Are you Travel Ready? A Pre-Travel Checklist for your Next Trip.

Are you Travel Ready? A Pre-Travel Checklist for your Next Trip.

It’s easy to get excited when your much-anticipated vacation comes around. For the average family r person out there, a vacation generally comes around once a year, twice a year if you’re lucky, and if you’re really fortunate, you may be lucky enough to go on an overseas trip, and you can bet those trips are a dime a dozen.


Khao Lak

All smiles on vacation.


Beyond the excitement of your looming trip, sometimes you need to cool those jets and ask yourself the important question, are you travel ready?

Yes, no, maybe, unsure.

Whatever the answer may be, let’s settle those nerves and make you travel ready with this little handy pre-travel checklist. You never know when it comes to your next vacation, you may thank your lucky stars that you were prepared and saved yourself a little heartache while on vacation. 


Phang Nga Bay Thailand

Be travel ready and enjoy your holiday.


A Pre-Travel Checklist

Have your Passports and Travel Documents Prepared

Not that a passport is going to be forgotten when heading overseas, but stranger things have happened when your mind is drifting towards cocktails and white sands long before your vacation has begun. Have your passport prepared for all travellers in the party and well with in expiration date (at least 6-months).

The same can be said for important Visa documents, depending on which country you intend to visit, Visa documents may need to be prepared before your trip commences, so be sure that all required travel documents are in order and that you have done the appropriate research of your upcoming destination.


Purchase Travel Insurance before you jet off 

Travelling anywhere in the world without travel insurance could be the most foolish thing any traveller can do. The single most important travel document you can have on any adventure is travel insurance, it’s affordable and in the end could save you thousands of dollars if things were to go wrong.

Purchase travel insurance before you leave home, it’ll only take five-minutes, and from there, you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that everyone is taken care of.


Notify your bank of any travel plans

If you often use your credit card when on holiday, it’s advised that you contact your bank of any travel plans and the destinations that you will be visiting while overseas.

Banks tend to cancel your credit card when suspicious activities are happening, and noticing transactions in overseas countries can be seen as suspicious and prompt the bank to cancel your card. For some travellers, that could cause a whole range of issues and frustrating phone calls back home.


Pack your important medical supplies

No, not medical supplies such as Panadol or antiseptic creams that can be purchased anywhere around the world, but vital medical supplies that specific people depend on to live or get through every day.

Each specific individual will know what medical supplies they need to pack for their holiday, if any at all. It’s best you pack away important supplies from the get go, rather than leaving them on the kitchen bench and having a mad panic upon realisation it has been left behind. It’s happened before.


Conduct a little research of your upcoming Destination

Each country has laws and customs that need to be obeyed and respected when you step foot into the country, whether you think its odd or not. Ignorance is bliss to overseas authorities, so doing a little research on a country’s laws and customs before heading off, may save you a little embarrassment later on.


Don’t leave your kids behind

Not that too many kids have lived out Kevin McCallister’s dream and have been left Home Alone, while the rest of the family are in Paris. But heck, if it’s too happen to you, at least there will be comical consequences for Harry and Marv the neighbourhood robbers.


Khao Lak night markets

Enjoy family-fun resorts on your vacation.


The last one may have a been a little attempt at humour, but the rest need to be taken seriously. If you are travelling overseas, be travel ready and have your documents and insurance in order. A stress-free holiday is a holiday to always saviour.


vacation ideas

Be Travel Ready.


travel ready

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Anthony Jury

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Take to the Seas! Alternative Get Aways for Water Babies

Take to the Seas! Alternative Get Aways for Water Babies

When it comes to holidays, nowadays we’ll generally hop on a plane to take us to exotic places overseas. Sure, flight is one of the fastest means of long distance travel. But half of your adventure should be in the journey! So why not get your sea legs on and take to the open water.

Whether as a means of getting from A to B, or as a fun activity, the sea can give your get away a whole new twist. Here are a few ways that you can test the waters without jumping straight into the deep end and sailing your own ship from one country to another.


water babies

Image Source


Sea Cruises

Most of us have a cruise on our bucket list. That’s why so many people book up on them in retirement: they finally have the free time to take a long break, visiting various countries in one extended stint. But you don’t have to wait until you’re a pensioner to try one out. Some of the most popular sea cruise routes take you around the Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Cuba and Europe.

