Picture of the Week: A picture tells a thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words. in this picture taken off my Sony Mirrorless it says it all about Ho Chi Minh City.

2017 – Rise to Another Level

2017 will be another busy year of travel, it is now time to rise to another level.

My Top 5 Travel Destinations, So far

We all have our favourite travel destinations. For one reason or another we prefer some destinations to others. This is my top 5 travel destinations.

Seoul, South Korea – Traditional City, Modern Edge

Seoul is a gem of city, with modern features that doesn’t forget about its tradition.

The Night a Korean Alcohol Drink Made me a Fool in Seoul

On my first trip to South Korea, I had a Soju experience I would rather forget. It was the night a Korean alcohol drink made me a fool in Seoul.

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