Is South Korea a safe country to visit?

I have been to South Korea on three occasions and come every trip I get asked the same old questions. Be careful, North Korea might launch a nuclear missile? Should you be taking your kids into the country? Is it safe? I wouldn’t be going if I was you.

It continues along the same line every time Kim Jong-Un name appears in the media, which is a regular occurrence these days, especially in the lead up to my last trip to Seoul. I had message from friends telling me I was crazy for going, getting tagged every news article on Facebook about the latest gossip coming out of North Korea. every single time I could only roll my eyes at their concerns, it would be my friends and family missing out on an epic trip to a wonderful country in South Korea.

So what is my usual answer at those concerned for my wellbeing? (And I do know they mean well)

South Korea is very safe and not only that, it is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. It is a tourist goldmine with a lot happening within the country, especially in the capital  city, Seoul. In fact I tell people when asked about my security, that I feel safer in Seoul than my home country in Australia. For instance in Seoul, you can’t walk in the city centre without seeing a group of police, they are just about on every corner of the city in a wave of numbers.

I get that their concern is not about what is happening within the country, the concern is the neighbours in the North. But that is like saying, should I go on holiday in case of a terrorist attack? Or should I jump on a plane in case it goes down? There are concerns every day in our life and even in our own backyard. We don’t shield ourselves from the problems at home are nor should we when travelling. Of course you need to travel with caution, that is obviously a given.

Live life to the fullest, that’s my motto, because when is all said and done we only get one chance at it. If we live every day in fear we will never go outside our own home. So if you find yourselves with a chance to visit the beautiful country of South Korea. Jump at it. I guarantee you that you won’t regret it. I know I haven’t on three occasions and I can’t wait to head back again real soon.


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Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul.

Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul.

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