Choose your cruise liner carefully. You want the best of the best, as you’ll be spending a whole lot of time on it. Take a look at different cabins (the ones that you’re assigned might not necessarily be the one from the front page of the brochure), the dining options available (you need to ensure that your specific dietary needs are met), and the entertainment available (while you may spend your days off-ship exploring local areas and beaches, you will need something good to keep you occupied on the evenings and when you’re travelling from one place to another).


take to the seas

Photo Credit


River Cruises


River cruises are the younger sibling of sea cruises. They run on the same basic principles, but are often shorter (usually spanning less than a week) and cover a shorter distance (from one city to another rather than one country to another). So, if river cruises interest you, it’s time to start doing your research! Find somewhere that you want to visit, check out the local waterways and find out whether there’s a local company who will help you to sail along the way. You should also check when departures are, as they may be less frequent than what you’re used to from larger scale cruise line companies.

The Little Ferry Co.

Enjoy awesome river cruises.


Speed Boat


Speed boats offer a real adrenaline kick to a day at the beach. They can be used just for the fun of it, or they can get you from one shore to another nearby cove or miniature island. Being in control of your own means of travel on the water can be thrilling. Especially at high speed. However, remember to be careful and ensure that the company you rent a speedboat from also supply you with a reliable life jacket. This is absolutely essential, as you never know when you might fall off or a problem could result in the speedboat breaking down in the waters.


These are just a few different ways of taking to the waters. So get searching and try ditching your land legs for at least a little while on your next adventure!


Phang Nga Bay Thailand

Water babies can cruise on any type of boat.

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Anthony Jury

Anthony Jury

Your Aussie - Asia Adventure
G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Vacation Accommodation

Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Vacation Accommodation

So you’ve decided to travel abroad for your next holiday? You’ve chosen which country you want to visit, and the time of year you are going, but you’re not sure on what kind of accommodation to get. There are so many choices these days for what kind of place to stay in, and each has its positives and negatives. Here are three choices.


vacation accommodation

Image Credit: Pexels




If it is just you and a friend or two (or spouse) and you plan to have an active holiday, then you might want to consider staying in a hostel. This might sound like utter madness to some people, but hostels can be incredibly cheap alternatives to staying in something like a bed and breakfast or hotel.

Also with proper research, you can find some that are also maintained to a very high standard. A hostel often has you sharing a large room with a lot of different people with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. For example, Anker Hostels in Norway offer individual rooms so you can stay with another person and you have your own kitchen and bathroom.

You need to either provide your own bedding or rent some from the front desk, and the same is true for pots and pans. It still completely self-catered but if you don’t mind cooking (or plan to eat out a lot), then a hostel like this could be perfect for you.


vacation accoommodation

Find affordable accommodation for your next vacation.



Holiday Home


If you like the sound of a hostel, but want something all to yourself, then you should definitely get yourself a holiday home. You will need to provide your own food, but everything else comes with the holiday home. You can rent holiday homes around the world, and they are an excellent choice if you are taking a family on holiday. This way everyone gets their own space and can enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

You can use a site like Elite Holiday Homes Holiday Rentals to search for the right. Whether you want a holiday home in a secluded location or with a swimming pool, with enough research, you can find the perfect getaway for you and your entire family. While holiday homes are more expensive than a hostel, they are also generally of a higher standard, and you will be able to roll out of bed and get straight on with enjoying your holiday every morning.



Spacious holiday apartment in Vietnam




Hotels are probably the most common form of accommodation when going abroad. Hotels offer a lot of different options from full board where you don’t need to pay for food and drink all holiday to bed and breakfast to completely self-catered and something in between. You can find a hotel that will give you the specific options you are looking for.

They also have a lot of additional services and activities. Hotels are often a great choice for people with young children as plenty of them offer activities during the day. This gets the kids off having fun and allows adults to relax and enjoy a much-deserved break. There are also exclusive adult hotels where couples can enjoy a romantic vacation with no disturbances at all.


Mai Khao Lak

Find magnificent hotels like this one in Khao Lak, Thailand.


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Anthony Jury

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G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

Don’t be a Fool and be sure to Purchase Travel Insurance

Don’t be a Fool and be sure to Purchase Travel Insurance

Don’t be a fool and purchase travel insurance.

Wise words you may have heard before, wise enough to even to adhere to the words and purchase travel insurance. Or maybe you have been a fool who has ignored the words of advice and been lucky enough to avoid any mishap on your overseas adventure.

I can only call that a lucky escape, because there are travellers out there who have ignored the sound advice of getting themselves travel insurance, only to find themselves, through an unfortunate event, in the wars financially.

Don’t let that be you.

Active in thailand

Be adventurous on your vacation.

Please, don’t let that be you, because you don’t need to turn good memories into expensive memories, all because you didn’t get insurance. The memories won’t be so bright if in the rare chance you do lose your baggage, get robbed, need to cancel your flights, get in an accident or tragically, there is a death.

