10 Reasons Why Bali is a Tourist Hotspot

10 Reasons Why Bali is a Tourist Hotspot

10 Reasons Why Bali is a Tourist Hotspot

 When travellers think of paradise, Bali comes to mind straight away. It is the popular tourist hotspot that understands traveller’s desires and needs when searching for a  luxury experience. No destination in the world is perfect, Bali included, but this popular tourist hotspot get tourist from far and wide, which suggest they get it right when it comes to tourism.

When travellers seek to choose a destination that offers luxury, sun and cocktails by the pool, the popular exotic Island of Indonesia is on top of the list. Whatever the occasion, a lovers retreat or a family getaway, Bali is perfectly set up for tourist and it hardly ever disappoints in its pursuit to deliver top level hospitality and in doing so, travellers return year after year.  

Bali tourist hotspot

Bali, the tourist hotspot.


10 Reasons why Bali is a tourist hotspot 

1.        Travellers Love Bali – The stats say it all, travellers love Bali and when you love something you come back for more, as often as you possibly can. It’s like dining at a wonderful restaurant with delicious cuisines, you don’t go once, you keep going back for more and that is exactly how other traveller’s feel.

Tanjung Benoa Bali

It’s easy to see why I love Bali.


  2.       The People Rock – Do you ever get out and meet the locals, it is great to learn about the locals values, beliefs and family history. The Balinese locals are no different, they are pleasant folk to have a chat with, so next time you are in Bali, don’t forget to say “hi.”

Meet the locals

Meet great locals


  3.       So does the Culture – Like most Asian countries, the culture is obvious from the time you hit the streets. From their beliefs in family values and religion, to the laws of the country, Bali or Indonesia, have their own unique culture that needs to be admired and respected by all visitors. I know it is one thing that I certainly respect about Indonesia and their people.

Balinese dancers

Marvel at the culture and the Balinese dancers.


  4.       Great Restaurants with cheap food – The key is to choose the right restaurant and not those dodgy ones that will have you sitting on the toilet. The good news is that there are plenty of quality, affordable restaurants where it is easy on your stomach, you just need do your research using TripAdvisor reviews, or find the restaurants where other foreigners are dining, It means it will have  a decent reputation.


The Manisan Restaurant is one of Bali’s finest at Alaya Resort, Ubud.


  5.       Luxury Resorts that are affordable –  Staying in affordable quality resorts, with sparkling swimming pools and sun deck chairs is the dream for most travellers. In Bali, you are spoilt for choices in many ways, whether it is or resorts you are bound to find the perfect accommodation that suites your needs.

Sakala Resort

Lose your self at the Sakala Resort in Tanjung Benoa.


  6.       Fun in the sun – Shorts or singlets for the men, bikini for the women, it is fun in the sun when you make your way to Bali. Beaches, bars and plenty of swimming pools, whatever paradise it is you seek, you can bet your bottom dollar that Bali has it in droves.

Bali Beach

Weather is hot, so head to the beach.


  7.       Cocktails and Beers – Fun in the sun means the drinks come out quite early in the day than anticipated. Whether it is sunbaking at the resort while the bartenders deliver your cocktail, or sitting at pool-bar for countless hours and taking cover from the heat with a Bintang or two, you will plenty of opportunities to refresh your thirst.

Cocktails in Ubud

Ease your thirst with a cocktail.


  8.       Relax with a massage – Don’t let stereotype fool, in Bali, you will find plenty of professional, clean and relaxing massage parlours where you can shut your eyes and be pampered in style. For a ridiculous low price, you can have a professional massage that will soothe the body and the mind.


Relax with a soothing massage.


  9.       Shop till you drop – Absolutely, in some parts of Bali, you will get harassed, in a nice way, to buy some useless item that is certainly not needed, they mean well and it is all harmless. Bargains are bound to be found when wandering the streets, with plenty of souvenirs, jewellery, hats and singlets available in most market stalls. If you want to escape, head to some of the fine shopping malls, a little more expensive, but it is shopping with freedom.

Bali markets

Take in the excitement of the Bali Markets.


