temple is on the Southern side of Ho Chi Minh City and is seen of the tour before reaching the boats. Take some pictures and marvel and the fine structures that Vietnam do so well, you can also do a little shopping at the nearby markets.

Ving Trang Pagoda

State of Budai at Ving Trang Pagoda, Vietnam.


Ving Trang Pagoda

Ving Trang Pagoda



Cruising the Mekong River

Cruising the Mighty Mekong River, that begins in the Himalayas and makes its way through Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, before finishing in Vietnam, is an experience just to be in its vicinity of the famous river in Southeast Asia.

The crocodile filled section of the river around the Four Islands Mekong may not have the most gorgeous scenery, the mucky waters and the commercial boats can be a little off putting. Look past it and admire the Mekong for what it is. Just don’t jump in.

Mekong River, Vietnam

Cruising the Mekong River.


Mekong River, Vietnam

Not the cleanest part of the river as you can see by the banks.



Coconut Candy

Check out the locals make their coconut candy without the luxuries of a factory is quite fascinating. From shredding the coconut into powder, to the mixing and the packaging. It is a detailed process with mainly female workers involved and they work quick and get the job done.

On the coconut candy itself, it’s okay, but they are cheap and why not reward those hard-working girls by purchasing a pack or six. They could make great gifts for any relative back home who love their candy.

Making candy, Vietnam.

Busy at work making candy on Unicorn Island.


Unicorn Island

Unicorn Island is where most of the tour activities take place. From making and trying their honey tea, to pictures with a python and the unfortunate horse and carriage ride (you don’t have to ride), the activities begin to add up in quick time.

A highlight of the day is local villagers taking the group on a canoe ride through the canals, which is surrounded by many palm trees and local housing, creating a welcome shade from the heat.

The canoe ride, while more than enjoyable, can get a little annoying when the villagers start spending more time begging for a tip, than letting their guest enjoy the experience.

Unicor Island, Vietnam

Canoe the canals on Unicorn Island, Vietnam.


The snake handler

The snake handler.


Food of the Tour

A basic lunch is served to the group on Tortoise Island. On this day, the group had marinated pork with rice and vegetables. You can purchase extra food and drinks at your own expense.

After lunch, you get a good hour to wander Tortoise Island, where resting crocodiles can be seen caged in large numbers, a few market places that sell local souvenirs and the best part is the hammocks, which gets a good workout with a few of the group getting a bit of a shut eye after a feed.

Toroise Island on the Mekong

Tortoise Island on the Mekong River.

Four Islands Mekong

Resting on the hammocks at Four Islands Mekong.


Fruit tour and a Vietnamese concert

A bit of fruit with some tea was the last on the list in the Four Islands Mekong tour. You are treated to a marvellous performance of Vietnamese music by the locals, the show runs for about fifteen minutes and has a variety of artist performing.

The enjoyable performance, contains a few basic instruments, their amazing soothing voices and beautiful women dressed in their traditional dress. It is a fantastic cultural experience to end a day, before heading back home.

Need accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City? Check out TripAdvisor.



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Attractions in Perth that are Free to Enter

Attractions in Perth that are Free to Enter

Perth is a beautiful part of the world comes with stunning beaches, gorgeous rivers, beautiful green parks and a bustling city that matches it within any other city within Australia or the world for that matter. Perth in Western Australia, is fast becoming tourist choice for travellers to the country and it is easy to see why with the amount of attractions that are on offer.

However, not everything in this city needs to come at a cost, there are places within the city region that are very affordable. In fact, many great attractions in Perth are free to enter, that’s right absolutely nothing. Of course, activities within the attraction may come at a cost, however, you can always ignore that and visit the attraction for what it truly is. A stunning location.

free to enter

great places that are free to enter in Perth, Western Australia.