All those situations mentioned has happened to travellers at times. By purchasing travel insurance it can help cover a crisis and avoid huge bills you simply can’t afford to pay. It’s like having medical insurance, you hope you don’t need to use, it but if you do, it can save you thousands of dollars.


Volunteer memories

Purchase travel insurance and travel with freedom of mind.


Here are few reasons you shouldn’t be a fool and purchase yourself travel insurance.


  • Travel insurance is affordable: Great thing is, that travel insurance doesn’t have to cost your lot if you do your homework on the world-wide internet and find the best deal for you. Packages range from basic to premium, keep in mind the cheapest is not always the best. 
  • Bad things do happen: touched on briefly already but it’s nothing further from the truth, bad stuff happens on holidays, just like in the real world. Cover yourself on your holiday and save thousands of dollars in the rare event that the worst-case scenario does happen to you on your vacation. 
  • It is better to be safe than sorry: Most people have not needed to make a claim of their travel insurance, but it doesn’t make it wrong that it was purchased in the first place. As the old saying goes, it better to be safe than sorry.


white-water rafting

Unexpected accidents do happen, cover yourself.


In recent times I have heard too many horror stories where families have had to set up fund-me pages and ask for donations to get out of a deeply tragic situation. My heart pours out to any one affected, especially during a time that is meant to be full of happy memories.

It is what has inspired this article, life does not always go to plan and that includes your carefully thought out travel plans, and worst-case scenarios in any circumstances need to be planned for because of the unpredictability of life.

In saying that, hopefully at the end of your trip, you found your recently purchased travel insurance to be a waste of money, and that is a good thing. What is not a good thing, is when things go wrong and you’re financially in the wars when it could have easily been avoided.

So, don’t be a fool and purchase travel insurance for your next vacation.

Read more travel smart articles with this passport advice.


family Khao Lak

Cover yourself and your family with insurance.


purchase travel insurance

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Anthony Jury

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G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

Essentials For Your First Solo Adventure

Essentials For Your First Solo Adventure

You may have had a hankering to travel for years, but it’s only now that the itchy feet have become almost unbearable and you have no choice but to scratch. The thought of heading off on a far-flung adventure and venturing out into the unknown is the ultimate thrill. The only vacations that you’ve taken so far in your adult life are of the all-inclusive ilk or the package holiday type. Two weeks in the sun, relaxing on the beach with a good book and the odd jaunt to a cultural site with a whole host of other tourists doesn’t match up to the freedom and delights of a backpacking trip of a lifetime.


Seemingly heading out into the wilderness all on your own can also be a daunting affair. However, with the right preparation, finances and thinking, you can turn your six months or one-year travel sabbatical into the most rewarding time of your life thus far. Take a look at these tips to ensure you have all the bases covered when planning your trip.


first solo adventure

Image Source




The world is a big place. Even with all of the advancements in technology, the Internet and social media meaning that we can communicate with someone on the other side of the globe in a near-instant, we still have to get on a plane for over twenty-four hours to physically be there. You might want to start off relatively local and explore every nook and cranny of the continent that you find yourself on. If you are based in Australia, why not tour the entire country – head to the outback down some untrodden paths, sleep under the stars and head to the hostels of Melbourne and the capital Canberra. If you want to see more of the beautiful continent, you could take a trip into the Blue Mountains, hot foot it across to Tasmania or take a detour to New Zealand.


If you fancy a bit more of a far-flung trek, there are the ubiquitous backpacking Meccas of Thailand, Vietnam, Europe and the good old US of A. The world really is your oyster and this is the joy of backpacking. All you need to do is decide where you are going, sort out your documentation, visas and passport, and away you go.




Even though you pride yourself on being spontaneous and going where the wind takes you, it’s wise to have at least a skeleton itinerary of your travel plans. Work out the city stops and how many nights you’ll be staying, organise connecting flights and any trickier tours to get onto and have a list of suitable accommodation.


Consider random things like food allergies and ensure that if you have one, you have researched potential places where you can get a decent plate of food without enduring anaphylactic shock or take your own grub so you won’t be left hungry.


first solo adventure

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Don’t be tempted to pay big bucks for one of those giant 70 litre monstrosity backpacks. If you have the space, you’ll fill the space, and you really don’t need too. If you are carrying all of your gear on your back and it’s cumbersome and uncomfortable it can ruin your entire adventure. Go no bigger than 50 litres and pack only what you need. If you’re heading off for six months, you don’t need half a year’s worth of clothes. Take enough stuff for about two weeks, pack a spare pair of shoes, wear your walking boots and think layers. Don’t take some gargantuan overcoat. Even if where you’re jaunting off to is cold, think about thermals that are easy to pack, thin fleeces, waterproofs and a windbreaker. By packing in a more intelligent way, you’ll have much more appropriate attire for your travels, and you’ll be comfortable no matter what the weather.


