It is crazy to think, that there are actually people out there, living humans, who do not like to travel. Bizarre hey? But for whatever reason, travel doesn’t satisfy everyone. Whether they are not interested, have a fear or because affordability is an issue. They are all reasons, excuses maybe but they are valid.

I have come up with seven sevens reasons why people do not lie to travel and for a bit of a side show, I have also come up with a counter argument. Enjoy.

Great waterfalls like the Na Muang Waterfall, Koh Samui, can be seen while travelling

Great waterfalls like the Na Muang Waterfall, Koh Samui, can be seen while travelling

1. Fear of flying: Fear of flying, it’s real and it’s out there and it is hard to argue about it. Or against it. We all have fears and some of our fears are spiders, snakes, darkness and on this occasion getting on a plane.

Counter argument: It is hard to counter argue someone’s fear, so I won’t bother trying too much. However, who says you need to get on a plane to travel, your own backyard can be a enough. A nice road trip to some amazing location. For arguments sakes let’s come up with this little information. It is more dangerous to cross a road or to drive your car,  than it is to get on a plane and we do all those little things without a second thought. Consider that maybe when you are thinking of an overseas as holiday.

Don't fear flying, embrace it.

Don’t fear flying, embrace it.

2. Terrorism: Another one of those nasties we need to keep on the back of our mind. Terrorist, they are out there to make us feel unsafe in an attempt to stop us enjoying our life and having fun..

Counter Argument: Don’t let them win. Enjoy life to the fullest, go with the flow and travel whenever you feel like it.

3. Too busy: Too much work going on at the office, work to do around the house, a family engagement. Yeah, yeah, all these excuses. Some people  will find any excuse to avoid a holiday. Why?

Counter argument: Excuses, Excuses. Read my article on why you need to travel twice a year for this argument. Life is short ad full on, so don’t forget to travel. You might even have some fun while spoiling your partner, friends or kids.

4. Language Barrier: Some travellers will not head into other countries because of a language barrier. Fear of getting lost and not being able to get any help, or too afraid to receive help. It can be a struggle to be outside your comfort zone, in a country you now nothing about.

Counter Argument: Be spontaneous. I love nothing more than heading into a foreign country, attempting to negotiate prices, getting from point A to point B and attempting to communicate with the locals. It can be fun and the chances are, when in trouble you will find help.

Travelling into foreign countries like South Korea can be an adventure.

Travelling into foreign countries like South Korea can be an adventure.

5. Affordability: This is a real issue and one that is hard to argue. We all have bills to pay, mortgages/rent and families to feed. As adults we always need to make sure we are living within our limits.

Counter Argument: You don’t need to break the bank to have a holiday, go camping instead. It is just as fun and also relaxing. Stay in budget accommodations within close proximity to home. Save your money and wait for the specials on flights to come out, these days it is cheap to travel when you know where to look.

6.Fear of the Unknown: Much like the language barrier, heading into a foreign country can be quite scary. It is the unknown, you feel a little insecure and out of your comfort zone.

Counter Argument: Get out there and have fun, conquer the unknown and you will se that any country you visit has their amazing features and traits about themselves. Be sure when traveling into the unknown you are doing your home work and show respect to the country you visit.

7. Don’t like travelling: Yes it is sad to think that not everyone loves to travel.

Counter Argument: Well I can’t help you sad people. Who doesn’t like travelling? I’m outta here, happy travels.

Don't the to travel, love it

Don’t the to travel, love it


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