The winter snow is melting and the weather is warming. The flowers are blossoming and the birds are chirping. The skies are clearing and Seoul can be seen atop the Bugak Mountain. It can only mean one thing. Spring has come around again and Soul in South Korea is at it’s best.

Hangang Park, South Korea

1. The Sun comes out

As traditional with spring in any part of the world. The weather warms and that winter chill a thing of the past. In Seoul, it is  a welcome relief as the sub-zero temperatures are gone for another year, as the suns begins to peak through the clear blue skies.


2. The Tulips Come to life

The Tulips come to life in Spring and no one puts on a better display in Seoul than the Everland Theme Park. Each spring the Tulip festival takes centre stage with a vast array of tulips on show and with amazing colour and clean smell. It’s not only Everland where the Tulips are fully paraded and perfectly landscaped, with the city  decorated with thousands of tulips. Making a gorgeous city that even better on the eye.


3. Cherry Blossoms

There is no better sight than seeing the Cherry Blossoms in full colour. In Seoul you are saturated with a variety of Cherry Blossom trees which are at their peak colour of either white or pink. It becomes a photographer dream with plenty of amazing photo opportunities. It will put a smile to the dial to see nature at its finest. but you will need to get in early or you will miss out. Because the blossoms will quickly fade away.


4. There is no better time to take a hike

Hiking can be done in any season. But without a doubt the best time to take a hike is in springtime. The weather is warming and there is no need to worry about frost bite. The summer sting and soaring humidity has yet to hit boiling point, so there is no need to worry about a heat stoke. Just bring water. The mountains are green with laves gaining their colour as the white snow melts away. But best of all the city of Seoul and parklands are at their very best with beautiful landscaped gardens, dazzling water features and amazing scenery. You just need to hope for a clear Seoul day, which is unpredictable at best.


5. Baseball time is a fun time

Baseball might not be to everyone’s liking. Yet when the season kicks off in early April, be sure to get to a game of Baseball. Whether you are a fan of the big hitting curve ball game or not. It doesn’t matter. Witness the electric atmosphere of Korean Baseball in full voice and soak in the atmosphere along with the roar of the crowd. The entertainment is fun on the field, but you can’t but help losing yourself with the entertainment provided in the stands. Oh and not to mention the beautiful cheerleaders too.





James Bond Island

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