Ensure that you take the right kit with you and don’t skimp on the essentials. Your trusty walking boots will be fundamental to the success of your trip. Buy cheap and get what you pay for. You may not have even bedded them in before you sense a hole in the heel or a tear in the waterproof outer layer. Stretch as far as your budget will allow and opt for a pair that is sturdy but light. Most reputable shops will allow you to try them on and have a decent walk in them before you part with your cash.


The same goes for your backpack. The most vital part of your holdall is the straps and support. You don’t want a pair of flimsy straps that look like they’ve been taken from a school satchel. They need to be robust, the zippers need to feel secure, and when you inspect the backpack, the space should work for you. Front loaders are the best as they are very much like a suitcase but look like a rucksack. Toploaders can become frustrating if you need your power pack at the bottom of your backpack and need to take everything out to reach it.


first solo adventure

Image Source




You may want to get away from it all and forego technology for the time you are away. But that’s tricky given that you will miss people. (Yes, it’s true) And that you will require GPS or a mapping application to find your way to places if your self-touring. Ensure you have a power pack that is always fully charged so should the worst happen and your battery fails, you can charge it up again relatively quickly while you’re out and about. Use free messaging services a la Whatsapp to stay in touch with your nearest and dearest. Although you may not want to have a mammoth telephone conversation after your supper every evening, a quick heads up to your mum once every two or three days just let her know that you’re still alive wouldn’t go amiss. It’s the decent thing to do.


Venturing off on an adventure that you’ve craved for so long is life-affirming. You will head off on your travels one person and return another. Travelling will change you for the better, make you more confident, tolerant and culturally aware. You’ll have millions of tales to tell, and you will return to your life refreshed, reinvigorated and maybe… just maybe… having been bitten by the travel bug.

First solo adventure

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Anthony Jury

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G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...

A Recipe for the Perth-ect Holiday

A Recipe for the Perth-ect Holiday

Choosing an ideal holiday nowadays can be difficult. After all, we’re spoilt for choice. The world is our oyster, and there is a whole host of places to visit. All we need is the relevant travel documents, and we’re good to go! Whatever you like, there will be something that suits you down to a tee.

So why do so many of us stick to the same old routes? Choosing a simple, sunny holiday where we opt to spend our days laying on a sun lounger. Sure, this is relaxing. It’s great for a little rest and recuperation. But there’s so much more out that for you to experience! Want proof? Well, let’s start by taking a look at Perth, Australia. This could well prove to be the Perth-ect get away for you. Here’s everything that you’d need for the trip!


Where Globetrotters Meet To Eat: The Best Destinations For Foodies

Photo Source



Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. The majority of its metropolitan area lies on the Swan Coastal Plain, which is a narrow strip between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp. If you’re not from Australia and plan to travel there, you’re going to have to plan well in advance. For visiting, you are likely to require a VISA. There are various different types available, so do your research and find out which one in particular you need. More information on this can be found on the Australian Government’s page for Immigration and Border Control.


Perth holiday

Perth Highrises



Again, if you don’t hail from Australia originally, you’re going to have to ensure you have the right currency to get you by while you’re in the country. This is the Australian dollar. Conversion is simple, and you will be able to swap your own cash to AUD in travel agents.


Recharge your batteries

Picture Credit



Alongside being the capital of Western Australia, Perth is also the largest city in Western Australia. So to get a full taste of the area, you’re going to need to be able to get from A to B conveniently. The best way to do this is to rent a car in Perth. Public transport links may well be great, but your vacation will be bound by timetables and designated stops. A car gives you the freedom of the open road, as well as storage for your belongings and air conditioning to make the journey in the hot weather a whole lot more pleasant.



As we’ve just mentioned, the weather in this area is generally hot. If you travel from December through to March, you’ll experience particular highs, so you need to make sure you are prepared. This means packing plenty of sunscreens. This is an absolute essential, as you don’t want to expose yourself to sun damage. It’s also a good idea to generally avoid being outdoors around midday when temperature often peaks and to wear a sunhat and glasses for extra protection and comfort too!

These are just the basics, but ensuring that you have them will make your time in Perth a whole lot more pleasant. So, get searching for the best accommodation to suit your needs, don’t forget your swimsuit and get booking your flights!


Kings Park, western australia

Perth City views from Kings Park.

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Anthony Jury

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G'day mate, it's your Fair Dinkum traveller who ventures into Asia and around Australia. Stay tuned for epic destinations, great tips and awesome travel stories.Read more...