In your travels, you often come across beauty so wonderful you can not put into words. Such beauty that makes you grateful to be alive in such a sometimes harsh but extraordinary and amazing world. The amazing Angthong National Marine Park off the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, fits the category perfectly as you explore a little heaven on earth.

Angthong Marine National Park

Angthong is 42 picturesque islands grouped together in the gulf of Thailand, the scenery is breathtaking, the nature and the surrounds mesmerising and the experience simply unforgettable as you cruise, hike, kayak and fall in love with the Angthong Marine National Park.

Getting There

Cruising to Angthong

Cruising to Angthong

From the Island of Koh Samui there are many tours available, whether it is slow cruises, speed boats, group tours or private tours and all at an affordable price.

I travelled with Samui Island Tours on the long boat. A slow cruise and one of the cheapest going around at about $70 for the day. The tour included full day of sightseeing, a tough hike, kayaking, snorkelling and a feed at lunchtime.

Amazing Angthong

Cave Kayaking

When To Travel


Tours are available all year but try not ruin the experience by going on a wet or cloudy day. The amazing views won’t be the same. Plan for the trip as close to the day as possible, check the weather and book your tour for a sunny day. You won’t regret it and tours are not normally sold out if you allow a few days before your planned trip.

What to do

Kayaking Angthong

Kayaking Angthong

  • Hike They are not long hikes but some are still demanding especially when you climb to the peak of the Wua Ta-Lab Island. It starts off easy but the steeper it gets, the tougher it gets on your footing. Not for the feint hearted.
  • Kayaking  The best Kayak in the world, or at least what I have seen anyway. Sitting on your kayak in the Gulf of Thailand amongst beautiful islands and going from one to the other and finishing on the beautiful white beaches. Simply stunning.
  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Depending on the tour scuba diving could be an option but all tours offer snorkelling. Now its not extreme snorkelling but having a look at the coral below the waters with the small fishing dodging and weaving as you swim.
Hiking Angthog

Hiking Angthog

Get to amazing Angthong yourself and see for yourself why it is truly one of the world’s most beautiful Marine National Parks to visit.

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