Attractions in Perth that are free to enter


King Park and Botanical Gardens

Right on the city’s edge, Kings Park comes with mesmerising views of the gorgeous Swan and Canning River and the Perth CBD itself. Free to enter and with free parking, bring a picnic lunch and explore the gardens, the bush and take a hike amongst the many trails that comes with Kings Park.

Marvel at the botanical garden, remember those who have fallen at the War Memorial, explore the Australian Bushland native trails and rise high on the Lottery West Federation Walkway, just don’t look down. If you do have a few dollars to spare, you can grab a coffee or a feed at the many café’s available in Kings Park.

free to enter Kings Park

Perth, Western Australia from Kings Park.

Kings Park

At one with nature so close to a city.


Elizabeth Quay

New to Perth, Elizabeth Quay is on the edge of the city that you can almost touch it. While gorgeous views of the stunning skyrises will take your attention, you won’t help but be side tracked by Swan River and the fascinating Elizabeth Quay Bridge on the opposite side of the city.

It is fun to walk and gaze at this grand feature that has risen Perth to a whole new level when it comes to tourism in the state. On a scorching hot day, the kids can get drenched at the BHP Biliton Water Park that is free to use.

Naturally there is things at the Quay that do come a at a cost, restaurants, cafes, mini golf and ferry rides on the Swan River. Don’t let that stop you however, because Elizabeth Quay must be on your list when visiting Perth and then you can go shopping in the CBD afterwards.

Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia.

City of Perth

City of Perth, so close you can touch it.


Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour is one of the most picturesque place you can find in Perth. A little north of the city, the Boat Harbour, while free to enter, can be a little costly on the inside. Don’t let it be a deterrent, because strolling around Hillarys is as good as an activity within the harbour, with its beaches, luxury yachts and the Mighty Indian Ocean all there for show, it is a leisurely walk the whole family can enjoy. On a hot day, the kids can also jump off the pier and have a swim in the harbour.

If you do have money to spend, you’re in tourism heaven. On offer, there are great retail outlets, cafés and restaurants all available to spend your hard-earned dough. The kids can also have a splash at the Great Escape theme park, that is full of spine-tingling water slides and other fun, kid friendly attractions.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Hillarys boat harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour and the Yachts and Town houses.


Whiteman Park

Spread out amongst 4000 hectares of Australian Nature, Whiteman Park is a very popular day for families in Perth. Only a fifteen-minute drive on the city, a day out is not near enough in Whiteman Park that is surrounded with open parklands, a typical Australian bush and kilometres worth of trails in length to either ride your push bike or enjoy an easy-going walk.

Free to enter, but of course there are attractions that do cost, but only if you wish. Because you could easily spend a day at Whiteman Park and not spend a cent, especially if chilling on the grass with a picnic bag is your kind of deal. Other attractions within the park include The Caversham Wildlife Park, The Village, Museums and tram rides to name only a few.

Staying in Perth? Check out TripAdvisor For Accommodation

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Explore Whiteman park in Perth, Western Australia

Explore Whiteman park in Perth, Western Australia

Nothing says Australia more than Whiteman Park.

Explore the spacious parklands with the surrounding gumtrees and the native Australian plants, not to mention the loveable wildlife and you’ll know in an instant that this park represents Australia to perfection.

The kids will run and play, as the Parents sit back on the rug and relax within the nature around them. It’s happy times at Whiteman Park, the perfect place to take the family as you enjoy the great outdoors discovering the iconic park in Western Australia.

Whitman Park

Family fun is alive at Whiteman Park.



Where is Whiteman Park?

It will be hard to believe that Whiteman Park and its 4000 hectares of Australian bushland is only 15 minutes north of the Perth CBD, in the Caversham area. It’s next door to the famous Swan Valley wine region which is a treat in its own Right. Take the road down Reid Highway and follow the signs, you won’t miss it.


An Heritage tram.