  10.   It’s Paradise – Quite simple really, Bali is paradise, sure there are some shady places, but no destination is without its fault. Bali is designed for travellers and on most occasions, they get it right. Well, it’s hard to get it wrong when the weather is perfect all year round.

Alaya Resort Ubud

Paradise by the palms.


There you have it, 10 reasons why Bali is a tourist hotspot. I am sure there are plenty more reasons to give, but for now I’ll leave you with the ten.  Remember, if paradise in the sun, luxury resorts, cheap food and drinks and great people you seek on any adventure, Bali is waiting for you with open arms.

Heading to Bali? Check out TripAdvisor for hotels and Resorts.



See the best of this paradise island on your next visit.

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Anthony Jury

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Why you Should Consider Volunteering Abroad

Why you Should Consider Volunteering Abroad

Why You Should Consider Volunteering Abroad


The affordable options when it comes to travelling is to book a flight, grab the backpack and explore the country or countries of your choice, with freedom of going where you want at your own leisure. Volunteering abroad often crosses the mind of most keen travellers who want to do something rewarding in life and in doing show volunteering is usually added on to most independent bucket lists.

It’s when the research begins. You scroll down the countries on offer at the programs, normally selecting those destinations that are quite unique, you look at the volunteering duties such as teaching English, animal care or construction, to name a few and the excitement levels begin to rise, that’s when you look at the cost and all of a sudden volunteering doesn’t quite look worth it. The concept remains appealing but the cost is quite hefty and that is when you begin to re-evaluate that bucket list.

No one says you need to volunteer your services tomorrow, next month, next year or even five years from now, but there is no need to scratch it from the list altogether. If volunteering is an inch you someday need to scratch, then keep it in the back of your thoughts, finances change, situations change and when all the stars align, book that program with your chosen volunteer outlet, and begin a journey that you can trust will be one of the most satisfying travel experiences you’ll ever have.

Volunteering abroad

Bring joy to others when volunteering abroad.


Give back to travelling

You have travelled to many different destinations, seen glorious attractions, stunning natural scenery and eaten many different foods of the world. Now, you feel it is time to give back to travel and a lend a helping hand to a community in need. What better to do it than volunteering in a developing country.

Koh Samui

You’ve glorious destinations now give back to travel.


Have a new sense of self pride

As far as self-pride and personnel accomplishes go, you will go far to find anything more fulfilling in life that volunteering abroad. You’ll have great stories to tell and you will be the toast of your family and friends and so you should be it is not an easy trek going down the volunteer path.

Teaching monks in Laos

Teaching Monks in Laos brings a new sense of self achievement.


Experience a different kind of adventure

There is no doubt about it, it’s a new and exciting kind of adventure. You are living in practically third world conditions, the food is bearable but not fancy, you are sleeping in dorms with strangers of all ages and most times without air conditioning, and naturally homesickness will kick in as you are separated from your favourite gimmicks and family. At the end of the day it will bring a new chapter to your travel diary.

volunteering abroad

Discover new foods in unlikely locations.


Discover 3rd world cultures and facilities

It won’t be completely uncivilised, but the conditions and the surrounds will be different to what you are used to back home. You’ll discover new cultures, the local people and their values, their religious beliefs, traditions and history and road conditions and buildings that would barely pass a safety audit in western civilisation.

Local Laos Village

A local village in Laos

Visit countries that you never thought of visiting

Not always the case, but in a general sense, most countries you elect to volunteer in are in countries that may never had crossed your mind. Such countries like Laos, Brazil or Madagascar, naming only a few of the destinations on offer. Then again, those famous holiday areas like Fiji and Bali can still be an option, so a chance for the best of both worlds when searching for that destination.

street markets

street markets of Southeast Asia.


Bring a smile to those who need it

When all is said and done, you are volunteering abroad to help others in need, therefore when you bring golden smile to a local’s face, you know you have accomplished something in life that is truly remarkable.

Teaching English to the monks

Bring a smile to a local.


Financially, volunteering can be as stretch, pennies need to be saved and there are cheaper travelling options available to you. However, if it is a life goal for you, don’t neglect your ambitions. It may not be possible tomorrow, but volunteering projects in foreign countries will always be there, even ten years from now and if you want it bad enough, your time to shine will happen someday.

volunteering abroad

Discover new cultures when volunteering abroad.

