Australian summer is a highlight in anyone’s travel diaries. The weather is perfect, even if the heat is extreme. The people are out in the great outdoors in large numbers and everyone is having a great time, as they should.

However, dangers can present at any time, even if the chances are minimal. So, awareness whether at the beach or driving on the open roads is a must. Or a fun day could turn into a disaster and ruin what is meant to be a good time on your holiday.

This is the first series of the Australian survival guide and below we take a good look on how to survive this summer in the land down under.

Sydney, Australia

Australian Summer means drinking in moderation with great views like this in Sydney.


  • Know your limits on the open water: Swimming at the beach or kayaking the calm rivers. It all seems a pleasant leisurely activity to enjoy and most times it can be. But know your limits. Are you a strong swimmer? Are you an adequate swimmer?
    Too many locals and especially uneducated foreigners have drowned because they underestimated the water. If you are at the beach, swim between the flags. If you are out exploring the local rivers, wear a life jacket. All small steps that could save your life. Don’t take the Aussie waters for lightly, because at any time they can strike a fatal blow.
    Last but not least, always keep two eyes on the children around the water. Whether be it the ocean, a lake or the backyard swimming pools, too many innocent lives have been lost due to lack of awareness.

Quick tips:

1. Swim between the flags

2. Life jackets save lives. Use when appropriate

3. Keep an eye on the kids

Kayking is a treat during a camp.

Keep a eye on the kids at all times in water. Life jackets are a must.


  • Keep hydrated: Water, Water, Water. It will save your life. Are you going out? take ample amounts of water with you, more if spending the day outdoors. Are you staying at home? keep the fluids up. The average amount of water you should be drinking a day is two-litres.
    A good gauge to know if you are drinking enough water is by the colour of your urine. If it’s clear, you going well. If it’s yellow, drink more water. BTW, drinking beer doesn’t count as water consumption.


Quick tips:  

1. Drink around 2ltr of water a day

2. Take plenty of water on trips

3. Alcohol is not water

Summer needs to be enjoyed by keeping hydrated,

Summer needs to be enjoyed by keeping hydrated,


  • Slip, slop, slap: An iconic Australian slogan made about twenty years ago used to urging Aussies to be sun smart in Summer. It is also a good slogan to take with you around the world.
    slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.
    Australia is the sunburnt country with an unfortunate amount of skin cancer occurring each year. Following the slip slop slap method, as well as keeping in the shade when possible and wearing sunglasses, can help keep the nasties away.

Quick tips:

1. Use the Slip, Slop, slap method

2. Use the shade as much as you can

3. Wear sunglasses

Slip. slop, slap is important at the beach.

Slip. slop, slap is important at the beach.


  • The Aussie roads: The roads run for kilometres on end. You feel free and the scenery around you can be breathtaking. Don’t be fooled. Getting into a car is the single most dangerous thing you can do in day and the road must be respected.
    During the holidays are the busiest and you are bound to see all kinds of motorist, ranging from the crazy lunatic who will overtake you at dangerous times. To truckies who will test your patients.
    A few tips to note are the following: Don’t drive tired, keep to the speed limit, watch your surrounds and most of all be patient. Your drive on the Aussie roads can be a safe, scenic and an enjoyable road trip. Just don’t be in a hurry.

Quick tips:

1.Overtake in overtaking lanes

2. Don’t drive tired

3. Be patient




The open roads in Australia needs to be respected.

The open roads in Australia needs to be respected.


  • The Bushfire Season: A quick mention on this not as I can’t see a lot travellers coming down under and starting a fire. But note summer is a no fire zone. So, if you are camping, having a day trip out in the woods. Do not start a camp fire thinking roasting marshmallows is a good idea. Your bank account may not agree with you after a hefty fine.

Quick tip:

Summer in Australia is a complete fire ban

The Aussie bush is fun with nature, respect the laws in summer.

The Aussie bush is fun with nature, respect the laws in summer.

  • But the barbecues are good to go: Summer is about having a dip in the pool, drinking and having a good time with friends, and of course sizzling a steak on the BBQ. It’s summer time, enjoy the moment but do it with safety in forefront of your thinking. Oh, and don’t forget the mozzie repellent. Happy travels.