The Village of Whiteman Park

The Village is a popular hangout that features heritage wooden buildings. Take a walk down the main village area, with the trams tracks down the middle and gaze at the different souvenir store and take a peek at the Print Shop, Handcraft Centre and Lolly Shop for those who have a craving for the sweet tooth.

If you didn’t bring your own bike to ride around the park, there is always pedal play. Here you can hire the traditional two wheel bikes or enjoy family fun on the four seater pedal carts. It is full on adventure as you explore on wheels.

Get all the facts you need at the information centre, not only about Whiteman Park but also grab a brochure about various destinations within state of Western Australia. When done with the rest of the village, it’s time to rest the feet, stop in at the Village Café for a delicious cappuccino or a bite to eat.

The Village

The Lolly Shop in The Village.


The Village Whiteman Park

The Village



Take a picnic on Parklands

There is plenty of open parklands to lay out a rug, get out the picnic basket and munch on a few snacks with a cold beer in hand or a bottle wine bought at the nearby Swan Valley Region. Life could not be better as you sit back on a fold out chair and watch the little ones having a ball in the great outdoors. As every kid should be in their youth.

Whiteman Park

The open areas of Whiteman Park.



Explore on the open trails

Hiking through paths of this great park is the highlight of the day. It’s a leisurely stroll through easy going tracks that take you to all corners of Whiteman Pak. Discover different areas of the park as you pass the Mussel Pool, through the dog park, where the happy K9’s are in their own little doggy heaven, before wandering past the popular cricket pitch, where there is further open space to throw the ball around and roll out the rug.

Start at The Village and take your time exploring the different facets of Whiteman Park. Spot the various wildlife that are hidden amongst the bush and visit the Children’s Forest on your way around track, here the young ones can learn about the Australian Forest with their own kid friendly adventures.

hiking whiteman Park

Take a hike in the Park.


The Heritage Museums

Heritage means a lot at Whiteman Park and it is on show wherever you gaze your eyes. From the Motor Museum and tractor Museum (separate locations) full of olden day vehicles and machinery that will get any rev head excited. Then take a ride on the Vintage Trains and Trams, where you can have a joy ride within the park at an affordable price.

Motor Museum

The Motor Museum.



Tractor Museum

Tractor Museum.


Caversham Wildlife Park

Located close to The Village, The Caversham Wildlife Park is a must visit for any visitor to the park, especially for those who are eager to get up-close and personal to some famous Australian animals. Feed the Kangaroos, watch the hilarious farm show and cuddle everyone’s favourite, the Koalas. It’s a few hours of education at the Wildlife Park, discovering a large range of Australian Wildlife and reptiles.

Easter Getaway

The Kangaroos of Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park.


Lama at Caversham

What are you looking at? Says the Lama.


It is the park that keeps on giving and it is fair to say that a whole day may just not be enough. Not with The Wildlife Park, museums, The Village and stunning walking tracks that will leave you mesmerised as you have a fun adventure exploring Whiteman Park. Remember while attractions within the park may cost, but it is free to enter and explore.

Visiting Perth, check out these hotels at TripAdvisor.


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Beach or Rice Fields – 4 Great Places to stay in Bali

Beach or Rice Fields – 4 Great Places to stay in Bali

Bali – a holiday destination so unbelievable that choosing an ideal location, while fun can also be a little stressful. Questions fly through your head, is that resort right for me? Is the dining ideal? What is the customer service like? Or is the resort in an ideal location?

So many questions and so many reviews to look at. Some people give rave reviews, others such negative reviews and on the very same resort. That wonderful app of TripAdvisor where everyone’s point of view is different. There is no right and wrong answer, it is just the way people think. Opinions differentiate.

Talking about point of views, how about I throw in my two cents. I have been fortunate enough to stay in some magnificent resorts/villas throughout various countries, including Bali. And whether it is on the beach or in the beautiful rice fields, these four resorts or villas will make your Bali stay that much more enjoyable.

Sakala Resort

The Sakala Resort’s large swimming area.