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Anthony Jury

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9 Things to do in Bali for a Perfect Romantic Escape

9 Things to do in Bali for a Perfect Romantic Escape

9 Things to do in Bali for a Perfect Romantic Getaway

By Jyotsna Ramani at Wander With Jo

The natural beauty of Bali is a haven for lovebirds looking for a romantic escape into the island’s many idyllic vistas amid lush green forests as well as breathtaking views from the top of the cliffs.

With a plethora of exceptional accommodation, fine dining options and plenty of places to walk hand in hand and cuddle in, Bali is a paradise for couples and honeymooners alike.

So in case you decide on the perfect vacation to Bali next time with your loved one, be sure to spend a couple of days to experience the island’s fascinating culture.

Before you tear your hair apart doing hard research work, here are some ready-made romantic suggestions which can be experienced in Bali alone and get that love tingling before you even book a flight.

romantic escape

Treat yourself in style during a romantic escape in Bali.



1. Stretch out at the mystical Tjampuhan Spa

Apart from an array of day spas in Bali situated amidst exquisite coastal splendour, the mysterious riverside spa of Tjampuhan is all about healing and rejuvenation in an entirely different sense.

Come with your loved one to feel and experience the healing effects of water gushing forth from a hot and cold spring jacuzzi, situated in a magical and exceptionally carved mythical stone cavern.

Lastly, the most unique attraction of the area is the adjoining Elephant Safari Park which allows glimpses of these gentle giants from the spa treatment rooms. How is that for a perfect view during your romantic escape?


2. Enjoy an evening of Fairytale Cuisine

Bali has many weird, wonderful and at the same time romantic dining options, but none are a match for this outlet.

This most interestingly themed restaurant, titled Frankenstein’s Laboratory, allows you to dine among zombies, pirates and even Frankenstein himself. Come darkness, and these monsters will come back from the dead to terrify you till you scream your head off.

An evening of special entertainment awaits the couple who dare to venture here. Live music, cocktails concoctions which can become creepy, monster bites, monster band with vampires and mummies all come together to provide high class fun throughout the evening.


3. Visit the sea of gold at Desa Belok

Just a quick fifteen minute drive from Bedugul to Kintamani, these stunning fields of marigold can be found by the wayside.

The marigold occupies a significant place in the culture of Bali, especially as offerings. This is due to the fact that the colour of gold is associated with the Supreme Balinese God.

The sea of gold is sure to have an electrifying effect and charm your companion with the freshness and splendour of the area.


4. Stroll along the Campuhan Ridge

The walk along the Campuhan Ridge is unusually romantic. This short trek will take the couple through rice fields and past quaint villages and villas.

An early morning walk, preferably before sunrise, makes this 3 km walk an extremely private and comfortable stroll. With butterflies as company, most of the way, the Campuhan walk, commences from the Campuhan bridge near the Warwick Ibah Luxury Villa boundary.


5. Take her for a 100 candlelight dinner

Swept Away, as the name suggests is literally the place to sweep your partner of her feet with a magical 100 candle dinner service. Dine under the stars on a secluded wooden deck, overlooking the gushing river. The surrounding palm trees and lush green vegetation will quickly melt all your blues.

The exclusive restaurant comes alive every evening, when 100 lit candles are immersed in the river creating a great flickering effect. The ambience so created is truly magical and will transform the two of you in a different world altogether.


6. Enjoy a tea session at the Metis Bali

A visit to Metis is said to be an experience for the senses. An ideal getaway for a couple looking for that luxurious and private date in a nice old restaurant is what a tea session here is all about.

This is the ultimate venue for a romantic tea for two, perched on the lush terrace of the restaurant offering a 360 degree view of the surroundings. The best part is that you can the high tea package of your choice from the large collection.


7. Pamper her for a night at the Kamuela Villas

This incredible option for couples in Seminyak at the really affordable Kamuela Villas, comes complete with a private pool, you can jump into straight from the bed, as well as a large indoor tub.

The environment is such that it encourages a couple to spend quality time in the company of each other in the luxurious villas. These rooms have a host of private amenities, specially for couples and newlyweds.


8. Have a picnic at Bukit Asah Bugbug.

This secret paradise of Bukit Adah Bugbug is an ideal place for a picnic of a different kind, along the slope of the hills overlooking the ocean.

This spot is ideal for lovers, to catch a view of the rising sun and the panorama of the Indian Ocean below with the coral reefs and islands dotting the sea.


9. Chill out at the Tamblingan Lake

If you are looking for the most romantic place, offering stunning views and serenity, the largely untouched Tamblingan Lake is the place to go.

The surrounding area also happens to be popular with couples who are about to get married because of the photography opportunities which abound here for them.

Simply rent a boat and row to the middle of the lake to take in the fresh air and enjoy the flora and fauna of the scenic place.

Alaya Resort

Experience great food during your romantic getaway in Bali.


So the next time you plan for a date, that special anniversary or decide to spend a honeymoon in Bali, keep a tab on the places highlighted here. We promise you that you will find many lovey dovey moments to enjoy together as a couple.


sunsets romantic escape

Enjoy gorgeous sunsets on your romantic escape.

roamntic getaway

Let love be the potion on your next romantic getaway.


Enjoy the culture of Bali.





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Anthony Jury

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Transiting at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport

Transiting at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport

Transiting at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport

Transiting at any airport for long periods of times can be frustrating for any traveller who is keen to get to their next destination and begin a new adventure. Transiting at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand, puts a new perspective into long layovers, because this crazy airport, built in 2006, is hip, modern and a fantastic stroll through a wave of fellow travellers or business people with jet setting on their mind.

 Suvarnabhumi Airport focuses on traveller’s needs and nails it in many ways. While the prices are through the roof on most purchases, Suvarnabhumi airport has a unique design with plenty of shopping, food outlets and relaxing available when your stay in Bangkok is longer than anticipated. Let’s get into it, a deeper look at this fascinating airport.

Suvarnabhumi airport

Suvarnabhumi airport


Relax in comfort: Chilling on a relaxing chair with your smart phone out or perhaps enjoying a transit nap, you are more than covered with plenty of lounges available inside the airport that comes at a cost. Even if you don’t want to wander into a lavish lounge area, there are plenty of quiet spots throughout the airport on various floors of the airport to spread out and relax for a little quiet time.

 Shop till you drop: Every International Airport has duty-free shopping available, at Suvarnabhumi airport there just seems to be a little extra. It is an airport that covers about one kilometre in length and when walking through busy foyer, it will seem as if it goes on forever. Duty-free stores make up a lot of the space from one end to the other and finding right alcohol spirits or perfume won’t be a problem. Be prepared to spend big however.

Suvarnabhumi airport

Duty-free at Suvarnabhumi airport.


Have a transit massage: Not your normal cheap Thai Massage, but perhaps your back needs some treatment after spending hours on the plane. Located throughout several floors on the airport you can get in a relaxing foot, shoulder, back or Thai massage at the Chang Foot Massage and Spa.

Restaurants and Café’s: At either end of the lengthy airport you will find plenty of cafés and restaurants to sit down to enjoy a good meal or drink while waiting for your next flight. Thai Cuisine, Western Cuisine, Starbucks, or a cold frothy, whatever your tastebuds desire, this airport will have you covered and generally the food is not too pricey.

Airport food.

Enjoy delicious Thai food.


Transit Hotels: The Miracle Transit hotel is available for those who need a little longer transit while stuck in the airport. Book in blocks of hours and enjoy a good sleep and shower ahead of your eagerly awaited holiday. The Boxtel is also another cosy Transit Hotel where a good sleep and a shower is provided and all within the airport walls without needing to go through customs. 

Take in the Sights or have a prayer: While in Thailand see Thailand with some lovely cultural sculptures spread throughout the airport that will get your camera out for picture or two. Also available for those International travellers with religion, is a prayer room, which is generally the case in most major airports worldwide.

Suvarnabhumi airport

Great Thai scupltures inside the Airport.