The Sakala Resort

  • Where is it: In the Tanjung Benoa area of Bali and on the doorstep of Nusa Dua. The Sakala Resort is in a quieter part of Bali, that is famous for its adventure on Beach. The resort is only about twenty minutes from the Airport.
  • The features: The stunning Sakala Resort contains large rooms, fabulous dinning and swimming pools that are surrounded in tropical gardens with great pool bars to sip down a few cocktails in the Bali sun. The Wellness Spa is also incredible experience that needs your time. Relax, be pampered, and enjoy an incredible massage in gorgeous rooms. The Sakala is your 5-star resort and is worth the dollars you will spend during your stay.
  • Dining Experience: Two amazing restaurants that will have you licking your plate clean. One on the resort side where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served, with delicious local and International cuisines.
    Then cross the road for a different dining experience altogether. The Sakala Restaurant not only has a fine-dining area, but a sparkling swimming pool, with deck chairs to enjoy the views of the nearby beach.
Sakala Resort

Sakala Resort.

Sakala Resort

Fun in the sun at the Sakala Restaurant.


Alaya Resort Ubud

  • Where is it: Alaya Resort is smack bag in the middle of Ubud with plenty of action all around you ad only 200 metres from the Sacred Monkey Forest. The Alaya Resort is a good hour from the airport.
  • The features: Great dining, spacious rooms and the Dala Spas are the main treats at the breathtaking Alaya Resort. Not to forget the boutique swimming pools that is surrounded by gorgeous landscaped gardens and rice fields. It makes it easy to unwind and take in the nature that you are surrounded in.


  • Dining Experience: You will love the Alaya Resort dining experience with their pick of two tantalising restaurants. The Petani and Manisan. The Petani, is situated at the front of the resort and off the streets of Ubud, near the lobby. It has a lively vibe about it with some live entertainment during the evening and a menu that will have you spoilt for choices.
    Then there is the Manisan. Tucked away in the middle of the lush rice fields, with the fabulous resort in full view.  Serving divine Indonesian food, it is a great dining experience and even better with your loved one opposite to you.

Alaya Resort.

Alaya Resort

Take the path to the Manisan Restaurant.


Ellora Villas

  • Where is it: Ellora Villas is situated in Sanur and close by to beautiful beaches. There is shopping, restaurants, and massage parlours all nearby. It is about 20 minutes from the airport or the popular Kuta area.
  • The features: The feature is own your very own villa with a private pool. Great for families, with the two bedroom villas and even single room villas for those who require a little less space. You will have a perfect time at Ellora Villas with its large rooms, bathrooms and even a private kitchen area by the pool.
  • Dining Experience: The Beach Café and Club is a small walk from the Villas and serves fine meals. The treat though is at breakfast time when you get your own personal chef to cook you up some excellent foods, such as waffles, eggs of your choice and pancakes to name a few. It is a five-star experience each and every day at Ellora.

Ellora Villas, Sanur.

Fun in the pool


Alaya Jembawan

  • Where is it: Alaya Jembawan is tucked away in Ubud. A short drive from its sister resort, Alaya. While hidden away from the busy Ubud streets, you will still find many activities and boutique market stalls to find on the streets nearby.
  • The features: It is a Wellness retreat for those looking for ultimate hideaway With only 38-rooms, you won’t get the large crowds that you get with some resorts. But you will get some rejuvenation for your body with the Dala Spa and daily yoga classes. Of course, there is the blissful swimming pools to occupy your time, be it in the water or sunbaking on the deck chairs.
  • Dining Experience: Healthy eating only at Alaya Jembawan, in the laid-back Herb Library Restaurant. Mainly a vegan menu but it does have its selected choices of white meat. At the end of the day, the food is all good for and their juices, incredible.
Alaya Jembawan

Alaya Jembawan

Alaya Jembawan

The Duluxe Rooms.



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