It is Suvarnabhumi airport, it is big, crowded and expensive. But it will occupy most travellers who need to be stuck in transit for a few hours. Then again there are worst places to spend a few hours of your life, for example your day job, where you would normally be if it wasn’t for the holiday you are about to embark on.

Suvarnabhumi airport

Suvarnabhumi airport on a bleak Thai day.

Suvarnabhumi airport

Lovely Thai decorated designed shops.


On the way to Bangkok.

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Anthony Jury

Anthony Jury

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G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

5 Reasons you need to Visit Vang Vieng in Laos

5 Reasons you need to Visit Vang Vieng in Laos

It is the scenic mountain ranges and the flowing rivers that has travellers jetting their way to Vang Vieng, in Vientiane Provence of Laos. And with good reason too, because this hip town offers the lot, an adventure, a party and a siesta all to be had as you explore new parts of a fascinating country.

Memories will be created, the camera will be clicking and the adrenalin will be racing, but boredom will not be part of this trip as there is simply too much excitement to be had. For now, why not have a quick read at why you need to visit Vang Vieng and join in on the action.

Blue Lagoon

The blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng, Laos.


5 Reasons you need to Visit Vang Vieng.

  1. Be mesmerised by The Great outdoors

    The picturesque outdoors of Vang Vieng is what drives tourist from all around the world to this bubbly little town. No wonder too with a range of things to do and see, whether it is taking a hot-air balloon ride above town, kayaking the Nam Song River, zip-lining at great heights amongst the mountain ranges, going deep into the dark caves or relaxing in style at the Blue Lagoon, the options really begin to stack up.
    If you are an adrenalin junkie or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, Vang Vieng offers it all, just don’t forget your camera, because you will want to show off this town to your friends back home and be at the mercy of their envy.

    Vang Vieng

    Enjoy stunning views in Vang Vieng.


  1. Day Tours are at a premium
    With the outdoors being the popular choice for tourist, it will not surprise you to learn that day tours are at a premium in Vang Vieng. You will find no shortage of tour offices in town, whether it is at a hotel or a tour agency on the streets, you will find an appropriate half/full day tours to suit your needs for an adventure.
    At a ridiculous low price, you can stack together a handful of fun activities such as kayaking, zip-lining and the popular Blue lagoon. If you can’t fit in everything on the day, then back it up the next day with another tour, the prices are extremely low for what you get and it is value for the dollar.


Nam Song River

Kayaking the Nam Song River, Vang Vieng


  1. Dine in style amongst stunning scenic views

    Heading down to the river front to a large range of restaurants is a priority in this town and it won’t disappoint either. Enter through the large entrance where a Friends’ episode (for whatever reason) is constantly playing on the big screens, from there, make your way further into the restaurant and the splendid views of the Nam Song River and the limestone mountain ranges are awaiting and the views are splendid.
    It is dining at its finest and the food does its best match the amazing views from the dining table with a great range of local and international food on offer in most restaurants along the strip. The drinks are cheap too.


The Riverhill Vang Vieng

The Riverhill Restaurant in Vang Vieng



  1. Get ready to party hard

    Not only famous for its stunning scenery, Vang Vieng is also a bustling party town with a large variety of nightclubs and bars that can keep the party going all night. I can understand if this is not your kind of scene, because partying to all hours of the morning is not for everybody, but for those who love a good night out, you are more than covered in Vang Vieng.
    The Sakura nightclub is the most famous in the area, with dancing, beer ping pong and having a good time the priority at this crowded club. The drinks are a little more expensive, but the Sakura offers plenty of complimentary cocktail vouchers to make up for it, so at the end of the day, you are no worse off in the pocket.

    Sakura Bar

    Get the party started at Sakura Bar.

  2. Enjoying great coffee at a café or two

    French holds a strong favour in Laos and it’s no different in Vang Vieng with a large variety of French style bakeries and café’s in town. And let me tell you this straight up, in Vang Vieng, I never tried a cappuccino that I didn’t enjoy, each coffee and its strong rich flavours were sensational. If you are an avid coffee lover then give yourself a cafe tour, you shall not regret it.

    Heading to Vang Vieng? Check out TripAdvisor for great hotel deals.

cafe Vang Vieng

Enjoy a fine coffee.

What to expect when Volunteering Abroad

What to expect when Volunteering Abroad

So, you have decided to volunteer abroad? Good on you. From a personal achievement, you will never receive more satisfaction in life than lending a helping hand to those in need. It is an experience in life that is highly challenging but also high rewarding, especially when you return home and recount with pride your volunteering stories to your family and friends.

However, volunteering in an unfamiliar country is not without its challenges. You are out of your comfort zone, away from your favourite gimmicks at home, the comfort of your own bed and your favourite meal at dinner time. All little things at the end of the day, but they all add up. Therefore, let’s run through a list of what to expect when volunteering abroad.

teaching English

Teaching the primary kids is a challenging reward.


  • You won’t change the world, so don’t expect to.

    Remember these words before any volunteering assignment, you are not a superhero, you are merely a volunteer. Therefore, during your time abroad you will not change the world or the community you are involved in for that matter, so don’t attempt to. Volunteering is meant to be a positive experience, so Relax, go with the flow and give the best effort you possibly can.

    Volunteer in Laos

    Meet interesting people volunteering abroad.

  • Volunteering Abroad is not cheap.

    You will need to pay significant fees when volunteering your services abroad. Nothing is free and that is including giving up your time and money to do a good deed. Different organisations offer various fees and from my experiences I can highly rate International Volunteers Headquarters for a worthy experience volunteering abroad.
    With the fees you will have accommodation, food and a few day tours learning about the country’s culture and magnificent attractions. On top of the regular fees, most organisations will require that you purchase your own airfares, visas and travel insurance, so be prepared before for what you need before you sign up.

  • Get ready for a challenge.

    I doubt you would want to experience such a rewarding adventure if it wasn’t a challenge to begin with. Good news, on a daily basis you will face different levels of challenges, whether it is keeping kids motivated while teaching a class, or constructing a wall in humid conditions. Remember to keep calm and think your way through any problems that will arise.

    teaching English

    The challenge of keeping the kids focused.

  • You can’t choose your room mates.

    When you sign up and choose the dates for your services abroad, the big unknown is who else around the world has volunteered their time during the same dates. Of course, you may choose to volunteer with your spouse, partner, family or friends. But who else is going to be joining you on the adventure will not be known until your arrival at your destination.
    There will different age groups and different nationalities, so be prepared for various personalities. In my volunteering trip to Laos, I was the oldest volunteer by about ten years and I am not that old (at least in my books). It surprised me, I expected various age groups, yet here I was having the time of my life with great young people who were still in university and in Laos for same common cause as myself.

    Volunteering abroad

    Great memories with fellow volunteers.

  • Be prepared to Live in third world conditions.

    Perhaps suggesting third world conditions is a little steep, but it still will be a far cry from the luxuries you are afforded in the modern Western Civilisation. Dorm style sleeping without air-conditioning, basic and repetitive meals and limited gimmicks, such as television, WIFI and other modern-day luxuries we take for granted.
    At times, it may get frustrating to live without those things that come second nature to us, but at the end of the day it will only be for a short time. Just remember when you are experiencing withdrawals from your favourite devices that the locals live this way all the time.


The Green Lion

Sleeping arrangements volunteering in Laos.


  • Expect the Unexpected.

    Expect the unexpected, a great motto for any aspects of life. The same can be said when volunteering abroad, especially when in unfamiliar environments around the world and cultures can clash. Go with the flow and don’t let those little things disturb your experience. At the end of the day that’s all it will be, little problems, that are easily solved.

  • Cherish those little rewards.

    A kid opens and says that difficult word in English, a class room clicks during the singing of a nursery rhyme or you finish a hard day’s work constructing that building in putrid conditions. It is all little steps in the life of volunteering and those little rewards need to be celebrated.
    Remember you are volunteering abroad for right reason, it is not easy, it is not cheap and at times homesickness will kick in. Embrace the challenges ahead of you and at the end of each day, sit back and relax, full well knowing that today, you did a good thing in life.

    Volunteering abroad

    Cherish the moments of volunteering abroad.